What Makes Equities First Holdings UK A Loan Authority

Equities First Holdings UK (EFH UK) has been around for a while and there many businesses who wants to duplicate the success of EFH UK. Some companies lack the capability to offer its customers a stock-based loan. EFH UK has offered the stock-based loan from its’ beginning, and they standouts among their peers. EFH UK conducts their business based on a mission that focus on helping people reach financial goals.

The lending method makes EFH UK an authority. As an authority, companies listen and watch what EFH UK will do next. Stock-based loans has created success with EFH UK. A loan that uses stocks as collateral. EFH UK has the people trust by offering a good product like a stock-based loans. The numbers such over 600 transactions show the performance of EFH UK. A satisfied customer is another good way to measure success. There are new markets opened for people to take advantage of EFH UK’s products and services, and resume them.

Champion Race Car Driver Michel Terpins

Although the country of Brazil is more widely known for the sport of soccer, it is also popular for a speed racing competition called the Sertoes Rally, which is held every year. This event attracts many racers, fans and spectators, and it consists of 7 stages that involve challenging rough mountainous roads. A team known as Bull Sertoes is considered to be one of the finest in the contest. Formed by Michel Terpins, along with his brother Rodrigo, and their 2 other driving partners, in 2015, the team has managed to win most of the races they’ve participated in.

Michel Terpins began his career as a Sertoes Rally driver in 2002 when he entered the motorcycle racing contest. His passion for sports and vehicles started when he was a young boy. That’s when he developed a big interest in cars, and eventually learned how to fix them. He grew up around male athletes, his father Jack being the one that introduced him and his brother to the sports world when he played professional basketball back in the 1960s and 1970s.

In the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally, Michel Terpins and his team finished in 1st place after pushing through the 2nd stage of the event. The vehicle they race with in the rally is called T-Rex, due to its ability to conquer rough surfaces and keep moving ahead. The machine was designed by the MEM Motorsports company, who built a V8 engine into it to make it more powerful. After securing the win, the highly decorated driver described the 2nd stage of the rally as being very difficult and exhausting. But since he and his brother, and their other team members believe in applying discipline and perseverance to their racing strategy, as well as hard work, they knew that they would receive a high ranking.

Michel Terpins continues to be considered one of the most skilled drivers in the popular rally competition. The Sao Paulo-born sportsman has a big fan base, who he stays connected with on social media, and who come out to see him and his team compete in the big race each year.

Newark Anti-Aging Physician, Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers, located in New Jersey. He is a 1985 graduate of the Albert Einstein Medical College. He is board certified in regenerative medicine, functional medicine and anti-aging medicine. He is certified by the Millenium Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) network and does consulting work to Elite Health Care in China.

Dr. Dov Rand is passionate about his work and believes in treating the “whole” patient and is a true fitness and health expert, which he applies to his weight loss programs using cutting edge techniques like intravenous vitamin therapy. His goal is to help and heal patients so they will reach individual health goals. He is an avid researcher and has a wealth of knowledge in bioidentical hormones, fitness and nutrition and supplements. His centers offer detailed plans to help patients deal with chronic and acute pain. Treatments include blocks and epidurals. The centers also offer weight loss programs that also help with acute and chronic pain.

Dr. Dov Rand’s expertise doesn’t end there. He has studied Cenegenics and age management medicine and shares this knowledge to other physicians through conferences and webinar sessions. Dr. Rand is a member and Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M.)

Dr. Dov Rand is a 50 year old fitness and health expert as well. His patients are inspired by his motto of “living by what he preaches” practicing martial arts, yoga, cardio fitness and weight training. He believes in healthy food choices and takes quality vitamin supplements. He feels that his example helps his patients reach their objectives of living and aging in a healthy way in order to enjoy the many years ahead. Dr. Rand attributes the degenerative diseases associated with aging to living unhealthy lifestyles. His mission is to help his patients age and function at levels that make them healthier and feel younger. Prevention is the key and Dr. Rand takes a holistic approach, designing a program for each of his patients to help them restore a balance of metabolic and hormonal levels and greatly improve the quality of their lives.

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The Spirit of Giving as Maintained by Perry Mandera and Custom Co.

One of the types of spirits that have to be brought forth is the spirit of giving. The news from many media outlets show a lot of lack when it comes to giving. This is one of the reasons that people like Perry Mandera are taking their time to make sure that they are showing an example to people. It seems like people as a whole have lost their way. They need someone to show an example of what compassion is. Perry Mandera is a founder of a company called Custom Cares Charities. Therefore, his business is centered around the act of giving.

During his career, Perry Mandera has worked in the transportation industry. He has worked for different companies in the industry. He has also built a good reputation. One thing that has helped is the discipline he has built while serving in the United States Marine Corps. While he was running his business, he was dedicated to helping his church, family, and others. He has shown himself to be very productive in his community. He is also very strong in his faith. His faith has definitely helped him through any obstacles that he has faced. He continues to provide services to others in the name of philanthropy.

After starting his business in the 1980s, he has sold it five years later. He has then went on to work in political offices. One of the reasons that Perry has taken on a political job is that he wanted to change the community for the better. One of the best ways to make changes to communities is through political offices. For one thing, he was able to learn all that is needed to move forward with any changes he wants to make. He also has learned to think about what would need to be sacrificed for the changes he wanted.

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How Susan McGalla Shown That Gender Diversity is Good for Business

One thing that has been revealed is that gender diverse companies are very likely to outperform businesses that are not gender diverse. One reason behind this is that gender diverse companies are more likely to have an open mind about things. For one thing, they get insight from people from a more varied viewpoint. When a business looks at things from the point of view of women, they are more likely to attract more female customers as opposed to the male centered businesses. Also, businesses with women leaders are more likely to attract women as well as men in certain industries.

One example of a leader that is a woman is Susan McGalla. She has shown an example of great leadership in the fashion industry. She has worked on the marketing and leadership of the companies that she has worked for. She has helped companies grow and reach out to other customers that were largely ignored. American Eagle Outfitters is an example of a company that only catered to men. When Susan McGalla joined the company, she has thought about the many different ways that she can cause the company to grow. Afterwards, she has implemented these ideas so that people can experience the benefits of this growth.

Susan McGalla has gone on to run a few more companies and even start her own business selling clothes for the Pittsburgh Steelers. One thing that makes her a very effective leader is that she is very passionate about what she is doing. She is also someone who has a clear vision of her goals. Therefore, she knows where she is going. This gives others the confidence to follow her on her journey. She is also willing to share her journey and give other women the confidence they need to move forward with their own goals.

ClassDojo, the tech-ed app

Sam Chaudhary and Liam are the two people who founded ClassDojo. They have made it great and their invention today has improved education a lot. ClassDojo was launched in 2011 by the two, in San Francisco. Since then, the app has provided an amazing experience to the parents about what is going on in school, and how their children are doing and developing.

One of the co-founders says that the app is meant to improve learning both when the child is in school and at home. Teachers, on the other hand, share their daily school plans with parents. It is very fulfilling for a parent to know what their child is going to be taught in school and how it is going to be done. Furthermore, a teacher is able to share photos with the parents of how their students are progressing, by showing the most recent activities that the student participated in, and their regular performance.

Other technologies for the classroom have been invented, apart from ClassDojo. These apps give competition to ClassDojo. However, the important thing is that ClassDojo does not dwell so much on competition because the founders believe that to achieve a perfect environment for three groups, it has to focus more on user satisfaction.

The application is provided free for users. The developers do not earn on user-data because they value privacy. It would not be fit for ClassDojo to feed the developers on user data because it would then mean that they violate some of their policies. It would also mean that the goal they seek to achieve will not be met.

As improvements are made on ClassDojo, soon parents will be able to make some easy transactions like making payments for events and activities in the school, all through the app. This makes it easier for parents who have to leave their jobs and travel all the way to deliver a check or cash the money to the school. ClassDojo aims at making everything easier for everyone, and making life in school enjoyable rather than too serious because that way, children will be able to study more comfortably.

Perry Mandera Leader in the Trucking Industry

Trendsetter and hard-working entrepreneur, Perry Mandera founded his first transportation business at a merely 23 years old. As of 2018, most would consider Perry Mandera as the man who set the caliber in the industry of trucking and logistics.

His vision set the standard for all of the trucking and logistic companies in the United States today (http://www.linkedin.com/in/perry-mandera). It makes one wonder, how a young man, with such determination, accomplished 30 years ago, what most trucking and logistic companies still struggle with in this demanding industry today.

Revolutionizing success, this “The Customer Companies” founder, streamed his name across the globe and into the minds of supporters and followers. With his influence and determination; distribution and warehouses blossomed. Transporting goods became even more popular.

With technological advances at the forefront of his business, major additions to his warehouses and fulfillment center properties were able to set the trendsetter to the very top of the trucking industry. His decision to improve the quality of his businesses included investing in better technology. Updating the systems granted a better process to be able to manage truck times, track shipments (from the initial point of dispatch) to the warehouse where shipping and receiving thousands of loads were being processed. (Cheetah Dispatch, Warehouse and Dock management systems were the technological systems vitally fundamental to the businesses). The Customer Companies customer service department are open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week; and are known for their world class customer service.

Perry Mandera’s contributions are vast. Not only has he managed his very own businesses. He donated his time and resources to aiding the less fortunate. He is widely recognized for that selfless achievement as well.

Some organizations that he supported or founded are the Illinois State Crime Commission, Mercy Home For Boys & Girls, Catholic Charities USA, Lynn Sage Foundation, The University of Chicago Medical Center and Custom Cares Charities. This is just to name a few.

Perry Mandera has also been recognized as a leading supporter in the fight against cancer, as he has generously donated to The Breast Cancer Foundation.


Chris Linkas: Focusing the Highlights of Being in the Financial Sector

Chris Linkas is a managing director working for a company in London UK & NY. He stated that working in the financial sector helped him to develop unique abilities in dealing challenges in managing finances. He found his way to the financial industry back in April 2003, and he recalled how he loved the challenges presented to him, contributing to his decision to stay with the industry until the present day (Observer). He also managed to hone his skill in managing finances by joining companies and organizations which he thought would bring great changes to his career. The financial world has been his home for more than a decade, and he is looking forward to experiencing new challenges that he will be facing in the coming years as he is now promoted in a higher position.

When he was still working as the European Head of Credit for the company in November 2012, he recalled how he is struggling in managing 20 people who are assigned to work in different departments. He should end the day ensuring their clients from the European Union that their principal investments are safe and are managed rightfully. He managed to get enough experiences from working in the position, and he used it as his edge in looking for another job. Chris Linkas knows that the secret to success in the financial sector is the same with other industries – hard work and confidence. He also emphasized the importance of knowledge when working with the financial sector, and he also stated that an individual should be able to understand how the market for the financial sector works. Without this fundamental knowledge, they would fail in the financial sector.

His executives have praised Chris Linkas because of his extensive knowledge of how the industry works. He is now sharing this information with other people through speaking with them, and he is also writing articles about how his experiences shaped him to become a better person. Chris Linkas stated that people should always consider if they decided to leave their present career for the financial sector because it would never be that easy in the beginning.



Jorge Moll Explains Morality With Science

It’s easy to think that today’s world is an awful place full of murderers, theives, rapists, and other degenerates. When you turn on the news, it’s certainly easy to think the worst. The truth is, however, that we are living in the most peaceful age thus far for humanity. Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist at D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) in Brazil, has conducted experiments that may build more faith in humanity.

Moll, a PhD and founding member of IDOR, was recently featured in the Washington Post in the article, “If it Feels Good to be Good, it Might Be Only Batural.” The Post summarizes the work of Moll and his contemporaries in neuroscience as they explore the origin of empathy and altruism. Studies of animals have previously shown a natural instinct to avoid earning pleasure by causing pain to others. In humans, the experiments are more cerebral; participants struggle with scenarios that ask them to sacrifice one for the many, while they undergo brain scans.

Other studies have looked at the brain’s response to helping someone near or far in proximity. Jorge Moll has found that moral emotions are rooted in the physical brain, not in the intangible soul or free will (https://crunchbase.com/person/jorge-moll). Psychopaths have brains that are predictably ‘dead’ in the areas flagged as empathy zones. These findings open up the possibility of treating the brain like it’s injured and trying to repair it.

Jorge Moll’s vision for the future is to combine technology with brain science to improve life for all people. One application of this morality study may be to help people understand that people who seem far away need help as much, maybe more, than people in close proximity to us. Convincing the brain to offer the same reward for helping people you cannot see would greatly improve life around the globe. The applications for Moll’s research are still being explored, but will certainly have far-reaching impacts.


David Giertz Highlights the Importance of social security talk

There has been a concern recently about advisors failing to talk to their clients about social security. Dave Giertz addressed this issue in an interview with a journalist from The Wall Street Journal newspaper. The interviewer was Veronica Dagher who is a columnist for WSJ’s Wealth Advisor section. According to the interviewer, the issue of advisors failing to advise their clients about social security had grown rampant in the country. Mr. David Giertz who is the president of Nationwide Financial distributors affirmed to this issue saying that indeed most advisors are skipping this bit when educating their clients.

Mr. Giertz assertions were supported by the findings of a survey that was conducted by Nationwide Financial Distributors. From the study, it was found out that most of those interviewed were not informed about social security by their advisors. The survey was conducted on retired people and those who were ten years close to retirement. Mr. Giertz also said that four out of five interviewees were willing to change advisors if they found an advisor who would talk to them about social security. He cited that many advisors are probably not talking about the critical issue due to its complexity. He called upon advisors to change their tact and talk more about social security. Mr. Giertz pointed out that many people were willing to ditch their current advisors for new ones who talk about this issue confidently.

David Luther Giertz works for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation as a financial advisor. He is based in Dublin, Ohio. He has worked in this field for over 31 years, and this has enabled him to amass massive experience. Nationwide investment Services Corporation is a company that deals with a wide array of affairs that include buying and selling of securities.

Mr. Giertz is a broker, and he is registered with a financial regulatory body called Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). A broker is an individual who works for a brokerage institution. Such institutions trade in many things that include securities, bonds, and mutual funds. A brokerage institution must also be registered with FINRA. The agency operates as a dealer or buys and sells stock on behalf of other clients.