Betsy DeVos: From Grand Rapids, Michigan To The White House

There are few people who can say that they have ascended all the way from Grand Rapids, Michigan up the chain into the White House. However, that is exactly the path that none other than Betsy DeVos has taken in life. Okay, she is not the occupant of the White House, but she does serve in President Trump’s cabinet as the Secretary of Education.


This is the fulfillment of so many hopes and dreams that DeVos has had for a very long time. She has always wanted to be someone who was seen as a reformer of the way that our education system works in America. She has worked on that particular issue her whole life, including during her time in Michigan. However, she now has a bigger opportunity than ever to make a difference.


As the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has largely kept her head down and gotten to work doing the kind of reforming that she has always wanted to do. She allows the President to take up the limelight and the headlines while she continues to get to work moving forward with her plans for more charter schools available to a greater percentage of schoolchildren in the United States than ever before.


The people who know Betsy DeVos on a personal level are sometimes surprised that she took a job in this particular administration. They are surprised because she has such a history of being so nice and polite to them. To have someone like that working for a President who has never honestly been described with the same adjectives is a shock to the system for some people. However, they may be forgetting the fact that she is a political fighter as much as the next person. While she may be kind to your face, she is always working behind the scenes to make sure that her vision is completed.


Some have thought that they could take her for granted in the past, and that has virtually never worked out for any political adversary. You may have any opinion of Mrs. DeVos that you want to as an individual, but there is no disqualifying her as a political fighter through and through. She continues to earn her stripes every single day as someone who will get charter schools up and running in more places than they are available in now. The United States educational system is definitely going to change under her.


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