Lime Crime Does London And Brings Fabulous Makeup To Feelunique Pop Up Shop

The beauty of Lime Crime makeup is in the constant surprises. In other words, this cosmetics brand thinks outside the box, and it has served the label well.


Let’s be honest; women (and men, too) have almost endless options when it comes to purchasing makeup. Some brands are traditional and basic, but Doe Deere made sure that her company would be anything but “normal.” In fact, the makeup is rebellious and proud of it.


The CEO and founder of Lime Crime has created a contemporary e-commerce brand that has quickly built up a global presence and branched out into popular retail stores. One of these bright spots is now located in the United Kingdom.


The launching of the Feelunique x Lime Crime Pop Up Shop in London has been a long time to come, and makeup addicted fans are thrilled. You can’t help but be blinded by the vibrancy of the makeup and its fantasy touches of glitter, crystals and iridescence. Doe Deere sat down with the U.K.’s Stylist to talk about the venture.


When Lime Crime debuted in 2008, the major cosmetics labels wouldn’t touch the makeup Doe Deere was launching. It was bad a**, sensual and very modern. One of the standouts is Lime Crime’s Venus Palette and its sexy sequels. The grunge eyeshadow compacts have become much-coveted because they sell out so rapidly.


Now, Feelunique fans can see what all the beautiful buzz is about in the Venus Palette, with the newest one being the Venus III. This time, Doe Deere was inspired by the shade of purple and its significance in modern fashion and hair color. Even the Pantone Color Institute has released their own purple haze in ultraviolet.


The Venus Palette comes housed in a very pretty box with a cute compact mirror inside and eight sinfully rich shadow pans. The outside of the box features the iconic Botticelli painting of “The Birth of Venus.”


The Venus III is luscious in lavenders, violets, pinks and some elegant earthy browns.


There is also the original Venus, Venus II and the Venus XL (18 shadows).


When it comes to lipsticks, Brits are enjoying the amazing liquid/matte formulations of Lime Crime in some of the most unusual colors in the universe. Loud and proud, these gorgeous lipstick colors last and last and never dry out your pout.


The Lime Crime Velvetines Metallics dry to a glamorous liquid metallic finish, and the Hi-Lites are triple highlighter compacts that are exquisite in creating knock-out cheekbones.


Doe Deere also added Unicorn Hair tints to her brand because young people enjoying switching up their manes and playing with some wild tones. The CEO and founder practices what she preaches and likes dyeing her long locks in shades of purple, red or blue.


Lime Crime is an independent company based in Los Angeles and is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand.


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Sujit’s Choudhry’s chapter in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis.

Sujit Choudhry is famous globally as a result of his vast knowledge on the political and constitutional worlds. He is a professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions (

Sujit also functions as a constitutional advisor where he facilitates public political or civil dialogues. Foreign dignitaries have benefitted from him as their advisors. Examples of the countries the dignitaries come from include Sri Lanka, Yemen, Ukraine, Egypt, Jordan and Libya and several others. He has also worked as a consultant for the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program.

Analyzing A Tweet:  From a Legal Point of View

Sujit has made publications of over ninety pieces. He is also an author of politically based books mainly based on various the constitution structure. He recently publicized a book chapter in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? Book. In this chapter he, he is analyzing a December 2017 tweet by Eric Holder (former AG under Obama’s leadership) where Holder mentions that termination of the Special Counsellor of White House, Robert Mueller, is a “red line” which if crossed, a peaceful demonstration will be conducted in response.

In his chapter, Choudhry says that Holder’s outcall to his followers for action is based either on the concept of crossing the constitutional demarcations of U.S. democracy or a determination of the people on whether power has been wrongly abused. According to Choudhry’s text, Holder indicates that the people’s reaction will determine the outcome of the issue resolution.

Sujit Choudhry holds a sense of surprise that Holder takes the case to the people instead of the courts since Holder knows that a court cannot warrant the wrong behavior of a public authority in connection to constitutional rules as such. So he takes it out to the public. Choudhry writes that Holder’s tweet is an expression of the failure of democracy.

He also indicates that another area democracy has failed in the two-term presidential limit across the world. If a president used his power to lengthen his stay, it would send his opponents to mobilize citizens in the streets for demonstration. Sujit Choudhry lists several other points expressing why he feels constitutional democracy has failed.

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Things You Need to Know about Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest was born in December 24, 1974, Atlanta, Georgia, the U.S. He has always entertained his fans through the various radio, and TV shows that he holds and his expertise in conducting the shows has seen him gain a great reputation. Ryan is known for his popular show The American Idol, through which he has mentored many individuals with a passion towards singing. Though FOX canceled the show, Ryan has always strived to keep his fans engaged through the insights he offers them in his various shows. Of recently announced the return of the American Idol show hosted by the renowned fashion expert and radio guru Ryan Seacrest.

Throughout his entire career, Ryan has shown a great dedication towards achieving success in his work, and as a result, he has been amended by many people. Ryan is a hard worker, and his ability to relate well to his clients has seen him acquire fame and success in his entire career. Additionally, he has shown a great ability to multitask through the many shows that he handles both on TV and radio.

According to Forbes, Ryan`s dedication towards his career has seen him acquire a chance to interview and meet prestigious individuals in the United States, through which he has shared development ideas to help his clients gain insight on various niches like fashion, business, among others. Additionally, Ryan has showcased a great ability to solve problems, and his approaches towards people`s problems has attracted a vast number of individuals.

Seacrest has always had a passion towards the entertainment industry, and he started his career in the field at a young age, while he was still in high school. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in entertainment at Los Angeles University. Ryan Seacrest later served as the host of ESPN`s sports show, the Game Show, which officially marked the beginning of his career in the entertainment industry. He has worked in a vast number of tv`s and radios across the United States, and through this, he has gained a lot of skills in his field of specialization. He is also an inspiration to many people, particularly those passionate about the entertainment industry. (Source: Facebook)

The official contact information for On Air with Ryan Seacrest is here:


Stability of any country is tied to the fact that nations ought to be governed by rule law. The rule of law in any country is in its constitution which is the symbol of national unity. With national unity that we all want to subscribe to, there is a guarantee of peace. The effects could destabilize the order of any country. Citizens taking the law into their hands implies that there is a complete breakdown of the set rules.

Countries do prosper where is the rule of law. If the opposite is the order of the day then economies do shrink, and this then leads to an increase in the cost of living meaning the citizens do suffer as they cannot meet the cost of living, governments cannot generate revenue. The implication of all this is lack of amenities such as education and health.

A Most Respected Lawyer and Educator

Sujit Choudhry’s is a well-known professor of law world over. Currently, Sujit Choudhry is a law professor at Michael Heyman University in California ( He is the Berkeley &founding director of the center for politics & comparative constitutional law thus it has a high standing in matters concerned constitutional democracies around the globe.

Sujit Choudhry’s does believe in constitutional democracy. The opposite of this is on the rise leading to the break of justices. Due to this-this has seen Sujit Choudhry’s has seen him travel were democracies have broken down the globe. The countries that the Professor has advised do include Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa that have been threatened by the breakdown of democracies.

To read more about Sujit’s advisory work, visit

World leaders have been on the rise to disregard the constitution to overstay in power, the opposite of what the law provides for and thus making people rise against such leaders.

Strong constitutional order countries have managed to move from highly contested election leading to violent conflict into a peaceful democratic politics. According to the professor’s argument, another issue that got his interest is the firing of Robert Mueller highlighted in a tweet by former US Attorney General, Eric Holder. He proceeds to commentate that the peaceful demonstrations could be the way American people ought to rise and speak for themselves.  For more of his published works, click

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Sujit Choudhry: Towards Constitution-based Conflict Resolution

The current global political landscape especially in the United States is marked by intriguing events that are increasingly undermining constitutional democracy as the primary foundation of governance. Ethnic divisions, authoritarianism and transitional injustice are some of the issues that continue to threaten the constitutional democracies. While writing a constitutional commentary on the recent political intrigues in the United States and abroad, Sujit Choudhry, a law scholar and a specialist in comparative law and constitution-based conflict resolution, points that constitutional democracy in the country has been corroded over the past few years. In the commentary in a book that is yet to be published, Choudhry also argues that the presidency an institution of power has increasingly become autocratic (

While commenting on a tweet by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on the interference and possible termination of special counsel Robert Mueller’s mandate by the White House, Sujit Choudhry believes such actions would have crossed the imaginary yet symbolic red line of American democracy. He points out that Holder’s call to Americans to act if Mueller’s duties are tampered with points to the constitutional self-enforcement that do not legal redress. Other examples of crossing of the red line and democratic failures that may call for mass action include subtle or direct violation of presidential term limits, electoral fraud and coup d’états. Sujit also argues that the recent travel bans announced by President Donald Trump are also examples of these failures. However, his commentary that focuses on the evolution of constitutional democracy is not confined to the U.S. He also highlights how it has been eroded in Poland by the current government through subtly constitutional housekeeping tactics with short and long term implications.

A Renowned Comparative Law Specialist and Scholar

Sujit Choudhry’s insight on constitutional issues stem from a wealth of experience and strong academic background. His in-depth understanding of comparative law has seen him work for various global bodies such as the World Bank and the United Nations as an advisor and mediator ( He is also a researcher who has played a vital role in developing constitutions for various nations including Tunisia, Sri Lanka and Libya among others. He currently works at the Center for Constitutional Transitions.

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Aloha Construction Recognized for Ethical Business Practices

In 2017 a family general contracting and home-improvement business was awarded the torch award for ethical is in its practices by the Better Business Bureau. This is an award that is incredibly prestigious due to the strict standards that have been set by the independent panel of judges which select the companies with which to award it to. Every single year companies are nominated and driven through a selective screening process. In 2017 Aloha Construction, an Illinois construction company was awarded the torch award for ethics. There were a number of reasons that this decision was made including the contributions that have been made to the local community by Aloha Construction.

The torch award was first created in 1996 as part of an effort to better recognize companies that operated with incredible leadership and social responsibility. In particular, the companies who held incredibly high standards regarding their business practices in the ethics behind them have been favored by the award. Aloha Construction company is incredibly proud to have been given this prestigious award.

In order to qualify for the support, there are six areas that a company must meet specific criteria. The leadership staff of the company must demonstrate an incredible commitment to ethical business practices in both their life and the work of their company. The leaders that work for the company must also build a culture in the business that values the communication of ethical business practices. These leaders must also work to help create a strong sense of unity within their business around these convictions. There must also be a clear demonstrated organizational commitment to management practices that help to implement high competency as well as high character. Finally, there must also be an obvious commitment to the development of their community as an organization.

Aloha Construction has demonstrated all of these aspects. One of the many ways that Aloha Construction has been able to demonstrate these key characteristics is through their charitable community service works that they have launched in order to help their community. For a company that is owned by a family, they have an incredibly diverse number of community service projects.

William H. Saito Gives Start Up Businesses Crucial Advice

William H. Saito is a Japanese American businessman and Special Advisor of the Cabinet Office, while also having the position of Prime Minister for the Government of Japan. When it comes to cyber security, he is one of the most prestigious leaders in the world who is in the software programming field. Saito got his start all the way back when he was only a child, and later was able to become named Entrepreneur of the Year as a result from starting his own company as a teen going to Damien High School.

There are a number of national governments around the globe that receives advice from William H. Saito, which has led him to have the opportunity to release an autobiography having a positive impact on other up in coming entrepreneurs. In Japan, Saito has been highly recognized as being the top 100 people to have a positive influence on others, ultimately also leading to their success.


William H. Saito has been able to become very successful in venture capitalism, and has given some valuable insight regarding on how the financial turmoil has been affected start-ups. What need to understand is how to become open for change with the way everything is revolutionizing in today’s society. Start-ups taking advantage of innovative resources and technology is essential to taking a business to higher heights being just getting its new start.


With bigger companies taking a financial hit, there is space for start-ups to rely on how they can focus on a specific target of people. This day in age, is a desirable time to receive funding, when it other times it would be much more difficult to get a business up and running properly, with so many limited resources. In order to become a success as a start-up, entrepreneurs will have to learn the importance in taking risk.


Taking action and failing is just a step closer to learning from mistakes and getting your business right on track, so that personal experience will be gained in the process. When there is financial turmoil, start-ups can also take advantage of being open to other ideas from entrepreneurs who has already had the success that they are seeking.


How to Overcome Campaign Obstacles by NGP VAN

The obstacles to a successful campaign.

Fundraising campaigns give rise to vast amounts of information. Manually sorting out such information in the absence of the right tools is tedious and time-consuming. It could affect the overall results of the campaign.

The average spending of a winning candidate has also raised. According to the Federal Election Commission, the following are the estimates made on campaign expense:

Therefore, the value of operating a successful and organized campaign is not something to ignore if any candidate wants to win an election.

Campaign monitoring technology has risen to counter most problems that are faced by candidates while carrying out their campaigns in this era. The Democratic and Progressive campaign technology provider, NGP VAN, is software with digital solutions for campaigns. The software’s VAN, NGP, and Digital 8 campaign information can be efficiently processed and managed.

Fundraising via NGP VAN digital tools.

For fundraising purposes, NGP VAN collaborates with other entities such as email companies, the social media, phone text messages and small organized campaigns involving same groups of people. The software provides a platform where the fundraisers can come up with a suitable structure to raise donations from willing donors.

The technology has also been designed in a way to discourage people from having a mentality that encouraging donations to political causes is just a way for the fundraisers to raise charity funds. The people are encouraged that donating is an act of upholding their political interests rather than a philanthropic activity.

The features of the NGP VAN software include a place for campaign analysis, fundraising management, online payment strategy, volunteer management, donor targeting, contact management among others. The newly introduced features include strategies for engaging donors, custom call sheets and digitalized call time.

The recent NGP 8 technology that works with ActBlue pages allows fundraising activities to be carried out through a mobile phone at any time and from anywhere. The software also enables the fundraisers to manage the contributions safely.


Such digital campaign advances have raised a platform where fundraisers and donors can interact. It encourages consistent support for the donor to the fundraiser.

Voter Activation Network was founded in 2001. NGP VAN emerged after Voter Activation Network merged with NGP. The company has its headquarters in Washington, District of Columbia. It is also based in Somerville, Massachusetts. Over 200 employees work for the company.

Facts Vs. Opinion and How Igor Cornelsen Handles His Investments

There are many investors who fail to make a lot of money during their career. Then there are some that manage to succeed. While in many cases, the difference between a successful and a failed investor is that of persistence, there is one factor that Igor Cornelsen talks about when it comes to investing. He talks about how he approaches investing. This is in fact one of the largest contributing factors to his success. One thing that is certain is that it can take a while to get the hang of the markets that people choose to invest in.

One thing that Igor Cornelsen has said is that he depends on facts. One of the reasons that this is a great approach to investing is that people who use this approach have first hand information about what is happening in the market. When they have this information and know how to interpret it, they can make wise decisions on how to proceed with their money. People who use facts to determine whether or not they should invest are going to have an easier time making the right choices when it comes to investing. They will have fewer frustrations including watching their investments go to waste.

One thing that can go wrong for opinion investors is that they could miss out on a good opportunity. One of the factors that people need to consider when it comes to opinions is that a lot of people project when it comes to their feelings. People tend to project their beliefs, desires and methods when they are expressing their opinions. One thing that some investors tend to miss is that making investments is a risk in and of itself. Therefore, people have to be willing to take the necessary risks if they want to have the chance of improving their finances.

Opinions are not entirely useless when it comes to investing. Sometimes, people can use opinions in order to get examples. However, it is better for people to form their own opinions based on the facts that they gain from the reports on the market or any other investments they are going to make.

Find out more about Igor Cornelsen:

The Benefits Of Investing Young With 25 Year Financial World Veteran Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas is a 25 year financial world veteran who is apt at advising young people on how to make money over time with compound interest, and reinvesting profits to create even more interest. It all starts with investing early (Relationshipscience).

If your in the military, investing is as important as if you were a civilian. The earlier you start off the greater your returns will be. You will be able to buy things that those procrastinators won’t be able to. Your money will be working for you for longer which means a bigger account. Chris Linkas advises young people to start investing in the stock market when they are 20, even if there are financial issues like student debt.

When one learns the key lessons of restraint and comes up with the money to invest, life lessons are learned. You live a better quality of life when you spend your money wisely, and what could be wiser than investing in having abundance in your advanced years. Chris Linkas knows that young investors take the responsibility to make more money, so that their profits and their quality of life are higher.

Someone investing when they are 20 is going to lead to an exponentially bigger return than if they waited until they were 30 to invest. On top of that when you are younger you have the ability to go for higher risk, higher yielding investments that even if you don’t come out on top on, you will still have ample time to recuperate any losses. Linkas knows this as he is in charge of 20 people at his UK based credit company that he’s been in charge of since 2012.

By investing when your 20 instead of 30 your pulling ahead of the crowd. You will have exponentially more money than those who started only 10 years later. This is the power of compound interest. You’ll be able to buy things that those other people will only be able to dream of having if they won the lottery, and let’s face it, they most likely won’t win the lottery.