Cassio Audio: an Interesting Transition from a Sensational Musician to an Accomplished Financial Executive

As a young man, Cassio Audi ventured into the music scene and established himself as a professional and respected musician. From the mid-1980s to 1989, he served as a drummer for a popular metal music band known as the Brazilian Metal Band Viper. He appeared in the two of the Viper’s albums. He also composed a hit song that was included in the Soldiers of Sunrise album.

Audi was famous and loved by his many heavy metal fans for his exceptional drumming talents and his impeccable accomplishment in making heavy metal music popular in Latin America. He joined Viper as a teenager and participated in many activities and performance orchestrated by the band for nearly a decade. Audi played an instrumental role in developing and popularizing the band.

Cassio Audi drew his motivation and inspiration from the Iron Maid and the famous British tune that borrowed many aspects from the heavy metal. His efforts and commitments paid off since his band gained massive recognition in the Latin America. It started to receive invitations to perform in several high-profile events and entertainment joints. The Viper brand broke into the global music scene after releasing an album known as The Killer Sword. The album comprised of interesting songs, such as the Princess from Hell, Killera, and the nightmare.

Career in the financial sector

After a successful musical career, Cassio Audi ventured into the financial sector. Has proved to be a talented, results-driven, and respected financial management specialist. He has not less than two decades of progressive experience and in-depth knowledge in managing public and private firms, turn-around cases, equity funds, and multi-billion dollar entities. On many occasions, Audi has demonstrated his capability to boost business operations to enhance growth, improve efficiency, and grow profit margins. He has exceptional leadership and interpersonal abilities that enable him to cultivate a stable relationship with both senior and junior employees.

The Fabletics Brand Shines With Consumers that Want Style

Fabletics has become the authority when it comes to clothing for women. This has certainly become one of the best sites for women that are shopping for athletic clothing because it gives them a lot of variety. People that haves shopped on the Fabletics website will agree that this is one of the largest varieties of clothing brands for women that are looking for an opportunity to make their wardrobe exciting. So many people have become fans of Fabletics because they like the fact that Kate Hudson ushers in new garments every week. This is rare inside of any clothing company, but Kate Hudson feels that this is the type of innovation that she needs in order to keep her consumer-base happy.


So far it appears that people are impressed with Fabletics and the changes that Kate Hudson is making within this organization. She has proven herself to be a very observant entrepreneur that pays attention to what her customers are looking for. She makes sure that she continues to stay innovative, and she also puts her time into seeing what her customers are interested in next. A good amount of this comes with a connection to the lifestyle quiz that is presented through the Fabletics website. This is how people become familiar with the Fabletics brand, and this is how Kate Hudson gets a chance to see what her customers are actually interested in seeing more of. With the lifestyle quiz she gets a chance to see what her customers are picking as their favorite types of garments for working out.


She has the ability to gravitate towards a number of products for certain clothes if these garments are popular. This is the thing that people love about Kate Hudson and the Fabletics brand. It is the type of brand that is designed to help all of those that are looking for a solid clothing line that is connected to a great amount of style and comfort. This is the thing that pushes this brand in this right direction when it comes to building a customer base. People have always been interested in comfort when it comes to the clothing that they choose, but Kate Hudson has made her way into the mainstream and reached the top in her field because she considered style. This is what many of the athletic clothing options were missing when it came to athletic gear for women.


With Fabletics Kate Hudson has been able to challenge her adversaries and make them more aware of how big style plays a part in the workout process. Kate is definitely someone that appreciates the possibilities that come with working out. She knows that women may indulge in more shopping when they are working out on a regular basis. She also realizes that these customers may be interested in trying out more clothes from the Fabletics brand. This is why she is so interested in building more physical stores for her customers that want to shop Fabletics.