The New Retirement: HCR Wealth Advisors Helps to Prepare Clients for Life After Retirement

In the past when people retired, they stopped working and lived a casual life. Retirees typically saved up enough money to last at least 20 years into their retirement. In the past, many retirees passed away before their money ran out. Fast forward to today and the condition of retirement is not the same.

When people retire today, they typically do so between the ages of 40 to 60. Once in retirement, they live for at least another 30 to 40 years. In some cases, they live longer. The fact is that health care practices and medicine are allowing people to live a longer life. Modern-day retirees must plan how they are going to spend their retirement days.

The fact is that a person is going to have to make sure they have enough money set aside for retirement. Individuals must also figure out what they are going to do with their lives during their retirement years. One of the most difficult aspects of retirement has to do with time. Retirees generally have a great deal of time on their hand. If they’re not careful, they can end up developing bad habits because of boredom or a lack of activities to occupy them.

If retirement is not planned and managed well, retirees can develop drug and alcohol problems and they can also become depressed. They can even start doing risky things just to make life interesting again. Individuals must plan ahead and figure out what they are going to do with themselves once they’re done with their careers and retire.

HCR Wealth Advisors can develop a strategy to help clients reach their financial goals before and during their retirement years. The registered investment advisory firm was founded in 1988. The firm can help retirees effectively plan for their retirement years. HCR Wealth Advisor’s “New Retirement” program doesn’t just focus on the financial aspect of retirement but also the mental and physical health impacts.

According to, Clients are also given advice about how they are going to live their new lifestyle. HCR Wealth Advisors reminds their clients that they are not retiring from something but to something. Having this type of perspective usually helps retirees to transition into a new lifestyle that is rewarding and meaningful.

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William Saito in Cyber-security and history as a Technology Enthusiast

William Saito is a Japanese-American entrepreneur. He’s also the former political and strategic advisor and expert in cybersecurity. He started programming at a very young age. At, ten years old, he then got an internship in programming at Merrill Lynch. He would later start his own software company in 1991, while still in college, I/O Software, a company that would later go on to become a very well recognized both in Japan and across the world. They even partnered with Sony to develop authentication tools including fingerprint recognition infrastructure. He, however, later partnered with Microsoft in 2000 after being named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur in 1998. Microsoft would go on and acquire the I/O Software, Inc. in 2004 when it bought all its assets.


IBM created a microcomputer in the early 80s which would later be the computer that Saito’s parents bought for him after taking a second mortgage. William Saito would later take it apart and reassemble it which gave him his insatiable curiosity of knowing what is inside a computer and the software. While living in his dorm, in California University, Saito translated software to Japanese for Japanese companies. He worked with Datastorm Technologies, the company behind the shareware technology ProComm on many levels before NEC, a Japanese company heard about him and asked him to create software that was simpler than ProComm for the computers.


He moved to Japan to become a venture capitalist by investing in startup businesses earning him a Young Global Leader in 2011, at the World Economic Forum. William Saito provided IT and technical support after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. He worked as a cybersecurity advisor between 2013 and 2017 to the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry from 2016 to 2017. Other places Saito has ventured in include, Japan Airlines, 2020 summer Olympics and Paralympics, JAL, The Japanese Times and Hakuhodo among others.


William Saito resigned from most of the positions he held in 2017 after Ichiro Yamamoto claimed that Saito had falsified his educational background and cybersecurity work experience. He later said that he didn’t graduate from UCLA with a medical degree and he also clarified his role in the Fukushima disaster. He was also accused of purchasing ghost followers on twitter from Devumi. He denied this claims and deleted his account.

Jed McCaleb On Building A Blockchain Business

Jed McCaleb is a computer software company founder residing in the San Fransico Bay area. When he branched out on his own and created his own company, he knew he wanted to help solve some issues in the financial industry. He wanted to delete the barriers that some people face economically simply because of lack of financial understanding.

Jed McCaleb is not new to the world of blockchain technology. He has previous experience of working on blockchain projects. His experience had led him to creating his own blockchain technology company for the financial industry, Stellar. His interest started for blockchain technology when bitcoin first came on the scene. A few years later after working on a host of projects that dealt with digital currency, he saw a problem that needed to be fixed and decided to create the business concept that is today the Stellar Development Foundation to oversee the Stellar protocol.

Today, the Stellar protocol is an internet based protocol for handling payments. The founder’s goal for the protocol is to connect all financial institutions and payment gateways together. To better understand what is he trying to do a similar comparison is to the way email works is how he wants Stellar to work for people.

According to Jed, from the beginning Stellar was built as a non-profit. Jed McCaleb purposefully built his company like this to establish trust amongst the public. He wanted the public to use the Stellar protocol as an open source project. He learned from his last project how important it was to establish trust amongst users.

As mentioned by Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn, the non profit has plans to partner with the big brand name banks. However, becoming apart of the private blockchain economy is not a goal for Stellar. The Stellar co-founder believes as blockchain technology advances, the private chains will become outdated. The non profit does have plans of have governments can benefit from working with Stellar’s blockchain technology. The technology will allow governments to use their currency with other country’s currencies in a more efficient way. With goals like this, it is promised that Stellar will become a household name in cryptocurrency.

Here’s how blockchain will change bank according to Jed:

NGP VAN: Leading Technology Provider

NGP VAN began operating in 1997 as the Voter Activation Network. It is the leading provider of technology for progressive and democratic organizations and campaigns. They provide clients with a platform that integrates the best social networking, fundraising, organizing and compliance products.


Overtime, the political organizing process has evolved from labour intensive to technology based. Consequently, big data has become more popular in connecting campaigns to voters likely to support a candidate. This voter model allows the democrats to be able to identify their likely voters and ultimately find ways for the voters to turn up and vote on Election Day.


NGP VAN is a pioneer in the sophisticated voter engagement field has constantly proven that observed data about voters, can be very powerful information during a political campaign and their tools can help the candidate with better contact with voters and better target voters.


One of the products of NGP VAN includes collecting campaign data that can be shown on NGP VAN tools so that staff and campaign organizers can analyze the data to determine if the campaign progress is as expected.


Another product involves fundraising which must happen in a way that allows donors to easily and quickly give their donations by use of a computerized platform. This platform helps keep track of all donations and donors while also providing a way of filing the donations with the Federal Election Commission.


Their final product involves canvassing which is no longer manual. The NGP VAN has come up with a distributed canvassing tool known as MiniVAN. This app has saved organizers lots of time and has enabled volunteers to engage easier in the door to door canvassing.


As time passes, technology changes and NGP VAN help Democrats running for office maximize use of all the available mobile tools and the web for a successful campaign. The firm gives democrats an advantage by using strategies powered and driven by data and technology.


NGP VAN also takes into considerations the appearance of new technologies, and they take time to expend resources to stay up to date. Some of the campaigns that NGP VAN was involved are Barack Obama’s run for president both in 2008 and in 2012.


NGP VAN encourages that future campaigns must seek to make use of cutting edge technologies in such a way that can establish a unique relationship with the voters. They emphasize that in this day and age, ignorance of web and digital platforms that enable voter mobilization will lead to losing a campaign.

Sightsavers & The Ugandan Government: A Winning Solution For Better Eyesight

Uganda is just one of Africa’s great nations. The people are friendly and the environment is one of a kind, but the Ugandan people tend to suffer with numerous eye issues. It has been known for years that this particular region is limited when it comes to proper healthcare. Thanks to philanthropic organizations like Sightsavers, the people of Uganda can start receiving much better healthcare, especially when it comes to vision. Sighsavers has been around for many decades, and it has been working exclusively in Uganda since 1954. The organization provides a myriad of tests, screenings and procedures for people who suffer with eye complications. For 2018, this organization has partnered with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust as well as UK Aid for offering top-of-the-line services.


“This collaboration has provided an opportunity to reach the people who need immediate eye care,” said Johnson Ngorok, the Ugandan Country Director. This specific program is looking to take care of the needs for the people who are 65 years of age or older. Cataracts, trachoma and other eye-related issues are all being handled accordingly. Since most of these individuals receive some form of a pension, they’ll be able to receive free eye examinations via this program. Thousands of people have benefited from the eye procedures and many of the individuals have undergone surgery. This is a win-win solution for all of the parties that are involved. Reducing poverty is another goal and this extraordinary program will offer a social pension to Uganda’s poorest regions.


Sightsavers has always pushed the envelope to some degree and in most cases, it has paid-off dearly. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more progressive-thinking organization than this. Sightsavers has definitely and is certainly doing its job to better mankind and that notion speaks volumes.

NewsWatch TV Review

Newswatch TV Series and website is a very interesting technology based content news site. It is up to date with the latest technological inventions, as well as, bookmark worthy topics that relate to everyday people that web browse. Reports Newswatch receives from co working companies are always positive, and light, sharing some of the coolest new gadgets that the general public most likely have yet to become acquainted to.

Gadgets include the new Contour keyboard which uses a roller bar as a mouse to keep the focused centralized; a balanced keyboard that goes well with the roller mouse; it is wireless and doesn’t require an on and off switch so it is ahead of the standard keyboards that are widely used throughout the world; lastly the have the same angle adjustment to add comfort in the user’s desired position.

Newswatch as a whole is informative, with the times, and knowledge in terms of technological advancements, and app features plus the use of them to get the best out of an app such as bitcoin. Newswatch share other interesting posts on new routers that make browsing the web a lot more efficient, and almost lightning fast.

In an article that share about the new Turris MOX, it shares, “Turris MOX is the first modular router that allows you to build it according to your exact use and expectations.” The awesome level is high on this new edition of the router in that you are able to adjust it to the expectations of your use. All in all, Newswatch shares the new inventions which came from ideas and creations that we only could imagine before.

Sujit Choudhry Is Troubled By A Tweet Sent Out By Eric Holder

Sujit Choudhry is a globally-known scholar who has studied everything there is to know about comparative constitutional politics and law. Some of his studies have included how to use constitutional design as a way of managing the changes that take place while a country or region is transitioning from chaos and violence to democratic politics that focus more on peace. As an author, he has studied and written quite a bit on the constitutional laws in Canada, and one of his most recent book chapters that he wrote focused on an interesting Tweet sent out by Eric Holder who was the Attorney General during the time that Obama was president (

The Tweet in question referred to a red line that should be drawn if White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller was tampered with or terminated. He called for support of either one of these and called for people to hold large peaceful gatherings that demonstrated support of these. The problem with this, according to Sujit Choudhry, is that instead of relying on the rule of law, Holder is suggesting that the reaction of the people is enough to determine what takes place or not.

This is most definitely an issue, and Sujit Choudhry has been clear about the reasons why. First off, Holder never revealed any kind of legal recourse that might be taken if Mueller was ejected from his position. This is how Autocracies work, unfortunately, so Choudhry is concerned for good reason when he hears or sees this kind of talk. In the past, Political parties or leaders, themselves, have maintained and held onto their power much longer than they were meant to by twisting and using current events to justify it. This has occurred all over the world in, both, modern times and days of old and is a dangerous path to walk down for any constitutional, law abiding country. Check for more of his published works.

Sujit Choudhry has been working as a constitutional advisor for more than twenty years ( and is a renowned expert for his ability to bring governments, civic society groups, and stakeholders together to discuss the details of the rule of law.

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