Equities First Holdings reaches out to the masses

The financial world is one of the fastest growing markets in the world’s economy. Thus no one can underrate the potential in this sector. This has attracted ay firms even those which were not previously offering financial services. Most of the telecommunications firms have started offering financial business services.Moreover, there has been a growth of online platforms which are providing credit facilities and other financial services to the masses. This has brought competition to the doorsteps of many commercial banks. However, out of all the firms, one firm has made its name in this sector. Equities First Holdings is not just an ordinary firm. It is a firm which means business. Although young, the firm has closed deals worth more than one billion dollars. The company does not just provide regular financial services. It is the business if providing stock based loans. The firm has closed close to one thousand deals.

Harry Harrison & The Keys To Entrepreneurial Success.

Harry Harrison is the founder of the Anthemis Group, a digital services and investment advisory firm based out of New York. Harrison is probably most well known for his years of hard work at Barclays, most recently operating as the head of the Barclays Non-Core facility located in London. Harrison held the coveted Barclays position for a three-year period spanning from 2014 to 2017. Now, Harrison is taking a moment to re-focus himself on the company he established and operates as president over. Let’s take a deep dive into the work of Harry Harrison, his keys to success as an entrepreneur, and what Harrison believes it takes to maintain success in such a tough field.

Harrison is hesitant to lean on any claims of a regular workday in order to relate his success to aspiring entrepreneurs. In fact, right now, Harrison is pretty far from maintaining a regular schedule. After helping Barclay’s wind down their massive bankroll of businesses, Harrison has been stepping back in order to let himself breathe a little bit. Harrison is focusing on expanding the health of his mind and body by reading, listening to podcasts and even working in regular Yoga practice. In fact, Harrison points to yoga as probably the most important technique that aspiring entrepreneurs could embrace. Yoga offers entrepreneurs a way to meditate while cleansing their mind and body of negative energy. While Harrison is certainly in semi-relaxation mode, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t also focused on building up his work at the Anthemis Group. In fact, let’s double back in order to look at what propelled Harrison to create the Anthemis Group, to begin with.

According to Harry Harrison, the development of the Anthemis Group was one borne out of curiosity and passion for economics in general. Harrison loved looking deeply into the different ways that businesses crop up and propel themselves to success. Study micro level and macro level economics also helped Harrison to turn toward the Anthemis Group with a real background of knowledge on his side. With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, working as a trader or an advisor, Harrison felt more than confident enough to take on the task.

The success of the Anthemis Group isn’t based entirely on Harrison’s own experience in the field. In fact, Harrison is more likely to point to others when asked what makes his company so successful. Harrison believes that being able to lean on others in your career while building up a valuable network of colleagues is one of the most important things that an aspiring entrepreneur can do. Harrison says that he has been ‘privileged’ with a rich network of collaborators and friends in both a professional and personal environment. Harrison is working to get this message out to aspiring business-minded professionals so that they, too, can take the concept to heart. Far too often, aspiring entrepreneurs look at colleagues as competition rather than as valuable partners who can make success more and more realistic.

Gulf Coast Western Has A Good Track Record

Gulf Coast Western is an oil and gas company that operates throughout the United States and currently acts as the managing company for Joint Ventures. They are solely dedicated to exploring and acquiring oil and gas throughout reserves domestically, much of which occurs throughout Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisianna, Texas, and Mississippi. Gulf Coast Western has thousands of acres of land that are apart of their programs for production and expansion. Gulf Coast has various drilling projects in the works which will keep the company growing for the next several years. Matthew Fleeger is the current CEO and president for Gulf Coast Western, following in the footsteps of his father before him.

Gulf Coast Western has established itself as a prominent oil and gas company in the states since it was first founded in 1970 back in Dallas, Texas. According to company management, they have a tremendously successful track record due to their transparency and professional relationships, which has been maintained since the company first opened for business. Honesty and integrity are the policy’s that Gulf Coast Western follows with its operations and business relationships throughout all of their endeavors. The strategies that Gulf Coast was founded on are still the same strategies that are being used today to continue the companies expansion around the nation.

Along with the company’s work in the development, acquisition, and exploration of oil around the country, Gulf Coast Western is also a community-driven business that supports individuals and companies in as many communities as possible. In order to build closer and larger communities, Gulf Coast Western has stayed active in supporting families and kids across the nation through many different means, including charitable donation and partnerships. Just a few of the organizations that Gulf Coast Western supports include Shriners Hospital for Children, Parish Episcopal School, the American Cancer Society, St. Judes, Smile Train, and the North Texas Food Bank.

Who is Matthew Fleeger

Matt Fleeger went to Southern Methodist Unviersity and got a bachelor’s degree in business. His goal was to gain as much knowledge and information on marketing and finance because he wanted to be just like his father, a very successful business man who owned his own gas and oil company. He learned a lot though his father, college and in the future his new experiences will become very handy.

After he graduated from college, Matthew went to work for the gas and oil industry, he took the executive positions since he has experience in fiancé and marketing. He also gained years of experience and had jobs with several companies in Texas as well as the organization his father created, the Gulf coast Western. Matthew’s experience with the industry gave him the foundation of knowledge needed to create his own company called MedSolutions in 1993. MedSolutions Is a waste control management company that transports, disposals and treats medical waste that is created by healthcare facilities. The company eventually grew and turned into one of the top companies that takes care of medical waste. In the years 1993 and 2007 Matthew worked in a variety of jobs within the company such as director, chairman, president and CEO. He also played a major role in helping the company grow and it caught the eye of another waste management company called Stericycle. Matthew sold MedSolutions to them for filthy nine million dollars.

Currently, Matthew Fleeger is a well known influential person in the gas, oil and waste management industry. He worked hard to gain these skills and they allowed him to rank up and have more work opportunities. Do you think Matthew Fleeger did the right thing by selling his company? If you had a company that was worth millions, would you sell it? Tell us in the comment section below!

Find out more about Matthew Fleeger: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gulf-coast-western

How To Get Amazing Returns From Freedom Checks

Investors have been hearing quite a bit about Freedom Checks this year. Although they were created by legislation back in 1987 most expert investors had never heard of them before Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing spread the news about them. Before he came up with the term of Checks they were called Master Limited Partnerships but he thought they needed a more punched up name than that.MLPs were created by the U.S. Congress because America was far too dependent on foreign oil, especially from the volatile Middle East. They wanted to encourage production inside the United States and regarded this as a national security issue.

Businesses in the oil and gas industry can now become an MLP and issue Freedom Checks as long as they operate in a certain invest way and pass on all of their profits to their investors.In particular, over 90 percent of their revenue has to come from the production, transportation, refining, and storage of American oil and gas.If they meet this requirement they can organize as an MLP. As all of the profits are passed on to shareholders they can earn huge sums of money. Some investors are earning $124,000 annually while others are getting as much as $643,000 a year. You can invest in Checks inside of an online brokerage account.

The oil and gas company organized as an MLP sends quarterly or monthly dividends that are deposited into the cash portion of your account. You can then reinvest this money or transfer it to your bank or credit union.Matt Badiali revealed that there are presently 568 firms that can issue one of these Freedom Checks to their shareholders. They operate in the United State’s major oil reserve areas such as the Bakken Shale, Marcellus Shale, and Permian Basin. The oil and gas is then transported to American refineries where it is processed and distributed.Another thing that makes this a great investment opportunity is that the dividends are treated not as income but instead as a return of capital. What difference does that make? Well, you don’t have to pay federal income tax on them which is a huge business benefit.


The Organo Gold Company was founded in 2008 by marketing guru Bernardo Chua. According to various resources, the 2010 company revenues generated were estimated to be around $35 million. Based out of Canada, the company has offices throughout the United States and Canada. Their specialty product is their world renowned coffee and the company has sustained a network of global ties and distributors to sell one of the premium coffees on the planet. The company is not structured like a typical coffee company like Starbucks, but rather they are a wholesaler and the profits they earn are shared amongst the distributors and sales teams within the company.The staff is comprised of a medical team that test the ingredients of their products. Below, we will discuss Organo Gold’s product line in more detail.

The Organo Gold Company has dedicated themselves in making their coffees one of the healthiest coffee brand in the world today. By adding their trademark Ganoderma powder, the coffee boosts the immune system with every sip. For those unfamiliar with this powder, it is derived from mushroom rooted from Asia and North America and has been used as traditional medicine in Asia for years. Organo Gold has one of the largest Ganoderma plants in the world and have used this powder for other products such as: non coffee beverages, nutritional supplements, and care products. In addition to coffee, the company also distributes tea, hot chocolate, nutritional supplements such as shakes and diet pills, and various personal care products.

Anyone can become a distributor of Organo Gold’s products when they obtain sponsorship from someone within the company. The company offers an online academy to help distributors. The Organo Gold Company has also partnered with the Napoleon Hill Foundation in an effort to help the Foundation promote their self-help book titled “Think and Grow Rich” which is the inspiration behind the company’s existence. As you can see, the Organo Gold Company appears to be moving in the right direction!