The Dangers Facing Constitutional Democracies According To Professor Sujit Choudhry

While it might seem as if societies that operate under true democratic law are bound to be stable forever, there are problems with such systems that experts like Professor Sujit Choudhry have to consider all the time. Professor Choudhry is one of the most notable professionals in the field, and he has spent the vast majority of his life focused on politics and constitutional law. In one of the newest pieces of published content from the professor, he claims that constitutional democracies are on the verge of a crisis that could be catastrophic.

The Domino Effect of  the Issue to the Political Arena

The entire argument that Choudhry makes is quite profound, and it makes perfect sense. He starts by talking about how President Trump might fire Robert Mueller, the lead investigator on the Russia meddling case. It would be clear to many experts that if Trump were to do that, he would be making a grave error from a constitutional standpoint. It would be an action that crosses a red line, much like if a president sought to abolish term limits while in office.

To show examples of how a democratic society can be whittled down from the inside, Choudhry illustrates the situation in Poland ( Just a few years ago, the Polish government was essentially infiltrated by a radical right-wing group that was voted into a controlling position in the nation’s legislature. This put them in the perfect position to change the constitution so that it wouldn’t put up any obstacles to their continued rule of the nation.

What this essentially means is that a constitutional democracy can only be successful as long as those red lines are never actually crossed by those in power, or for as long as there are those in the society who will prevent those in power from getting away with crossing those lines if and when they do.

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Choudhry concludes by noting that democracy itself is now, ironically, the most powerful tool against democracy. So many people agree with one form of democracy or another that installing another form of government is nearly accepted by society as long as the legality of the situation follows protocol.

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