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Dry, cracked lips are the worst. They make you feel thirsty and helpless as they become extremely chapped. That is why it is so important to find a lip balm that works for you! EOS lip balm (Evolution of Smooth) is well known for being an extremely helpful and sought after lip balm, refer also here at usmagazine.com. Here are a few reasons why it has become a favored lip balm for many.


  1. It is Organic

Yes! Organic lip balm. Lips are such a soft and delicate part of the human body. It is important to treat it with natural ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals. EOS jam packs their lip balm with healthy vitamins and natural ingredients.

  1. The Shape

Although EOS has come out with the option of a common tube of lip balm, it usually stands out with a very unique shape. EOS started making sphere shaped lip balm. The fun, egg shaped goodies were easy to keep track of! Normal tubes of chap stick often end up lost of getting thrown in the was, but not EOS lip balm spheres!

  1. The Variety

EOS offers many types of lip balm. They started with their organic spheres, but now offer crystal lip balm, shimmer lip balm, active lip balm, medicated lip balm, and the organic stick lip balm. There is a lip balm for everyone! Click to read great review. From a night out with shimmer lip balm, to working out with active lip balm, there is a choice for every occasion.

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View this video to know more about EOS, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQEsd7_LaLk.


Ricardo Tosto – Dining Spot?

The New Word on La Piazza Allegra and Its Newest Changes Within the Restaurant Food Service Industry Altogether – Ricardo Tosto Shares!

You will not believe it, but it is still no less true: According to Brazil’s Ricardo Tosto, La Piazza Allegra now produces all natural, locally-sourced beef for people who love exceptionally spicy foods. Its highly-trained experts sell the beef online and ship it packed with dry ice directly to consumers. You read correctly: Pizza is not the only thing on the menu here; in fact, it is the mere tip of the creative iceberg. La Piazza Allegra is still – as one would not expect upon the first mention of its name – skilled at attracting natural/healthy food lovers looking specifically for spicy foods. Its every division focuses on sharing the benefits of spicy foods – or, at least, spicy ingredients – versus “not as spicy” foods and more information click here.

La Piazza Allegra is proudy located at 572 Glenhuntly Road; it is well-planted in one of the richest and safest brazilian suburbs. It can offer a unique quality of Italian fast food variations – the likes of which you will not find anywhere else on the globe. In fact, Ricardo Tosto guarantees it: Try so for yourself, and you will see; this pizza place is one of a kind. Ricardo Tosto’s favorite spot, when he is not in his legal office, offers calzones, thick or thin crust pizza in large, medium, or small sizes and so much more. It is also known for its rich, nutritious Vegetable Caesar salad, a favorite learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

As a family of seven, Ricardo Tosto’s wife and children may not always agree on everything, but there is one thing they agree on: This place is no less than awesome. Tosto’s bound to visit it again very soon. Ricardo has worked in inbound and outbound legal lead generation through businesses like VOIQ and others of a similar nature. He prefers long term engagements but is flexible. He thinks the one with the most experience, flair for writing and resources on the matter should lead any team and more information click here.

Other Reference: https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817

The Success Story of the Founder of Greg Secker Foundation, Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born on 18th February 1975. He is an international speaker, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. He founded a gathering of several companies, the Knowledge to Action Group, which includes Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, and Capital Index in 2003. These organizations work hand in hand to educate people on how they can excel in trading in order to improve their lives.

Greg Secker has a humble background. His entrepreneur career began at Thomas Cook Financial services then moved to foreign exchange with the aim of creating The Virtual Trading Desk. Secker’s platform offers online Forex trading systems in real-time. It allows traders to acquire foreign exchange transactions quotes in real-time. He later became Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice President. This position allowed him to travel more and experience international trading centers. Within three months, Greg Secker opened Learn to Trade; a company deemed to be the leader in trading education globally. Learn to Trade later expanded to three other offices, one in Australia, South Africa, and London within 13 years only. Learn to Trade has taught more than 200,000 people how to trade through workshops and seminars.

Greg Secker noticed that people around the world struggled to start trading with ease something that inspired him to begin his business. There wasn’t adequate education out there and joining the industry was quite a struggle. He wanted people to have the right education so that they can trade in foreign transactions and improve their lives.

According to Greg Secker, his most satisfying moment in business is when Knowledge to Action became operational. The business brought together a wide range of resources to give people a second opportunity to change their lives. Secker claims that the support his family, business partners, and friends give him is the key to his success. These groups of people keep him going and give him fresh ideas of what to do next. He also likes to learn from other people’s situations and attentively listens to conversations to learn how he can make the lives of others better.


Advocacy Groups Hold Government Accountable for Human Rights With Immigration Reform

At the core of the immigration issue facing America is the definition of what the Country now stands for. Many advocacy groups have taken the actions to do what most people believe the government itself should bear the responsibility.

The self-inflicted wound of immigration reform has affected what the world has longed believed was a purified establishment to the global society and has unfortunately eroded into an infection across all 50 states.

For advocacy groups such as the Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights (ACMR), the decision to stand up to the decency that humans deserve once they reach American soil has been an easy decision. The ACMR has pulled together within the community to add inclusiveness and diversity within Arizona.

The organization has set out to actively change the social and political climate of immigration all across the state. Through proactive measures, the ACMR works to bring awareness to citizens and reach a broader understanding with citizens who may be lacking in the knowledge of how immigration reform affects everyone.

They aim to end anti-immigration by showing Arizonians how collective action towards bringing reasonable reform with human decency can be achieved while also securing the borders to protect their families against any perceived potential dangers within the community.

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation seeks to provide additional resources to migrants within Arizona and the surrounding states. The organization has supported countless immigration advocacy groups since it was founded in 2013.

Lead by founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the Lacey and Larkin Foundation provides the most up to date information which is depended upon within the community in order to make key decisions relating to immigration laws and reform efforts that are taking place within the U.S. government.

Following an appeal to the Nineth Circuit Court in 2012, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin won a landmark case which the opinion of one of the judges was described as a “direct assault on the First Amendment.” Both were journalists with the Phoenix News Times at the time and were the subject of retaliatory efforts by then sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

Subsequent to their victory, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have committed their lives to bringing wide ranges of support to the community and holding the government accountable for actions related to immigration reform.

Working with the United Nations as a template for a pattern of migration, the ACMR wants the organization’s efforts to reflect the global community by bringing collective skills and experiences to develop action plans towards justice and preparation of the awareness for immigrants, and the communities they reside.

Through shared analysis and an array of collective resources, the ACMR has partnered with the United Nations to bridge the gap of understanding with migrants and refugees worldwide to advocate for justice and human rights.

Immigration reform is something the Lacey and Larkin Foundation, and the ACMR, see as a necessity in the country; however, the necessity ends at punishment for those who ultimately have human rights as migrants.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Jim Larkin


Norman Pattiz explains relation between advertising and brand awareness

The correlation between advertising and conversion has been a bother to many marketing departments and scholars for long. There has been a problem in justifying expenditure on advertising efforts as calculating the effect of a campaign on the sales target is not clear cut.

However, a recent market research conducted by Podcastone under the leadership of its executive chairman Norman Pattiz in collaboration with Edison Research has shown a very strong association between advertising and increased positive brand awareness after a campaign.

The study was conducted on five different products and services. Announcing the results, Norman Pattiz and Tom Websten summarized their research findings that, there was a very significant increase in brand awareness following advertising.

They also noted that positivity toward a particular product and service became more favorable in the post campaign days. It was therefore emphasized by Norman Pattiz that the findings were profound and persuasive proof that using Podcastone as an advertising platform was tenable and justifiable. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: https://patch.com/georgia/atlanta/podcastone-ceo-norman-pattiz-reveals-networks-brand-lift-research-edison-researchers

The research findings are groundbreaking to Podcastone advertisers. The fact that the platform is able to increase in product awareness, enhance positive perception, and harness proclivity toward buying a product is expected to serve as an important decision making basis for marketing departments.

The methodology that was used to conduct these surveys has been applauded as having followed the basic tenets of scientific research and therefore there was little doubt on the integrity of the data collected.

It is also noted that this was not the first time Podcastone had initiated a similar process, for Edison Research have done several studies to examine the effectiveness of Podcastone advertising, at the prompt of the podcaster. Nonetheless, the latest research has been appreciated as having been more multifaceted and intellectual.

This will certainly lead to more Podcastone clients, a great deal for a company that was founded by Norman Pattiz in reaction to a gap he had discovered in the advertising market.

It is incredible that the company has grown under his leadership to become the nation’s leading advertiser on podcast network noting his other success as founder of Westwood one, which is a popular radio giant in the country.

Norman Pattiz is an inspiring business leader and executive, with a pool of intellect, and allure. He successfully led Westwood one into becoming the largest radio company. He has served in the broadcasting board of governors under both Clinton and Bush jnr. administrations.

EOS has Lip Balm Flavors for Everyone

EOS lip balm flavors are made for everyone to enjoy, with an assortment of picks available. These flavors provide the lips with nourishment and a fun burst of flavor that eliminates the boredom that was once associated with this beauty care product. Choosing an EOS lip balm flavor is never difficult, although you’ll likely have trouble selecting only one flavored lip balm, refer also to evolutionofsmooth.de.


Organic Spheres

The organic spheres offer seven flavor choices. Special released flavors are oftentimes released into this line. You’ll find the usual flavors like Strawberry Sorbet and Vanilla Bean included, but there’s also unique picks like Raspberry Pomegranate and Honeysuckle Honeydew. Variety is always so nice and you certainly get plenty of choices when using the Evolution of Smooth organic spheres.


Visibly Soft

The Visibly Soft line of lip balms is preferred by many users. You may also prefer the added softening power of the Visibly Smooth lip balm. You will certainly love the Coconut Milk flavored lip balm. This flavor is always a customer favorite because it is so incredibly luscious to smell and taste. The Blackberry Nectar is the perfect flavor in the Visibly Soft line if you enjoy the eccentric taste of this berry, check more products here.


More EOS Flavor Choices

The Active line is also available for customers, with a great Lemon Drop flavor choice. The EOS medicated lip balm comes in a great Chamomille flavor. Hibiscus Peach is a great flavor from the Crystal lip balm.


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EOS Lip Balm-From Nutrients, to Flavor, to Luscious Lips

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) create several natural skin and lip care products. Many people search through different lip balms to discover one that is effective. With the EOS lip balm, your lips will be revitalized by the numerous beneficial ingredients. Rich with vitamin E, Shea butter, and Jojoba oil, this lip balm soothes and heals your chapped lips by locking in moisture. This soothing, soft result stemmed from the lack of paraben and petrolatum in the lip balm. Several of these products even include SPF protection. Additionally, they are USDA-certified organic with 95% of its ingredients being organic and all-natural. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, the EOS lip balm will quickly leave you with sensationally beautiful, healthy lips.

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Along with the various advantages of the EOS lip balms, they also come in several flavors to suit your taste. Some of the five most popular flavors are as follows: EOS Blueberry Acai, EOS Sweet Mint, EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew, EOS Pomegranate Raspberry, and EOS Summer Fruit. Each flavor’s scent is correlated with its name.

Blueberry Acai is filled with antioxidants and organic ingredients that will nourish your lips. The Sweet Mint flavor contains natural extracts and oils that heal your chapped, cracked lips. Honeysuckle Honeydew is made to rejuvenate and soften your lips. Pomegranate Raspberry moisturizes dry lips with the natural extracts present in the ingredients. Lastly, the Summer Fruit flavor is a blend of a handful of fruity tastes such as peach, strawberry, and blueberry, made also to cure dry lips. See more articles here on thebrotalk.com.

Even though the list is growing continuously, there are currently over twenty flavors of the EOS lip balm. From fruity to sweet, EOS creators have hit a wide variety of people with their differing flavors. In addition to its accommodating, round shape, these EOS lip balms are infused with rich, moisturizing ingredients and tasty flavors that leave a soft, luscious tint to your lips. You can find several of these lip balms at almost every drugstore, grocery store, and even some clothing stores!

Watch this amazing video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM!


Talk Fusion Lands Coveted Industry Honor

Talk Fusion has established themselves pretty strongly as one of the most popular video marketing companies on the internet. The reason? CEO and Founder Bob Reina has been working alongside the company every step of the way, tirelessly leading from the front while pushing for game changing innovations from the rest of his Talk Fusion associates. It seems like Talk Fusion and Bob Reina have finally been paid off for their hard work, too, as they were recently rewarded with a coveted industry honor. Technology Marketing Corporation, or TMC for short, recently announced the winners of their 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award — and Talk Fusion was on that list.

Talk Fusion received the reward for their work on the game changing Video Chat application. The Video Chat app has become a central part of Talk Fusion’s video marketing suite. The app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices and it utilizes WebRTC technology in order to maximize its efficiency. The Talk Fusion Video Chat app focuses on connecting people from any platform, anywhere on the planet so that they can chat face to face in real time. The application can be used for both businesses and personal conversations. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial

Rich Tehrani is the CEO at TMC and it was he who made the winning announcements. Tehrani said that the winners of the award were, “True leaders within their industries.” Tehrani went on to explain their selection process for this award, pointing out that they look for honorees who “represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Learn more: https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/07/talk-fusion-classified-as-triple-a-opportunity/

Bob Reina was quick to respond to the award and the rest of the Talk Fusion team echoed him. Reina said of the award, “This is just the beginning.” Reina is the kind of CEO who always directs praise right back to his team and that is exactly what happened here. Reina went on to praise his hard working IT team, praise the talk Fusion associates who sell their products, and praise TMC for offering them the award. Reina and Talk Fusion are far from done and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Learn more: https://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/video-conferencing-services/talk-fusion-in-brandon-fl-90033972

Brazilian Duda Melzer Knows How To Be Credible Media Star

Brazil is a breeding ground for juicy news stories. The country is a 21st-century look at cultures that mix and mingle like sand. And the media industry in Brazil rarely misses an opportunity to keep all talk that is newsworthy in front of the public. Brazilians love to talk. And they like to talk about each other. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the grandson of RBS Media founder, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, found out how much they like to talk, watch TV, read newspapers, and fight about politicians when he was growing up in Porto Alegre. Visit Clicrbs for more details.

But instead of joining the RBS Group when he got out of school, he went to Boston to earn an MBA from Harvard. And instead of going home after Harvard, he went to New York, and he became the President of Box Top Media. The marketing experience alone was worth his time in New York. But he also got a taste of franchising, and he eventually became an investor in Sweet, Sweet Way. Duda finally went home, and he got into the family business. He was the head of marketing while his uncle Nelson Sirotsky was president.

Duda took over as CEO of the company in 2016. Duda understands how important technology is, so he got into the digital business through his E. Bricks Digital startup in Sao Paulo. The RBS Media Group is a media empire, so Duda gets the word on the street almost as fast as the people are saying that word on the street. Melzer has a hand in every form of news, entertainment and political media expression in Brazil. In other words, Melzer, along with his staff, control radio, and television stations, newspapers and magazines, websites, blogs and all other media expressions. Melzer is a world renowned media executive. But he also has a major presence in charitable organizations and social endeavors all over Brazil. Follow Duda on Twitter

See more: http://g1.globo.com/rs/rio-grande-do-sul/jornal-do-almoco/videos/v/presidente-do-grupo-rbs-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-falar-sobre-a-transformacao-da-zh/3321858/