Andrea McWilliams is not Just an Intelligent Political Lobbyist; She Has a Big Philanthropic Heart Too

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most persuasive political fundraisers, most celebrated political commentator, and most skillful political strategists in Texas and America at large. Born and raised in Downtown Austin in Texas, McWilliams announced her brilliance to the world when she became a chief of staff at just 21 years. To add to this natural brilliance, she polished her public lobbying and mobilization skills when she worked with Public Strategies, Inc. for several years.

Government Affairs Consultancy

Andrea McWilliams breakthrough into the Texas political scene came when she met and married Dean McWilliams. Apparently, Dean was more experienced in governmental affairs, which meant that the two lovebirds had a mixture of talent and experience in their hands. The couple joined hands to establish a government affairs consultancy firm, McWilliams, which has since become the leader in the field across the United States. Andrea political involvement has attracted the attention of both national and international media, with respected media houses like BBC, CNN, USA Today, and FOX News all featuring her at different times.

McWilliams Accolades

The accolades received by McWilliams are too many that we can only sample a few. To begin with, she was named as the Style Setter by Austin Fashion Week last year in recognition of her philanthropic involvement. McWilliams was also at some point the winner of the Austin Under 40 Award and a member of the Austin American- Statesman’s Glossy eight list.

McWilliams Role in the Community

Andrea McWilliams is a blessing to many women and children in and around Texas. Through the Mamma Jamma Ride, KillCancer, and the esteemed Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, McWilliams has been in the forefront in raising breast cancer awareness as well as in fighting the disease. She is also an active supporter of Center for World Protection. McWilliams mentors young women aspiring to venture into business in Texas

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