How Susan McGalla Shown That Gender Diversity is Good for Business

One thing that has been revealed is that gender diverse companies are very likely to outperform businesses that are not gender diverse. One reason behind this is that gender diverse companies are more likely to have an open mind about things. For one thing, they get insight from people from a more varied viewpoint. When a business looks at things from the point of view of women, they are more likely to attract more female customers as opposed to the male centered businesses. Also, businesses with women leaders are more likely to attract women as well as men in certain industries.

One example of a leader that is a woman is Susan McGalla. She has shown an example of great leadership in the fashion industry. She has worked on the marketing and leadership of the companies that she has worked for. She has helped companies grow and reach out to other customers that were largely ignored. American Eagle Outfitters is an example of a company that only catered to men. When Susan McGalla joined the company, she has thought about the many different ways that she can cause the company to grow. Afterwards, she has implemented these ideas so that people can experience the benefits of this growth.

Susan McGalla has gone on to run a few more companies and even start her own business selling clothes for the Pittsburgh Steelers. One thing that makes her a very effective leader is that she is very passionate about what she is doing. She is also someone who has a clear vision of her goals. Therefore, she knows where she is going. This gives others the confidence to follow her on her journey. She is also willing to share her journey and give other women the confidence they need to move forward with their own goals.

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