Chris Linkas: Focusing the Highlights of Being in the Financial Sector

Chris Linkas is a managing director working for a company in London UK & NY. He stated that working in the financial sector helped him to develop unique abilities in dealing challenges in managing finances. He found his way to the financial industry back in April 2003, and he recalled how he loved the challenges presented to him, contributing to his decision to stay with the industry until the present day (Observer). He also managed to hone his skill in managing finances by joining companies and organizations which he thought would bring great changes to his career. The financial world has been his home for more than a decade, and he is looking forward to experiencing new challenges that he will be facing in the coming years as he is now promoted in a higher position.

When he was still working as the European Head of Credit for the company in November 2012, he recalled how he is struggling in managing 20 people who are assigned to work in different departments. He should end the day ensuring their clients from the European Union that their principal investments are safe and are managed rightfully. He managed to get enough experiences from working in the position, and he used it as his edge in looking for another job. Chris Linkas knows that the secret to success in the financial sector is the same with other industries – hard work and confidence. He also emphasized the importance of knowledge when working with the financial sector, and he also stated that an individual should be able to understand how the market for the financial sector works. Without this fundamental knowledge, they would fail in the financial sector.

His executives have praised Chris Linkas because of his extensive knowledge of how the industry works. He is now sharing this information with other people through speaking with them, and he is also writing articles about how his experiences shaped him to become a better person. Chris Linkas stated that people should always consider if they decided to leave their present career for the financial sector because it would never be that easy in the beginning.



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