Dick DeVos, The Best Global Philanthropist

When the name Dick DeVos comes to a mention, what comes to mind is his generosity especially to humanity. Dick DeVos is a person who gained control of his father’s wealthy estate, under his command, with him being his eldest son. In his many years of service, Dick has been very instrumental in the success of Amway Corporation, his father’s brainchild that deals with sales and marketing through networking. Before his corporate success, DeVos had to pursue his education in Bachelor of Business Administration in business, something that allowed him to gain the knowledge needed to lead a company.


After getting educated, he was fortunate enough to work for some companies and in different capacities, titles he holds even to date. Posts he serves include being a member of the board of directors for Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the vice chairman of Willow Creek Association, Co-Chairman of Grand Action Committee, the founder, and chairman of West Michigan Aviation Academy and the president of the Windquest Group.


Apart from being professional, DeVos has been deeply involved in philanthropy work, mainly because he is irritated by the plight of underprivileged members of society. To this end, Dick has felt compelled to help poor people make something out of their lives. For DeVos to reach a place of personal fulfillment, he has devised a way that will not only help an underprivileged person at present but also in future. He believes that education if the key to success, and it is for this reason that Dick DeVos has offered financial assistance to institutions that provide technical training to students in America.


Besides, DeVos has used religious institutions to nurture and develop young leaders, people who uphold integrity. Also, he has supported churches financially so as to see to it that young minds get the best training there is for leadership. It is his belief that the future America will only be successful if only it nurtures its young leaders to be responsible in any task that they are given to handle.


Despite DeVos being too much involved in matters affecting the poor in society, he has also had a hand in politics. By the help of his wealthy family background, he has been able to shape the political landscape of the United States of America, by providing his most preferred political leaders with financial donations.


Due to his level of influence and competence in America, he works as the Cabinet Secretary for Education of the United States of America, a post that he holds to date. He is also a great family man who has trained his children to follow in his footsteps. Presently, all the donations that DeVos and his extended family have given to society amount to more than a hundred and thirty-nine million dollars, a value that is prone to increase in future.


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