Jim Toner – Financial Freedom Secrets

Entrepreneur and real estate investor Jim Toner has learned much in 27 years in business. Here are some secrets he learned that will put you on the road to financial freedom.

Your #1 Weapon – Positive Attitude

Learn to see wealth opportunities in any situation. Capitalize where there’s value to be had.

Surround Yourself with Masterminds

History’s most successful entrepreneurs surrounded themselves with brilliant people to utilize their knowledge.

Good Health = Good Business

The more fit your mind, body and spirit are, the more successful you’ll be.

Quit Your Job

Work on eventually working for yourself. Working for others means less control over your circumstances, especially since the stable employment of the past is now virtually non-existent.

Be Honest, But Don’t Quit

Look over your past actions in terms of wealth building. Admit where you’ve made mistakes, but don’t quit. Many fail repeatedly before achieving success.

Learn Sales Basics

Whether you know it or not, whenever you communicate you’re selling. Learn the basics of sales and practice these skills often.

Act Fully In The Present

There’s no time like now. Act instead of over-analyzing opportunities. But don’t show up half-way; whatever you do, put your full self into it.

Manage Time Wisely

Entrepreneurs often operate in chaos. Establish daily routines to help manage your time effectively.

Give Money Away With Integrity

Giving away money earned with integrity creates a sense of wealth that attracts more wealth. If you earn money in any shady way, you’ll feel it subconsciously and it will affect your business.

Have Goals & Believe in Yourself

You must have clear goals to know where you’re going. Write down your goals, dream big and believe in yourself. If you don’t believe success is attainable, you’ll never be successful.

The Biggest Secret – There Are No Secrets

These “secrets” really are not secrets, but fundamentals for success. Toner has used these fundamentals to help thousands create wealth. They can help you too. For more advice from Toner, read 20 Insider Secrets for Building Wealth, and connect with Jim on Facebook and Pinterest for more tips!

Jed McCaleb: Championing Single Payment System

Currently, every country has its payment system with different currencies that only apply within the boundaries of a specific state. The controlled system makes it hard for people to transact business whereby they have to change the money before negotiating. The process of changing currencies is tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes leads to loss of monetary value due to the difference in strength of the currency between countries. Jed McCaleb is looking forward to finding a solution to this problem by implementing a system of payment that will be applicable across the world.

According to Coin Telegraph, Stellar is a technology that has similar characteristics with Ripple where the two techniques use Blockchain mechanism to enable payments across the world. The international payment method will use the digital token to accomplish its purpose. Jed McCaleb is so confident that future transactions will heavily rely on Blockchain technology where the world will transact with a single currency. Speculators will be in a position of buying stocks and other assets using this technology in different companies.

It appears that large multinational financial institutions believe that both Ripple and Stellar systems of payments will change the order of payment around the world. They have been investing their resources in readiness for full commercialization of these technologies. The entry of other players creates a perception that entrepreneurs believe in the new technology. The entry of South Korea’s Woon Bank as a financier is a clear indication that international payment model is a reality in waiting.

It also seems that McCaleb’s predictions, changing the way shares and fundraising, will come to pass. The creator of Mt. Gox and Stellar CTO has proven consistent and reliable in the technological field. He is not to be ignored, owing to his knowledge and skills in cryptocurrency. Jed predicts that the next ten years will be the determining factor of blockchain technology where the world is expected to use one mode of payment to conduct transactions. However, the technology will need to formulate and implement strategies that will filter out fraudsters who have been invading the area to rob investors their money. Admittedly, this technology will be a game changer in one of the most regulated industries around the world.

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Hussain Sajwani Explains How His Success Started As A Child

Hussain Sajwani grew up in a small town in Dubai. His family came from a background of hard workers, and that is exactly what Hussain was taught to be from the time he could walk.

In a recent interview, Hussain Sajwani talked about his childhood and how his childhood made him the man he is today. According to Sajwani, as a child, he helped with the family business as much as he could, which was every day after school and every weekend. Though Sajwani went to college in the United States, when he visited home, he made every effort to help the business.

After graduating from college with an engineering degree, Hussain Sajwani landed a great job. However, he had a passion to start his own business, and he believed this was from the principles that were instilled in him as a child, which were to work for yourself if it is possible. Hussain then decided to resign from his position and start his own catering company.

According to awaan.ae, Hussain Sajwani had a rough started because he did not know how much capital he really needed to start his business. However, he was able to sell several condominium apartments, and this was great startup money for the Hussain’s company. Sajwani hired several assistants, put construction plans together, and got to work without wasting any time.

Today, Hussain has a catering headquarters in the United States, the Middle East, and in several other places around the world. On a daily basis, Hussain’s catering company sells approximately 5,000 meals at each location. This is due to the fact that Hussain Sajwani’s catering company hosts parties for important political people, star athletes, and many more. Sajwani also does many charity parties for fundraisers and for great causes. He tries to give back to the community on a daily basis.

Reference: https://www.eremnews.com/news/arab-world/gcc/906780

How Francisco Domenech Became A Prominent In Puerto Rican Politics

Francisco Domenech is a Puerto Rican who has been involved in government affairs for many years. He is the managing partner of Politank which is a bipartisan government affairs law firm headquartered in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. His firm’s goal is to help their clients navigate challenges when it comes to public policy and help them discover opportunities when a public policy affects their business.

Before arriving at Politank Francisco Domenech was Director of the Office of Legislative Services from 2005 to 2008 in the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly. During this time he made the staff more efficient by reducing it to 130 employees while at the same time expanding the Legislative Library so that blind and physically handicapped people could make use of it. He also provided his opinion on more than 800 pieces of legislation during his time in this position.

He is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a law degree earned at their School of Law. He earned his bachelors in 1999 and his law degree in 2003. During the 1999-2000 academic year he showed early leadership potential when he served as the President of the General Student Body Council. When he was studying for his law degree Francisco Domenech he participated in both 2002 and 2003 in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition’s international rounds where he finished in the top 15%. Learn more about Francisco Domenech at Caribbean Business.

From 2007 to 2012 he was a member of the Democratic National Committee. He served during this time as a representative of the Young Democrats of America. He has now been a Puerto Rican delegate sent to the last four Democratic National Conventions. He served as Hillary Clinton’s Puerto Rican Deputy Campaign Manager in 2008 and did so again in her 2016 presidential run.

Francisco Domenech is also a philanthropist. Among the nonprofits he has supported are the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, Museo de Arte de Ponce, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, and the Clinton Foundation among others. Over the years he has made supporting Hispanic people one of his charitable focuses.Learn more:https://about.me/franciscodomenech


How Sujit Choudhry Embraces Constitutional Matters with Vigilance

You may have heard about the Center for Constitutional Transactions and the major roles it has played. Although many people have termed the Center for Constitutional Transactions an excellent organization, it’s good to know Sujit Choudhry has been the force behind the great name it has achieved. He has been the Director of this organization, and he has done a lot to make it popular and trustworthy, go to (Constitutionaltransitions.org). At California University, Sujit has served as a Dean. He previously worked at Toronto University as a Scholl Chair and New York University as a Law Professor. When talking about politics and legal law, Sujit is a recognized authority.

In any process on constitution building, it is not always easy to merge comprehensive legal experience with an extensive research agenda. However, Sujit finds it an easy task since he has been in the legal field for many years. Some of the countries that have invited him to offer legal expertise on political and constitutional affairs include Tunisia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Nepal, and South Africa. He has spent over 20 years in the legal field offering constitutional advice. He understands the major causes of political violence and ceasefires, and how to resolve them.

He has for many years facilitated dialogue sessions publicly with constitution stakeholders and civil society groups. Sujit has also been vocal in drafting legal memoranda and technical reports, engaging parliamentarians and party leaders, and training the bureaucrats and civil servants. He understands how political unrest and comparative constitutional law problems hurt the economy of any country, see more here on releasefact.com. For this reason, he always devises an effective constitutional tool to resolve political conflicts, and pave the way for politics that embrace peaceful democracy. Sujit Choudhry has helped many countries resolve their constitutional issues on secession, federalism, semi-presidency, decentralization, and ethnically divided societies.

According to Sujit, any country that embraces democratic rule and does away with authoritarian governance enjoys a tremendous economic growth. The Canadian constitutional law is among the detailed writings he has published. (Sujitchoudhry.com) is set to release a book called the Constitutional Democracies in Crisis. His main aim is to provide lasting solutions to countries experiencing any democratic crisis.

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GreenSky Credit finds way for everyone to win

As part of the work with his e-consultancy firm, serial entrepreneur David Zalik frequently did business with some of the major names in the home improvement space. He began to notice a pattern. Customers, usually the homeowners themselves, were very bad at accurately assessing how much complex renovation projects would ultimately end up costing. Some of the homeowners would overestimate the costs. This rarely presented a problem for the businesses servicing them. However, when the customers severely underestimated the cost, which Zalik saw happening a majority of the time, customers often suffered from sticker shock.

A customer who underestimated the cost of a new kitchen by one or two thousand dollars usually didn’t put the sale at risk. However, Zalik watched over and over as customers walked away from projects due to estimates that were $25,000 to $50,000 higher than what the customer had anticipated. This was a serious problem, and many deals for contractors and home improvement businesses were being lost as a result.

This was the problem that led Zalik to found GreenSky Credit. The key insight that Zalik had was that the main reason that these homeowners were walking away from the renovations wasn’t due to the fact that they couldn’t afford them. More often than not, the renovations more than pay for themselves by raising the value of the home by more than the cost of the renovation itself even where the estimates are far higher than what the customer expected. On the contrary, the problem was simply one of liquidity. Many of the homeowners just didn’t have $50,000 cash lying around.

GreenSky Credit is now able to solve this problem. Because GreenSky Credit customers have an average FICO score of 760, its customers can be instantly approved for loans of up to seven figures. GreenSky Credit loans often require no interest and no payments for the first year. These loans are provided by some of the biggest and most reputable lenders in the United States, including Region’s Bank, Fifth Third Bancorp and Sun Trust.

The contractors may be the biggest winners of all. GreenSky Credit pushes through billions of dollars each year in deals that would have otherwise certainly been lost.



Southridge Capital purchase agreement with Elite Data Services, in the effort to maximise their client’s satisfaction.

In the present crazy competitive market, many companies and other business organisations are faced with severe challenges that sometimes force some of them to seize their survival in the market. With the help of the best consulting companies in the world, such business may be able to ensure their survival in the market if at all they can implement the decisions they are helped to make by such companies. There are a lot of companies that have emerged to help other business organisations achieve their overall objectives in their operations. Well, one of them is Southridge Capital which is a private equity company that for financial and investment advice to their clients and other services including security brokerage services and banking services.


Southridge Capital has been working in the effort to make sure that their clients attain the maximum return from their investments by helping make the right decisions during their planning and allocation of their financial resources. They do this by giving them the right directions on how to make an economic analysis of their various financial statements. Financial statements of any given organisations are useful in the making of decisions and making the right adjustments in case the company had not achieved their goals. In other words, they are used to analyse the strengths and the weaknesses of a business. You can visit southridgeholdingsllc.com for more.



Southridge also collaborates with other financial organizations to make it easy for their clients to obtain loans from them without going through a long process of registration and authentication. This is one of the most significant advantages they receive from the company.



In the efforts to continue giving maximum satisfaction to their clients, Southridge Capital entered into a purchase agreement with the Elite Data Services in the mid-2015. Elite Date Services is a technology company that develops it software or applications that are used to market and advertise these assets that they control and that they own. Their services help generate revenue for those companies in the sectors such as hospitality, automotive and gaming industry. For more details visit Bloomberg.



Steven Hick, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Southridge Capital say during that time that they are interested in investing in the companies such as Elite Data Services because they have almost the same objectives which are innovating and contributing to the support of the success of the business organisations that they serve.



Click here: http://releasefact.com/2018/03/southridge-capital-major-player-financial-services/

Upwork Makes Life Easier for People that Have To-Do Lists

There are a ton of people that are trying to get things done everyday, and Upwork is the perfect website to help those that are limited in the amount of time that they can get things accomplished. This is a website that is designed to help freelancers that want to make money. It is also designed to help those that may not have some of the skills that they need to get a task completed. The great thing about Upwork is that you can utilize someone for a task for a day and possibly work on a continuous basis if you like their work. This is something that small business owners may try when they are looking for workers.

There may be a task that needs to be completed on a certain day or a certain time of the month, but there may not be a regular need for a full-time employee. This is a good thing because it allows these small business owners to really reap the benefits of Upwork when they have a to-do list. They can get someone to complete the work for a certain time frame without hiring a regular employee if they are simply trying to complete a to-do list.

There’s definitely a whole lot of interest in the world of freelancing outsourcing because it saves time and it saves money. If you have a to-do list and you want to maximize your time there’s no better way to do it than by utilizing a website like Upwork. It is also to your advantage to put creativity on the front line by getting connected with someone that may be able to help you brainstorm new ideas with you. This is a good thing when it comes to the art of outsourcing. You may be able to effectively get a task done much sooner when you look at people that specialize in certain areas. They may breeze through something that you may be working on for days. You may have a new business that you are trying to market, but someone else may have the advertising tools you need.

Meet Dr. Saad Saad, The World’s Renowned Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a specialist in pediatric surgery in Eatontown, New Jersey. He has affiliations with a number of hospitals in his locality. They include Monmouth Medical Centre, Jersey Shore University Medical Centre, and Long Branch Campus. Dr. Saad has practiced for over twenty years and therefore has vast experience in surgery. In 1971, he graduated from Cairo University and emerged the second best in the class. As a graduate, he got an internship in England before moving to the United States.


The doctor is among the most prestigious specialist surgeons in New Jersey. The American Board of Surgery certified him to practice pediatric surgery. He has a medical license from New Jersey State which is still active up to 2019. According to his beliefs and practice at Meridian Hospital, they attend to every child as they would to their children. They take care of patients through a combination of effort and expertise of their most qualified team of pediatricians.


In the 1980s, Dr. Saad Saad served in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at King Faisal Specialist Hospital for four and a half years. During this period, he was the most respected surgeon. In fact, the hospital’s chief assistance preferred Dr. Saad to perform his child’s surgery. His stay in Saudi Arabia was a blessing to many. For instance, he performed complex surgeries for free to the poor. According to the Doctor, both the rich and poor are the same. Born and raised up in a poor family in Palestine, he had a soft spot for the less fortunate.


Through pediatric surgery, Dr. Saad strives to alleviate pain from his patients. He kept challenging the normal way of doing things and tried to invent better ways. His inventions have helped him conduct surgeries quickly causing less harm. He invented and patented an endoscope with a suction system to aid surgeons to get rid of fluids during surgery. The gadget has been of great help to the surgeon fraternity.


Many students in Saudi Arabia benefitted from his Surgical Residency Program. The program was launched in collaboration with Royal College of Surgeons in England. It was used to help students in the country acquire UK certificates without the need to study abroad.


Lecturing students and clubs was his hobby as he enjoyed to share his expertise. During leisure time, Dr. SaadSaad used to travel across the world. His favorite destinations being Egypt, Sweden, England, Canada, Hawaii, Ghana and many other countries.


After his career in the Middle East, he relocated to the United States and reunited with his family. He still seeks to render his services whenever needed due to the experience he accrued in his career. A habit of keeping himself organized and avoiding procrastination helped him achieve what he has today. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/

The New Retirement: HCR Wealth Advisors Helps to Prepare Clients for Life After Retirement

In the past when people retired, they stopped working and lived a casual life. Retirees typically saved up enough money to last at least 20 years into their retirement. In the past, many retirees passed away before their money ran out. Fast forward to today and the condition of retirement is not the same.

When people retire today, they typically do so between the ages of 40 to 60. Once in retirement, they live for at least another 30 to 40 years. In some cases, they live longer. The fact is that health care practices and medicine are allowing people to live a longer life. Modern-day retirees must plan how they are going to spend their retirement days.

The fact is that a person is going to have to make sure they have enough money set aside for retirement. Individuals must also figure out what they are going to do with their lives during their retirement years. One of the most difficult aspects of retirement has to do with time. Retirees generally have a great deal of time on their hand. If they’re not careful, they can end up developing bad habits because of boredom or a lack of activities to occupy them.

If retirement is not planned and managed well, retirees can develop drug and alcohol problems and they can also become depressed. They can even start doing risky things just to make life interesting again. Individuals must plan ahead and figure out what they are going to do with themselves once they’re done with their careers and retire.

HCR Wealth Advisors can develop a strategy to help clients reach their financial goals before and during their retirement years. The registered investment advisory firm was founded in 1988. The firm can help retirees effectively plan for their retirement years. HCR Wealth Advisor’s “New Retirement” program doesn’t just focus on the financial aspect of retirement but also the mental and physical health impacts.

According to whalewisdom.com, Clients are also given advice about how they are going to live their new lifestyle. HCR Wealth Advisors reminds their clients that they are not retiring from something but to something. Having this type of perspective usually helps retirees to transition into a new lifestyle that is rewarding and meaningful.

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