Rona Borre and Steps to Success

In 2001, Rona Borre founded Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting company in Chicago. She had jut left her position as the leading salesperson in a global staffing firm where she had obliterated every sales record the company had.

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Borre had the vision of how a staffing company should work so it could be at the top of the industry and help other businesses in the process. Rona Borre saw that most staffing companies left out a major ingredient in the process of hiring. Relationships are the key ingredient, and it is created by spending time with the client company to discover what it is that they need and desire for their company culture and goals.

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Instant Alliance hires mostly finance and technology talent for Fortune 500, mid-sized and smaller companies. The potential hires are carefully vetted and screened, so clients know in advance that they are going to be interviewing the best candidates. The results speak for themselves as hires from Borre’s team have only a 1% turnover rate.


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