Gulf Coast Western Has A Good Track Record

Gulf Coast Western is an oil and gas company that operates throughout the United States and currently acts as the managing company for Joint Ventures. They are solely dedicated to exploring and acquiring oil and gas throughout reserves domestically, much of which occurs throughout Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisianna, Texas, and Mississippi. Gulf Coast Western has thousands of acres of land that are apart of their programs for production and expansion. Gulf Coast has various drilling projects in the works which will keep the company growing for the next several years. Matthew Fleeger is the current CEO and president for Gulf Coast Western, following in the footsteps of his father before him.

Gulf Coast Western has established itself as a prominent oil and gas company in the states since it was first founded in 1970 back in Dallas, Texas. According to company management, they have a tremendously successful track record due to their transparency and professional relationships, which has been maintained since the company first opened for business. Honesty and integrity are the policy’s that Gulf Coast Western follows with its operations and business relationships throughout all of their endeavors. The strategies that Gulf Coast was founded on are still the same strategies that are being used today to continue the companies expansion around the nation.

Along with the company’s work in the development, acquisition, and exploration of oil around the country, Gulf Coast Western is also a community-driven business that supports individuals and companies in as many communities as possible. In order to build closer and larger communities, Gulf Coast Western has stayed active in supporting families and kids across the nation through many different means, including charitable donation and partnerships. Just a few of the organizations that Gulf Coast Western supports include Shriners Hospital for Children, Parish Episcopal School, the American Cancer Society, St. Judes, Smile Train, and the North Texas Food Bank.

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