The War to End Citizens United

     Since the landmark 2010 Supreme Court case Citizens United versus F.E.C. in which corporations, unions, and other special organizations the same rights guaranteed from the first amendment as regular citizens, political financing has become a game of the highest bidder. Through untracked and unlimited Political Action Committees large companies and the people who benefit from them can dish out unlimited funds straight into the coffers of any politician willing to take it. The advantage the rich have from this blow to what democracy is supposed to mean in the United States.

Gladly an organization like End Citizens United exists. They are a grassroots PAC formed in 2015 to fight the unbridled influence this money has on Washington. With Tiffany Muller at the helm, they are close to getting to their goal of raising $35 million for candidates running for office in 2018. By rejecting big money donations, End Citizens United has an average donation amount of only $14! These donations come from average Americans who are interested in taking money out of politics and making the issues about the people again.

End Citizens United has made a “Big Money 20” list of congressmen who are known to advance the goals of special interests groups over regular citizens. These special interests are well known and represent tobacco, Wall Street, oil, big pharma, and others who will give to any congressman they can to get influence and increase bottom lines. They are why we need common sense campaign finance reform in the United States.

One of the most known on the Big Money 20 is Ted Cruz. In terms of picking big money donors over voters, Cruz is at the top of the pile. He has consistently been in favor of big money in government whether it is voting to strike down common-sense campaign finance reform, accepting money from about 10 different super PACs during his presidential campaign, or vying to cut taxes for the wealthy, Cruz thinks that “money absolutely can be speech” in political matters.

In the fight against flagrant special interest pandering, End Citizens United has tapped Beto O’Rourke for a Senate seat. Beto is a lifelong Texan who began representing Texas’ 16th district in 2012. In the 2016 elections, Beto is on a very short list of House members to will not take PAC donation money. He supports common-sense campaign finance reform and wants to overturn the Citizens United decision.

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