How Arthur Becker Became Wealthy Selling his Startup to Time Warner Inc.

In 1969, Arthur Becker was just starting out his BA at the Bennington College. Little did he know that half a decade later he would have steadily climbed the ranks of power and wealth to become the most admired investors in New York and beyond? The venture capitalist completed his degree in 1972 and proceeded straight to the respected Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Fast track all the way to the 2000’s and you find Mr. Becker owing vast shares and investments in tech companies.

The much-dreaded Y2K bubble burst failed to take place on the turn of the new millennium. Once the investors were completely assured that it was safe and indeed lucrative to invest in the tech realm, applications become a hot topic. Every investor, right, left and center wanted to own a piece of an app project since it was expected to surely pick up momentum and gain in value in the coming days, weeks and months. And yes, smart guys like Arthur Becker who were quick to jump on board this bandwagon in the beginning.

Billions in Profit

Becker has in the past worked with the tech venture, Navisite. For a decade, the business executive would do a tireless job of transforming this startup into the world’s most influential online digital newsstand. In a classic turn of events, Navisite later got taken over by the media titan, Time Warner Inc. in 2011 at amounts exceeding a couple of billion dollars. The profits and great tidings from the sale of his premier company made the prominent New Yorker ridiculously wealthy.

Another important company in the life and times of Mr. Becker happens to be the VC firm Atlantic Investors, LLC. His appointment was made on January 2002 and came to a halt a whopping 15 years and four months later. Here, Arthur was in charge of a barrage of tasks and responsibilities most of which had to do with advising and counseling clients on the best portfolio moves and strategies to make. Click here to know more.

About Arthur Becker

Starting from June 2012, the investor caught yet another lucky streak when he got named as the CEO and the Chairman of the tech company, Zinio. Becker’s a serial entrepreneur who shows no signs of slowing down. If anything the years he’s spent only served to make him sharper when it comes to predicting market trends and patterns. Currently, the business leader serves as one of the core executive board members of the pharmaceutical enterprise called Madison Partners, LLC. The latter also specializes in the exclusive realtor business in NY and in other locations.

Comparative Law about Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law, in other words, can be translated into being an in-depth comparison of legal systems in different countries. Through this, we get both the similarities and differences in specific countries. Over the years it has been useful to bring an understanding of diverse cultures and their operations. It studies different legal systems of the various countries.


One internationally known figure for the comparative law is Sujit Choudhry who is currently a Law Professor at Berkeley –School of Law at University of California. He deals with politics and constitutional law. He is a visionary man, and one of his greatest achievements is having written over 90 articles and reports. Professor Choudhry was born in the year 1970.


Education Background

Sujit Choudhry attended Oxford University where he attained a Bachelor of Arts in Law. Further on, he went to the University of Toronto and did a Bachelor of Law. He then proceeded to do his Masters of Law at Harvard Law School. His education clearly shows his qualification as an expert in Law-related issues. See for more.


Work Experience of Sujit Choudhry

He has had vast experience over the years with his commencement being a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada. He started his lecturing after that where he was the Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Toronto. He then advanced to being the Associate Professor of Law at the same University for six years. More to that, he became the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University. After that, he became a Professor of Law at California University where he is up to date. Read more on


Center for Constitutional Transitions

2012 was a crucial year for him because that is when he founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions which runs up to date. This center’s aims to source information regarding constitution building where it brings together professionals from all over. The experts come up with a fact-based research that helps in decision making. Peek here.


Professor Sujit has been closely related to the United Nations. He has constantly been an advisor to the World Bank Institute. He says that one way he makes sure he is current with information in his expertise is by reading online articles. It is a sure way of being on par with the evolving issues around the globe. Click for related news.


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Stephen Rotella, The Man Behind StoneCastle Success.

Stephen J. Rotella born in 1953 is a former bank executive and board director at St. Barnabas Medical Center, New Jersey. Stephen J. Rotella, President of StoneCastle Partners LLC (SCP) is not only an active philanthropist but also the new chairman of LIFT National Board. Rotella assumed the role from veteran businessman Michael Gilligan after proving his capability to lead. Mr. Rotell attended the State University of New York and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He earned his MBA in Finance and Information Systems from the State University of New York at Albany and read full article.

Stephen joined StoneCastle with an idea that had one hundred millions in assets and has made it have a turnover of over eleven billion U.S dollars. The company through Rotella’s help has grown from a smaller and highly entrepreneurial business to a multimillion industry. His idea was to connect investors looking for safer places to invest their hard earned money. By using technology to link together all community banks, the value could be added to the banks offering the addition of value safely to the banks. Stephen has also been the chair of LIFT development community. His advice has helped LIFT evolve to deal with the cycle of poverty in the United States Through Stephen’s help; Lift has been able to partner with young children dealing effectively with the country’s economy crisis and Stephen of facebook.

Stephen lives an extraordinary life. His typical day involves waking up early in the morning for gym followed by walking his dog after breakfast. On his work day, he focuses on only three or fewer initiatives per day. He believes in brainstorming and has employed some smart people whose opinions weigh in his decisions. Informal discussions, asking questions and interactions have helped Stephen Rotella’s ideas come to life. Stephen is mostly excited by robotics, and he sees them as the future of technology in the deliverance of better services. Rotella first strategy in achieving success is focusing on what a customer wants and not what they think they want.. He stresses out on the importance of listening to the clients and the people closest to the company.

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Decades Later and George Soros Fights On

The biography of George Soros brings out a man who has come face to face with a real struggle. Born in Hungary, the 87-year-old lived at a time when the Nazis occupied Budapest. He saw the struggles his father went through trying to save the entire family. They would later escape to London where George Soros put himself through the London School of Economics while working as a railway porter and a waiter. When he finished his college education, George started working in the finance department of a merchant Bank. Later on, he relocated to New York, began working on Wall Street and in 1969, he formed a hedge fund worth $12 million which was later rebranded to Quantum Fund. Several decades later, George Soros is still a heavyweight investor through the Soros Fund Management, and his family office has assets worth more than $30 billion. This year, Soros appointed one of the most prominent women in Wall Street, Dawn Fitzpatrick, to serve as the CIO of SFM. Dawn comes in as the 7th chief investment officer of SFM since 2000. George’s real time net worth is $25.2 billion, according to Forbes.

Irrespective of his age, the fierce critic of the US president Donald J. Trump is still on the forefront of the ideological struggles that characterize the world’s politics. He began this struggle a long time ago and even founded the Open Society Foundation in 1984. Among the earliest initiatives of the foundation was to supply copy machines to the Universities, civil society groups and libraries in his native (at the time a Soviet-dominated Hungary) to help them reprint banned publications. When the Berlin Wall fell, George Soros extended his advisory services to help them enjoy a smooth transition to free markets and democracy. His foundation collaborated with the local politicians and the dissidents – the majority of which played significant roles in the key events during the histories of their countries. Read more on

Today, George Soros funds the activities of the Democratic Party, and several causes such as Black Lives Matters. George Soros showed open opposition to the Donald Trump’s presidency and even funded Hillary Clinton’s campaigns last year. He uses the various networks of Open Society Foundations (located in over 100 countries) to push for his agendas that touch on justice and social concerns. While he is seen as a hero on one side, the world dictators do not tend to express anything positive thing about George Soros. Nevertheless, he is never cowed by such sentiments. In September 2016, George Soros gave out $500 million to help in financing the businesses established and managed by migrants, the refugees, and the host communities, according to Politico. George believes in a world where the political leaders allow democracy to prevail, and governments are accountable to their citizens.

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Anthony Petrello- A Leader To Emulate

Anthony Petrello commonly referred to as Tony Petrello, is the man behind the recent great works at Nabors Industries Ltd. Tony went to Harvard University school of Law where he obtained a J. D degree. He also holds a M.S. degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

How Lloyd Grove Describes Tony
Llyod Grove, Tony’s campus roommate, mentions that Tony was a scholarship student. He describes Tony as a mathematics genius and a protege of Professor Lang. To the shock of many, Tony did not pursue a career in the mathematics field and instead joined the Law school.

Tony’s Career Growth
In 1979, Tony Petrello joined Baker & McKenzie law firm. And in 1986 he was appointed as a Managing partner of its New York office. He worked for Baker & McKenzie law firm as a Managing Partner from 1986 till 1991 where he joined Nabors Industries Ltd.

Since 1991 Tony Petrello has been the President of Nabors and was made the Chairman of Board of the board in 2012. Nabors Industries Ltd is an oil and gas drilling exploration business which was founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy Ltd. It is one of the largest land-based drilling rigs across the states and operates in multiple international markets.

Apart from working at Nabors Industries Ltd, Tony Petrello is a director at Texas Children’s Hospital, a world-class pediatric facility. Tony Petrello is also a member of the Executive Committee and a Director at Stewart & Stevenson. Tony and his wife Cynthia Petrello are active philanthropists who have donated millions of dollars in aid of neurological research.

Andrea McWilliams is not Just an Intelligent Political Lobbyist; She Has a Big Philanthropic Heart Too

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most persuasive political fundraisers, most celebrated political commentator, and most skillful political strategists in Texas and America at large. Born and raised in Downtown Austin in Texas, McWilliams announced her brilliance to the world when she became a chief of staff at just 21 years. To add to this natural brilliance, she polished her public lobbying and mobilization skills when she worked with Public Strategies, Inc. for several years.

Government Affairs Consultancy

Andrea McWilliams breakthrough into the Texas political scene came when she met and married Dean McWilliams. Apparently, Dean was more experienced in governmental affairs, which meant that the two lovebirds had a mixture of talent and experience in their hands. The couple joined hands to establish a government affairs consultancy firm, McWilliams, which has since become the leader in the field across the United States. Andrea political involvement has attracted the attention of both national and international media, with respected media houses like BBC, CNN, USA Today, and FOX News all featuring her at different times.

McWilliams Accolades

The accolades received by McWilliams are too many that we can only sample a few. To begin with, she was named as the Style Setter by Austin Fashion Week last year in recognition of her philanthropic involvement. McWilliams was also at some point the winner of the Austin Under 40 Award and a member of the Austin American- Statesman’s Glossy eight list.

McWilliams Role in the Community

Andrea McWilliams is a blessing to many women and children in and around Texas. Through the Mamma Jamma Ride, KillCancer, and the esteemed Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, McWilliams has been in the forefront in raising breast cancer awareness as well as in fighting the disease. She is also an active supporter of Center for World Protection. McWilliams mentors young women aspiring to venture into business in Texas

Sujit Choudhry and the Field of Comparative Law

Keeping informed about the quickly changing landscape of Middle Eastern and North African affairs is something that can be hard to do. Every year there seems to be a new uprising or coup that throws another leader into office, and the ramifications of these upheavals and changes is felt around the world. That is why knowing the importance of comparative law is extremely important.

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In a nutshell, comparative law is the study of different legal systems and constitutions from across the globe. This field of study started in the 18th century under the leadership of French philosopher Montesquieu. Montesquieu knew the importance of keeping abreast of changes in the constitutions and systems of 18th century Europe. Sujit Choudhry wanted to know where a new nation would go politically based on what had already happened in the past with those countries using similar systems. His diligence and publications sparked the new field of comparative constitutional law. While this field may seem nothing but theoretical, there has already been much practical application of the knowledge that it provides. One of the individuals at the forefront of this application is Sujit Choudhry.  Additional Article here.

Sujit Choudhry was born in India in 1970 and moved to North America when he was young. It did not take long before he grew fond of international politics. When in his 20s, he became a law clerk for the Chief Justice of Canada. Soon after he joined the University of Toronto faculty in the Department of Political Science. At this point, he also held law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. With his vast wealth of knowledge and his resources as a faculty member, he studied constitutional design and the ability to transition countries from places with violent conflicts to a democratic process of power transfer.  Check this on

Sujit Choudhry has now published nearly 100 articles on the field of comparative law and Middle Eastern and North African power transfer, see his page.  He has also helped in the constitution-building of several Middle Eastern countries. Sujit Choudhry is also the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, and organization that is a leader in providing new nations with experts and advice on getting them on the right track to democracy. When it comes down to it, comparative constitutional law is the new way to build nations.