The Rocketship Public Schools Standard

Created on a foundation of understanding and guidance, Rocketship Public Schools is a remarkable establishment in the education sector. Comprised of heartfelt teachers and passionate educators, Rocketship Public Schools boasts a world-class staff. Krystina Hermes, a relatively new addition to Rocketship Public Schools, is a shining example of the compassion and leadership that the school’s infused into their culture. During her summer training in 2016, Hermes came across a delightful young boy named Devin. Devin, timid and apathetic, surprisingly took a shine to Hermes. When Devin entered first grade, he was elated to find that Mrs. Hermes was his teacher.

Devin’s mother had misgivings about Devin’s aptitude for learning and confided in Hermes for the sake of her son. Hermes quickly noticed that Devin was unable to engage in conversations, write his name, and stay focused for an extended period. Soon thereafter, Devin’s mom took him to the pediatrician to evaluate his shortcomings. Both the pediatrician and Rocketship Public Schools concluded that Devin fell on the autism spectrum. Given her inexperience with teaching, Hermes was grappling with how to best support Devin and his added needs. Fortunately, she harnessed her resolve and created the perfect rubric for her special student. Learn more about Rocketship Public Schools personalized learning.

Before too long, Devin was excelling in reading, writing, and arithmetic. By setting rules on expected behaviors, Hermes found that Devin was surprisingly compliant and willing to engage in class. Though she didn’t hold him to the same standard as the other children, Hermes afforded Devin little leeway. Devin’s mom attributes her son’s success to the earnest care Hermes displayed. Rocketship Public Schools is proud to employ teachers like Hermes, and they hope to serve as an example to other schools that are struggling with special education programs. Regarding the future of Hermes and Rocketship Public Schools, both will no doubt continue to thrive.

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Heather Parry Helping Live Nation Bring Others to the Screen

Overtaking as Chief executive óf Live Country Production on Dec 1, 2015, Heather Parry didn’t wish to produce a “splashy announcement” ás the girl describes. Instead, upon getting into the behemoth concért promoter, Parry, tó no real surprise to anyone that understands her, though we would leap right intó the task.

Inside her first 8 weeks face to face, she teamed with actor/director Colin Hanks, whom she’d caused during her 10 years at Adam Sandler’s Content Madison Shows, on a skin flick about Silver eagles Of Loss of life Metal time for Paris after their 2015 tragedy on the Bataclan.

Demonstrating that music documentaries could be a serious movie theater, the film was simply nominated for just two Critics’ Choice awards, an excellent honor designed for Parry and the business. Yet that is definitely just the start for the extremely powered Parry.

A Star Is Born

After twelve years át MTV and décade at Content Madisón, she’s found her perfect real estate, a place whére she may bring jointly her love óf music and cinéma. The results have been very impressed with not merely the Eagles documéntary however the current Woman Coo film, Gága: Five Feet Two, upon Netflix, as well as the Puff Dad Bad Boy Information tale, Can’t Stóp, Will not Stóp.

Upon a recently available Fri afternoon, t sat dówn with Parry fór an in-dépth discussion that quickly converted into an extremely enjoyable hour óf changing tales and passionately talking about this is of the róck superstar. Parry chatted about her programs just for Live Natión, the performers she’d like to work with and just why she and Live Country CEO Michael Jordan Rapinó function therefore well together.

The MSRs Pioneers: New Residential Investment Corp

The residential real estate business in the United States took a turn for the best investment opportunity for most investors after the most recent financial crisis. While this turn of events changed the way financial institutions offered and originated mortgage loans, it also created opportunities for investors and investment firms to make and get maximum returns on their investments. New Residential Investment Corp was established as a publicly traded subsidiary wholly owned by the New Castle investment group. Like most investment firms, the residential real estate investment corporation is managed by an affiliate of the Fortress investments group. Fortress investments group is a global alternative investment manager as well as advisor.

With these type of networks, the corporation is set to help their investors enjoy constantly growing returns on their investments. New Residential Investment Corp uses MSRs among other investment plans to achieve their goals. MSRs, Mortgage Servicing Rights, are presenting very attractive investment opportunities for investors. These are rights that allow the mortgage services with the right to a number of mortgage loan service for a fee in return. As banks face the pressure to reduce their MSRs exposure due to the implementation of regulations requiring the increase capital reserves, the percentage of MSRs they own is going to decline as time goes by creating an opportunity for investors and investment firms.

These opportunities are presented in the form of excess MSRs that are on sale from banks to private institutions like New Residential Investment Corp. MSRs are broken down into two parts, one is the basic fee which is usually the amount of compensation for the servicing performance. The owners of this basic fee are also held liable for portfolios underinvestment, have advanced obligations and have servicing duties, none of which are related to the Excess MSRs. MSRs are monthly fees that exceed the basic fee. New Residential Investment Corp is one of the biggest investment beneficiaries of the excess MSRs. MSRs generate approximately 10 trillion dollars in the United States market. With the banks’ 74% rapidly moving into the private market, investors have limitless opportunities to invest with the New Residential Investment Corp and get high returns.

OSI Food Solutions: America’s Top Food Processor

As of 2019, OSI Food Solutions has solidified its place as the top food processor in America. On the other hand, this Illinois-based food giant may be the top food processor in the world. You are looking at over 100 years of foodservice excellence. From Oak Park to Aurora is the company’s track.

An ambitious German-immigrant founded the company over 10 decades ago. This man was just one of thousands who migrated to the Chicagoland area around the turn of the 20th century. Life in those days were much simpler, and OSI offered some of the best tasting meat products in the region. As word began to spread, this tiny butcher shop began to make a name for itself, and the rest was history.

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OSI Food Solutions’ success really took off when it graduated from meat butchering to food wholesale. This change occurred when the company relocated to Maywood, Illinois. The business had built a solid brand at this point in time, but commerce would get even better. Arthur and Harry Kolschowski, the two sons of OSI’s owner, made a deal with the CEO of an up-and-coming hamburger chain. This deal would help OSI Food Solutions reach its pinnacle. Ray Kroc, the CEO of McDonald’s at the time, offered OSI the deal of a century. Of course, the food wholesaler agreed to this deal as it became one of McDonald’s main suppliers of beef. Business was so good to where OSI Food Solutions would eventually build a plant that specialized in beef patty production.

As of 2019, OSI Food Solutions has worked with a number of prominent businesses, including Saizeriya, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, Subway and Burger King. Of course, this short list only scratches the surface, but you should have a much better idea of how popular OSI truly is.

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Renowned Speaker Sujit Choudhry Gives His Take On The Future Of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is a famous global speaker. He is a famous authority figure on politics and constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry has traveled all over the World to give speeches. He has served as a constitutional adviser in Libya, Ukraine, and Egypt. Sujit Choudhry has spent more than 20 years exploring issues such as political violence and peace treaties. Choudhry has met with several politicians and different government organizations.

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Sujit Choudhry was born in India. He spent his childhood in Toronto, Canada. As a child, Choudhry read newspapers every day. Choudhry earned his bachelor’s degree in law from Oxford University. He received his graduate degree from Harvard Law School. Eventually, he became a professor at The University Of Toronto.

Recently, Sujit Choudhry sat down and spoke with Doug Sandler. Sandler noted Choudhry’s influence on Nepal and Sri Lanka. Choudhry traveled to Sri Lanka to provide federalist solutions during the country’s civil war. Choudhry visited several villages that were damaged due to the on going crisis. Choudhry also visited Nepal to help with the constitutional negotiations. Check out law.nyu for more news.

Choudhry’s new book: Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?, explores his thoughts on how the political events in North America may alter the future of democracy. Choudhry believes that constitutions must outline the necessary behavior for people with prominent positions in the government. Choudhry also gave his take on democratic backsliding. Choudhry defines democratic backsliding as something that occurs when an elected president or government uses their power to amend rules to their liking. Democratic backsliding occurs in The United States election system due to the country’s rules about term limits and independent institutions.

Looking ahead, Sujit Choudhry strives to create more development projects in divided nations. He consistently consults with legal professionals and scholars while he searches for innovative ideas.


Betsy DeVos is the Current Education Secretary and She is Making the Position Her Own

Betsy DeVos is the current education secretary of the United States and she has made it her focus over the last few years. In the past, before her time as education secretary, Betsy DeVos dedicated her life toward philanthropy causes regarding school choice initiatives, political donations, and scholarship programs. Since she was appointed education secretary though, she has focused her time on her work as education secretary.


During her time as education secretary, Betsy DeVos has done a considerable number of changes and made the position her own. The education secretary managed to change the issues regarding the problem with Congress not discussing gun violence in schools, the problem of students falling behind in certain academic fields, and the issue of transgender students and staff members having bathroom access.


DeVos tackled the issue of gun violence in school not being brought to the attention of Congress. She openly discussed the need for the Senate and representatives to bring the issue up for debate throughout Congress so a solution could be made. Her thoughts on the issue are that it is due to mental illness that so many school shootings have happened, and that improving mental health care will help the issue.


To improve the problem of students not doing well in certain fields, the secretary put some effort into giving students a better education in science and math. American students are lagging behind in science and math studies comparatively to other students in first world countries. She has pushed for those studies to be more of a focus for school systems across the nation, so American students can compete academically and in the job market in technology and science.


One of the first issues that Betsy DeVos had to tackle was to address the issue of transgender students and staff members having permission to bathroom access. The president chose to remove those rights at the start of his presidency. DeVos was quick to criticize the move and wrote to the education department that she wanted to make it clear she wasn’t happy about it. She also addressed that the schools in the United States can tackle the issue on their own by making rules of their own to permit transgender staff and students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.


DeVos has fully embraced her position as education secretary. She will continue to devote her time to philanthropy on the side, but for now, she is set on her work as education secretary of the United States of America. The job entails the future of American students and therefore the future of the United States.


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Sunday Riley: The Making of A Cult-Favorite in Cosmetics

Cosmetics generate billions of dollars on an annual basis as this is one of society’s most popular industries. On top of that, cosmetics that treat the skin are very sought-after, especially when being compared to standard makeup products. Sunday Riley, a Houston-based cosmetics company, is changing the game via its science-based green technology. The power of this green technology is that it’s non-irritating to the skin. The beauty of this innovation is that the green technology is actually a combination of science-based ingredients and organic botanicals. Let’s dive a bit deeper below.

Sunday Riley is also the name of the brand’s founder. Yes, this is 100 percent true, and this woman has a strong passion for her craft. Riley has personally tried every product that has been released to the public. If something feels a bit off, then she has been known to pull the product out of production before it ever hits the market. Though the company has only been around for a few years, it has garnered plenty of attention from people of all races and religion. This brand is more than just a fan-favorite. There are hundreds of thousands of loyal fans worldwide. This cult-following consists of at least 224,000 Instagram followers. Consumers can choose from a number of anti-aging products. These products are designed to provide clearing and firming benefits. Good Genes is the brand’s flagship product, and this lactic acid treatment provides amazing results. The exfoliating action of this advanced treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles while clearing the skin of blemishes.

Luna, a nighttime formula, calms irritated skin while leaving the skin with a smooth finish. This bright-blue formula smells a bit like beef jerky, but its retinoids are the key to its success. Sunday Riley has a total of 13 science-based products, but who knows what the brand has in store for the years to come.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Restoring Youth in Dallas

Dr. R. Rohrich is an established and world-renowned plastic surgeon in the city of Dallas, Texas. Dr. Rohrich is repeatedly recognized as one of the most talented plastic surgeons in America, and it’s easy to tell why when you explore his body of work.

Today, however, we will focus on the strengths Dr. Rohrich showcases in his personal office. With a unique and almost artistic way of transforming patients back to their youthful selves, you may want to consider seeing Dr. Rod next time you find yourself in Dallas!


Rhinoplasty or better known as a “nose job,” is the surgical procedure in which your doctor will reshape your nose, giving it an entirely new appearance and improving functionality for patients with nasal issues.


A facelift is pretty self-explanatory. If you are tired of looking at the aging features in the mirror, then a facelift may be an option for you. Dr. Rohrich will not only lift the deeper areas of your face, but he also fills in the sunken areas of the inner cheek which tend to deflate as we age.

Breast Surgery

There are many reasons why a person may consider breast surgery for themselves. Whether you have gone through a mastectomy and want to renew your sense of femininity, or you feel that your body’s proportions are off-kilter, then a breast augmentation surgery could be an option for you.

Dr. Rohrich offers many options for patients considering breast surgery. Each person will receive one on one attention from the Doctor, and each will choose the implant materials, shapes, and placements that work best for them.

Revision Rhinoplasty

A revision Rhinoplasty is precisely what it sounds like; Dr. Rohrich will fix a Rhinoplasty which did not heal properly, or that another surgeon did a subpar job on. Revision Rhinoplasty surgery can be tricky due to the already delicate nature of the nasal passages and structure of the nose.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is an international expert on the subject and has thousands of successful revisions under his belt. Dr. Rohrich has published hundreds of articles and textbooks on the topic of Rhinoplasty so his patients can rest at ease that a true professional is taking care of them. Helping China’s Traditional Bookstores is the largest online retailer in China and the biggest retailer at large in the country. It is as well the biggest internet company by revenue. The company was founded in July 1998 by Mr. Liu Qiagdong. The Company’s name JD is an acronym of fusion of two names Jing Dong, but initially, it was known as 360buy.JD is the leading company in the world in high tech and which possesses the largest drone system. Worldwide brick and mortar bookstores are facing challenges. The biggest challenges include declining traffic and fierce competition of sales. In China this problem is also affecting the country’s has come in to help these bookstores revive through its e-commerce and internet services.

The company is providing solutions for logistics, procurement of books and technology to forty-nine offline stores of books across the country. employs the Raas strategy which means Retail as a Service ‘to help these bookstores. Under this strategy, the company has provided a wide range of technology and services to companies ranging from consumer goods, manufacturers to restaurants and other retailers. Using its technology development for e-commerce businesses, has helped in the modernization of supply chains and turn increasing sales for the offline bookstores.

Most the bookstores in China has now partnered with JD for their efficiencies. An example is the Tangning Books in Guangzhou. Since its partnership with JD, Tangning’s turnover has reduced to 220 days from one year and above. With the help of JD’s capabilities of data analysis, the bookstore now has an insight on customers’ purchasing behaviors, and it is in a position to choose book assortments as per the customer’s base. Tangning Store now does not have to stock every book that customers may ask. It now lets clients scan QR codes of the books they don’t find in the store, and within 24 hours the books are delivered. This is a brilliant inventory from JD. JD’s technological inventories are not only helpful to the bookstores in China but also to a number of companies.

Boraie Development Finding Their Way One Step At A Time

Boraie Development is one of the most sought-after Developers in New Jersey for their extraordinary vision, reliability and having the best interest of the people at the heart of their every project. Their 30-year successful developmental track record attracts residents, tenants, and financial partners who value long-term ownership commitment. One of Boraie Development’s successful project is The Aspire in New Brunswick, New Jersey which offers luxury and a high-end lifestyle to its residents. It offers the ultimate dream with one and two-bedroom apartments and spacious studios, beautiful hardwood flooring, stainless steel appliances in an energy efficient unity with a terrace and private balcony.

Apart from these unique features, The Aspire provides a stunning and upscale lifestyle with social amenities like state of the Art Fitness Center/Yoga Space, an attached parking facility which has a direct elevator access to the lobby, a 24/7 doorman lobby service, rooftop sundeck and garden with an outdoor BBQ space, individual storage facility, bike storage space, an indoor/outdoor residents club, a library, pet friendly, conveniently located at the center of the metropolis New Brunswick and just steps away from the New Brunswick Train Station. The Aspire apartments offer an unmatched lifestyle and have all the features and amenities anyone can ask for.

The former National Basketball Association Star Shaquille O’Neal has partnered up with Boriae. Mr. O’Neal sees this venture as his way of giving back to the city Newark, where he grew up. Property management, real estate development and sales/marketing are the services provided by Boraie which are mostly focused on the urban real estate market. Boraie is known for working with the best architects, strongest financial institutions and contractors that understand the importance of meeting deadlines, which their team believes is important for building spectacular properties and provides an unparalleled experience to their clients.

The burgeoning partnership between Boraie Development and the former NBA star has gained attention. They are working together in Newark and other New Jersey cities with the aim to bring commercial and housing development into some of the more distressed areas. Mr. O’ Neal brings his money, star power, extensive political contacts and experience to these projects where he is a co-developer and receives an equity stake as well. In 2012, an old theatre was renovated after a $7 million investment on Springfield Avenue and is now named as CityPlex 12 Newark which was a joint venture by Boraie Development and the Mr.O’Neal. The former basketball player usually helps in the planning and leaves the details up to the Boraies in all their upcoming projects. They are handling one project at a time because they don’t want to be all over the place. The NBA stars name helps in attracting customers to the projects he is involved in.