Securus Technologies responds to accusations by GTL

Securus Technologies has been providing solutions in various fields using technology. The Global Tel Links Company recently made some allegations against Securus Technologies. After this, Securus had a press release to make corrections and clarify the matter, which I think will help to clear its name.


First, the company filed a lawsuit against Securus Technologies for infringement on US patent number 7256816 and damages. According to Securus, the lawsuit would be moved to the District Court concerning the validity the patent. According to Securus, the patent was yet to be validated.


GTL also claimed that they had patent rights over video visitation monitoring. This helps in monitoring inmates and their visitors. On this Securus said that it does not use this security feature in any facility.


The third was that since PTAB agreed that one could have patent rights, they wanted to protect their technology on video visitation through the lawsuit. Securus, on the other hand, did not agree that PTAB had determined that this technology was patentable.


GTL then said that they would prove that Securus had been infringing on their patents. Securus was sure that nothing would be found against it because there was no evidence to prove the allegations.


In the next allegation, GTL said that Securus would have to pay their claims. Securus countered this by saying that this would only happen when it is granted in a court of law. Securus is sure that a look into their facilities would prove that they were innocent of these allegations.


Lastly, GTL said that Securus sued their competitors, forcing them to make settlements that were favorable to them. In addition, GTL said that Securus wanted to use this to make sure that they would not lose anything from the lawsuit. Securus said that they had settlements with the companies, which used their patents. They have licensed many companies to use their technology.


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