Kate Hudson is at the Heart of Fabletics

What’s not to love about Kate Hudson? There is likely not many women who haven’t seen her treasured rom com “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” amid a mass of other hits. She is also just generally like-able. She is down to Earth and just seems to resonate with women everywhere. Those qualities were some of the reasons she was chosen to be the face of unicorn athletic fashion wear brand Fabletics when it started in 2013. At the time the company was a simple startup, looking to make a name for itself in the athletic wear market. Founders knew they needed the perfect face for their brand, and Kate Hudson was definitely that face.


However, when she said yes to Fabletics, she did so with a firm commitment to not just be the face of the company, but to be wholly involved in its operations and success. She detailed her view in a recent Forbes article when she noted that she would never get behind a brand she didn’t fully believe in and would use herself. She did fully believe in Fabletics and saw the success in its horizon. From its beginning in 2013 to today Kate Hudson has been very hands on in the company. She knows exactly which pieces are doing well with her customers, which aren’t and is constantly looking for new trends and innovations to expand the product line. She also works with management and reviews numbers on a weekly basis. She notes that she will always continue to do so, as that is her business philosophy – although she will always be an actress at heart and will continue to act.


While Kate Hudson may be at the heart of Fabletics, the company’s mindset is another reason that they have grown from a startup to $250 million in sales and 1.2 million users in just 3 years. Fabletics was founded with the goal of being an innovator in the market. The company’s founders saw buyers purchase behavior evolving and knew they didn’t want to start a company that wasn’t on that cutting edge.


For that reason, Fabletics has just 22 physical locations and instead uses the technique of a reverse showroom to give buyers a great experience in today’s age of digital first. When people come to Fabletics’ site, they are greeting with a fun lifestyle quiz (check it out on their website). After taking the quiz, the entire experience is digital and is customized to the individual person’s preference. This means that there is no need to visit a physical showroom to get exactly what they are looking for every month.

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