Hussain Sajwani Explains How His Success Started As A Child

Hussain Sajwani grew up in a small town in Dubai. His family came from a background of hard workers, and that is exactly what Hussain was taught to be from the time he could walk.

In a recent interview, Hussain Sajwani talked about his childhood and how his childhood made him the man he is today. According to Sajwani, as a child, he helped with the family business as much as he could, which was every day after school and every weekend. Though Sajwani went to college in the United States, when he visited home, he made every effort to help the business.

After graduating from college with an engineering degree, Hussain Sajwani landed a great job. However, he had a passion to start his own business, and he believed this was from the principles that were instilled in him as a child, which were to work for yourself if it is possible. Hussain then decided to resign from his position and start his own catering company.

According to, Hussain Sajwani had a rough started because he did not know how much capital he really needed to start his business. However, he was able to sell several condominium apartments, and this was great startup money for the Hussain’s company. Sajwani hired several assistants, put construction plans together, and got to work without wasting any time.

Today, Hussain has a catering headquarters in the United States, the Middle East, and in several other places around the world. On a daily basis, Hussain’s catering company sells approximately 5,000 meals at each location. This is due to the fact that Hussain Sajwani’s catering company hosts parties for important political people, star athletes, and many more. Sajwani also does many charity parties for fundraisers and for great causes. He tries to give back to the community on a daily basis.


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