Securus Technologies, a Company that is working to Improve Public Security

Robert Johnson, a former correctional officer has been a victim of inmate attacks. This followed after intercepting a package belonging to a prison gang worth $ 50,000 according to the gang. He immediately became their target and after some time, he was attacked at his home. The intruder shot him six times leaving him unconscious believing that he had killed him. The intruder was a former inmate by the name of Sean Echols who had just been released from prison. After the investigations on Robert’s attack, Echols was arrested and convicted with attempted murder of Robert Johnson.

After being taken to the hospital, the doctors were in despair and kept telling his wife that he was not going to make it. Her faith is what kept him alive as she believed that it was not yet time for her husband to leave. During the surgery, Robert Johnson had ‘died’ twice according to the operating surgeon and to him, his survival was a miracle. During a period of seven years while working at the correctional institutions, Robert had undergone 23 surgeries that keep him in pain on a daily basis. This has however not stopped him from preventing crimes caused by inmates by the use of cellphones.

He has appeared in court to testify against the use of contraband cellphones in prisons and how they should be controlled. The murder of a nine months baby in the streets is another reason why Robert is so determined to control the use of cellphones by inmates as the reasons they organize such crimes with are just absurd. For instance the nine months old baby was murdered because of a misunderstanding between its uncle and one of the inmates, serving as revenge. After leaving correctional institutions, Robert serves as the advisor to Securus Technologies which is a company that provides communication services to correctional institutions. The company uses a selective technology called wireless containment system to offer the services where unknown numbers are not authorized to go through.

This technology has been approved by some states such as Florida which considers public security a priority and has contracted Securus Technologies to provide its services to its institutions. For an inmate to use these services, they should create an account and register their numbers with it to make sure that numbers that are not registered in their accounts cannot go through. Emergency numbers are allowed to go through. With Robert’s advice, the company has been able to design this technology in a manner that when a non-registered number is dialed by the inmates, it will continue ring at their end but in essence such numbers have been prevented from going through. Currently, the company has been able to block over 1million such numbers. This translates to improved public security.


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