How Rick Shinto is Helping InnovaCare Health Make Healthcare Better for Citizens

InnovaCare is an innovative health care solution provider that focuses on giving its client value added healthcare by leveraging different medicare organizations and health plans. With healthcare being a very delicate field, InnovaCare can’t afford to make any mistakes when setting up its solutions network. The New Jersey based company has been providing patients and healthcare providers with innovative risk distribution and health cover solutions for more than decades now.


According to Rick Shinto, the current president and chief executive over at InnovaCare Health, the company is all about making physicians an active part of the solution. Richard believes that by making physicians their partners, they have a better short at turning the business around and giving seamless healthcare to even the biggest populations in a sustainable manner. For more details visit



Before moving to InnovaCare, he was the Aveta Inc. CEO. Apart from that, he also held the CEO position over at PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare. This vast experience in the healthcare niche not only made the right candidate to lead InnovaCare to higher realms but has also made him the recipient of numerous awards. For more details visit Crunchbase.


While most of his understanding of the market has been gathered during his long career, he has a solid education background with a State University of NY medical degree and a solid MA from Redlands University. His over twenty year long career in medicine began when he was the pulmonogist and internist at South California. His exemplary career and undeniable innovative skill have earned him numerous accolades with the most notable being the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award that he bagged back in 2012.


About InnovaCare


InnovaCare Health from North America is a corporation that uses its two major divisions, Medicare Advantages Program and Provider Networks to deliver seamless health services across the board. To achieve its mandate, the company leverages sustainable, affordable and cutting edge healthcare solutions to push the market further.


The company’s success lies in its understanding that clients are never the same. Their ultimate goal is to always understand each customer and try to come up with a solution that meets the clients need in a smooth and easy to learn way. This simple mentality of helping rather than overwhelming the healthcare experts has increased the rate at which InnovaCare penetrates the market. This coupled with the fact that InnovaCare has both provider and medicare advantage products makes it easier for them to join patients with physicians hence making healthcare better.



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