The Great Success of Doctor Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman has resided in Chicago, Illinois for a large period of time. He was not born here, he actually grew up as a farm boy. Despite that he has had positive effects on his patients lives, and touched many people throughout the Chicago area. Mark Holterman currently is a teacher at the University of Illinois College and is pediatric surgeon at a children’s hospital. Dr. Holterman is very successful as keeping his companies and others on budget, that way if people have unpaid bills it will no make the company suffer. Dr. Mark Holterman takes great interest in the International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the children of Vietnam. Doctors can contribute their services for free to help the people in need, whether its surgeons or specialist people can contribute in any way. With good healthcare being scarce in parts of the country IPSAC_VN is working hard to make high quality medical facilities to help.

Mark Holterman started working on his dreams in 1976, in this year he attended Yale University. Mark was able to obtain his Bachelors of Arts in 1980. From the years of 1980 – 1988 he was a student at the University of Virginia, the he got a MD-PHD in Medicine and Immunology. Through Marks successful life he found love and married . Ai-Xuan Holterman. She later became a doctor also, she found inspiration in Marks passion and presuded it herself, they now how three children of their own.

Over the years of Doctor Mark Holterman’s life he has been so successful in achieving his goals. Mark has received the Patient’s Choice Award three times already, his passion for children is so strong he will always care for his patients (Gazetteday). In addition Mark Holterman was also awarded the Americas Top Doctor award between the years 2008 – 2017, and Innovative Research Award. Mark Holterman has countless awards for his work that he does with children in need. In 2012 Mark founded Mariam Global Health, this company is still present today and Mark is the CEO. Starting of the new years right in 2018 Mark founded another company called The Mariam Life.

Mark Holterman loves children and is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed, he has great experience and family support. For years to come Mark Holterman will be touching lives of people in need.


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