The Fun Flavors From EOS Lip Balms

EOS lip balm flavors are one of the most exciting traits the product offers, and that’s saying a lot, considering this lip balm is impressive from start to finish. When you opt to buy EOS lip balm, the flavors available are sure to impress, yet leave some difficulty since they’re all so amazing.

Strawberry Sorbet is one lip balm flavor available from EOS. This is one of the more popular flavors, giving the lips a taste of strawberries and whipped cream on a beautiful summer’s day. People love the taste of freshly-picked strawberries, and this is just what you get in this lip balm.

Sweet Mint is a secondary flavor option when you purchase EOS lip balms. It is not as popular as the Strawberry Sorbet, but nonetheless impressive if you fancy the taste of minty refreshment. Shop your ultimate lip balm here on

If you seek an eclectic, alternative lip balm flavor, choose the Raspberry Pomegranate orb. You won’t find this flavor offered from other lip balm brands, but that’s okay because just one swipe across your lips, and you’ll never want to replace your EOS with any other brand. This refreshing flavor is sweet, yet deep and sensual, giving the lips a little excitement for the day. Order your lip balm now here on

These are a few of the fun EOS lip balm flavors you’re sure to enjoy using to keep your lips feeling their best. Try each of the seven EOS lip balm flavors at least once. They’ll all impress your taste buds, view products here.

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