Poverty and Polluted Air Affects Children’s Educational Development

Air pollutants and economic hardship during pregnancy may cause children to have dramatically lower IQ test scores. At least that’s what researchers from the Columbia Center of Children’s Environmental Health (CCCEH) are claiming.

Harmful pollutants, such as PAH, are common in the environment and come from vehicles, oil, coal-burning power generation, among other things. Lead researchers found significant links between exposure to PAH, poverty, and delayed development in children. These findings are startling to Bruce Levenson — a philanthropist featured in last month’s Forbes report.

The findings aren’t all that surprising, or at least they shouldn’t be. Truthfully, it probably isn’t the air pollutants and poverty that are directly and solely responsible for a child’s halted development. These aspects may play an important role, though there are most likely several other factors which lead to the low IQ scores found in children who’s mother experienced a rough pregnancy, has limited resources, while living in a polluted area of the country.

The good new is, the new research is leading to more resources for pregnant women in low income neighborhoods. While also providing environmentalists another reason to cite when fighting for cleaner air. When a mother experiences hardships throughout her pregnancy, and also lives in an underprivileged neighborhood, it should be common sense to assume her children will be underprivileged as well, particularly in the area of educational development.

Elizabeth Warren Hits Back at Obama on TPP

Senator Elizabeth Warren stepped into the proverbial ring against President Obama when the eloquently spoken liberal hit back at him over the accusation that she is wrong for opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty. Warren did not mince any words when she posted her retort in social media. She restated Obama’s position that he is paying heed to the concerns of US workers that TPP will lead to their jobs being exported overseas and resulting employment opportunities paying a lower wage. Warren was quick to point out that while the president is paying lip service with his assurances that employment and environmental concerns will be addressed, he has been secretive about the negotiation process to secure both Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the TPP trade agreement.

At the same time, the president has privately met with big US corporations backing TPP. Warren points out that only US workers are kept out of the loop on the negotiations. Mark Ahn sees that Warren’s retort is of utmost importance. If the vocal senator intends to scuttle the legislation granting the president TPA, it will have to occur in the House of Representatives. The senate recently cut a deal which will likely allow passage of TPA. However, many House Republicans do not trust the president due to his perceived constitutional abuses. This means that in order for the TPA bill to clear the House, Democrat votes will be needed. Warren’s words denouncing the December 2014 CROmnibus bill inspired a House revolt. A repeat revolt may well stall or defeat the bill in the House.

Bush Must Find His Own Identity if He is going to Run

Last year when the former First Lady Barbara Bush and mother of President George W. Bush said she believed that the country had seen enough Bush’s it was a sign that she may not be supportive of her son Jeb Bush’s presumptive Presidential campaign of 2016. It has long been rumored that the former Governor of Florida would be throwing his proverbial hat into the ring at some point in the near future and with 3 Republican candidates already vying for top seed it has some wondering how long Jeb Bush will wait before officially announcing his candidacy.

To say that the country has had enough of the Bush family is not an unfamiliar sentiment among the voting populace. But the same could be said of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign which officially kicked off Sunday. Sam Tabar (lawyerist.com) agrees that probably the most interesting thing about these two candidates if they were to win their party’s nomination they would square off in another Clinton vs Bush general election. Bringing up bad memories of 1992 and the Ross Perot fiasco that many believe handed the election to Clinton by syphoning off votes from Bush. Granted that what Jeb Bush’s biggest hurdle is not his popularity with the voters, but establishing his own Bush identity. Proving to voters that he is neither his brother, nor his father can be a tall task when people have not forgotten who they previous two presidents are.

Gays Able to Marry, But Not to Work?

The Supreme Court will soon be hearing arguments on marriage equality, the concept that same-sex marriagesare just as valid as heterosexual marriages. Currently, 37 states and the District of Columbia permit same-sex marriages; 13 states forbid it. Depending on how the Supreme Court decides, same-sex marriage may soon be legally permitted in all fifty states. However, in 28 states it’s still perfectly legal for employers to fire someone for being Gay or for landlords to deny housing because of sexual orientation. Gays can be refused service in retail stores in 29 states.

Public opinion about LGBT rights has changed drastically over the past few decades. Bulletproof Coffee (precisionnutrition) employees know that twenty years ago politicians argued whether Gays could or should serve their country in the military, teach school, or adopt children. The Gallup poll says the majority of Americans support same-sex marriage, including 60% of Republicans under 30. As Leonard Pitt said, we’ve “pretty much conceded” on Gay marriage and now “we are arguing over who should bake the cake.”

Gays are not legally protected by the same anti-discrimination laws that protect racial minorities and women. If the Supreme Court approves same-sex marriages, many LGBT couples could find that once their wedding photos are printed in the local paper, their employers or landlords could legally give them the boot. Gay rights advocates say the 14th Amendment should protect LGBT citizens. The Golden Rule suggests the same thing.

Increased Voter Turnout in Furgeson, MO Leads to a Historical Vote

For decades, the city council in Fergeson, MO has been predominately white, despite the fact that the majority of its citizens are white. But after the election on Tuesday that all changed for the first time in the history of the town.

Two new black representatives were voted on to the city council, meaning that there are now 3 black representatives and 3 white representatives on the council. In addition, Ella M. Jones was elected as the first black woman to serve on the city council. More than 30% of the cities 12,738, voters turned out for the election. That is more than double the amount of voters turned out for this election compared to previous elections.

Christian Broda is aware that this racially charged town has been in the headlines for almost a year, ever since the shooting of black teenager Micheal Brown by a white police officer, led to riots and outrage across the country. The most recent election is seen as a turning point for the suburb of St. Louis where nearly 21,000 people live, nearly 70% of whom are black.

The death of Micheal Brown led to an investigation by the U.S. Justice department which found widespread racism in the cities police force. Citizens of Furgeson hope that this recent election will change the town and give a new voice to the people who live in the community and reduce some of the tension.

Indiana’s RFRA Has Opened the Door for the First Church of Cannabis to Be Approved

Whether or not Indiana Governor Mike Pence wanted to stir up controversy with the signing of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act last Thursday, he’s sure going to get much more than he bargained for. Even before Indiana’s Senate Bill 101 was signed into law, gay activists and citizens for non-discrimination were rallying on the lawn at the State House for a veto of the bill. While members of the LGBT are unfortunately being oppressed by the new law that the governor signed, the right to religious freedom bill has also opened new, unexpected doors.

Bill Levin, marketing consultant and owner of Levin Consulting in Indianapolis, is also a pot activist. Seeing an in, to bypass the prohibited use of marijuana, medically or recreationally in the state of Indiana, Levin is using the new RFRA to his and many other pot enthusiasts’ advantage. Stating a direct intent “to start a church based on love and understanding with compassion for all,” Levin immediately filed papers to have The First Church of Cannabis, Inc. approved. The new church was sanctioned by Secretary of State Connie Lawson and is swiftly gaining new members.

Taking a quote from ‘The Blues Brothers’ movie, Levin told ABC7, “As Elwood said, ‘I’m on a mission from God,’” The Church’s Facebook page, which started on March 26, gained over 7,000 supporters in only several days, ending the first week with 18,000 having liked the page. Ivan Ong has learned that Levin is currently searching for a spot to build his temple, which he says will be made of hempcrete, a concrete-like material that contains hemp. Believers can join the First Church of Cannabis for a mere $4.20 monthly fee.

Cynthia Lennon, Former Wife of Ex-Beatle John Lennon, Dies at Age 75

Julian Lennon, the son of ex-Beatles founder John Lennon, announced that on Wednesday, April 1, his mother Cynthia passed away. The cause of death was cancer. Julian explained that she remained brave in the face of the illness, which struggle was brief. Cynthia Lennon was 75 at the time of death. She passed away with her son by her side. Mrs. Lennon was married to John in 1962 and the two remained together for 6 years. Ultimately, it was her husband’s affair with avant-garde artist Yoko Ono which led to their marital split.

Mrs. Lennon, born Cynthia Powell, was raised in a quiet manner. She found Lennon’s rebellious nature to be exciting and enthralling. By 1962, the two were a couple and attended art school together. However, she has since noted that Lennon was more focused on his band at the time. The group would later become known as the Beatles. Fans like Brad Reifler know that they have since gone on to become the best-selling act in music history. Their dominance of 1960s music scene has never seen an equivalent.

After Mrs. Lennon divorced her famous husband, she went on to have other relationships. Unfortunately, they did not last. She was married a total of four times with each ending divorce. She lived in the Spanish city of Mallorca until her death. Her lone surviving child is Julian. She had another son in her fourth marriage, but he died back in 2013.

Bruce Levenson aims to help the next generation of philanthropists

As news filters out of more and more executives earning vast sums of money handing over large chunks of their fortunes to charitable organizations the news that UCG founder Bruce Levenson is taking a different approach to philanthropy came as a welcome change. Billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are embarking on a pledge to hand over half of their fortune while Levenson is using the wealth he has amassed to fund the School of Philanthropy and Non Profit Management at the University of Maryland. The differing approaches taken by each group of businessmen show how Levenson has remained tied to his roots in Maryland and hopes to use the wealth he has accumulated to give something back to his home state.

Levenson was born in Washington DC and spent his formative years living in Maryland, only leaving to attend college and complete his studies. After returning to Maryland he formed the United Communications Group whilst working as a reporter for The Washington Star and publishing a newsletter, The Oil Express from a store room to a limited number of recipients. The success of Oil Express allowed Levenson and co-founder Ed Peskowitz to purchase a large number of other newsletters and expand their business to provide analytics for other industries and areas of business.

The link up with the University of Maryland has been completed in a bid to make sure the not for profit sector in the state and Washington DC has a constant supply of trained professionals to help expand in the work completed in the local community. Students are encouraged to intern with local community groups and charitable organizations within the state to gain first hand experience of working and introduce the latest techniques to the sector. The University has also sought to include the entire campus in the latest projects at the specialized school by introducing a cash reward for startup non profits or those highlighted by the student body in a regular contest. The international reach of the school is also expanding as the programs studied now include programs and intern opportunities in areas like India and certain regions of the continent of Africa.

Skout Is A Lot Of Fun

Skout is one of my favorite places to visit online, and now I think that I have a small obsession with the network. Many people were telling me about Skout in the past, but I never believed them when they said it was a great place to visit. I decided that I would pay a visit to Skout on my own, because I was very bored one day, and I thought it might be fun. I was on my lunch break, and I decided that I would download the application, which I found available on my phone.

When I started setting up my online profile, it only took me a few minutes, and I even had a picture of that I decided to add to it. I was very surprised at how easy it was to set up a profile, and also how easy it was to find others that shared many of my interests. I was able to personalize my search, in order to look for someone who had some of the same interests as me. I also wanted to look for people in my area, because I was hoping to find more personal friends, other than the ones I currently had.

It wasn’t long before I begin using Skout on a daily basis, and I even started using it several hours throughout the day. I got to where I would use Skout, anywhere I went, especially if I was waiting in line for a service, or if I was just bored. I tend to get bored easily, so that means I’m on Skout all the time. I found some friends on Skout, in order to go out exercising with them. I’ve also been able to find friends that are restaurant buffs, and they like to go and try different restaurants in town.

With all the different friends that I’ve found on Skout, it’s a wonder that I have any friends that I speak with in real life. I use Skout for everything, including to send a message, which I could easily send as a text message. Skout has been something that is a great part of my life, and I would never choose any other social media network over Skout. I’ve decided to take some time, and try to look for a life partner, while I’m using the social media network. All I can say, is that I’m grateful to have found Skout.