Meet Susan McGalla: A talented leader

According to statistics, companies that hire an equal number of men and women are likely to perform better than those that pay little attention to this kind of balance in the workforce. Unlike many women who fear to serve at high-level positions of the big companies, Susan McGalla has proven that a woman can hold any position. She is not only a perfect example of success, but she is also an inspiration to many women out there.

Susan McGalla comfortably works with all women and men of all ages. Her father was a respected football coach and she had several brothers. You know what? Susan wasn’t treated in any special way simply because she was a girl. She had to work hard to acquire anything she wanted. She says her ambition and how she was brought up are some of the factors that have helped her achieve much.

Susan has been able to hold several top positions at different companies. Her hard work and dedication have helped her move to these heights. She began her career life at the American Eagle Outfitters. You know what? She ended up becoming the president of the firm. After leaving the American Eagle Outfitters, she decided to start her own company by the name P3 Executive Consulting.

Currently, Susan holds an important position at the Pittsburg Steelers. Despite the fact that men occupy most of the important positions in the sports industry, Susan does not feel afraid that she holds one of these positions.

More about Susan McGalla

Susan was born and raised in Ohio. She began her business as well as marketing studies in the year 1982 at Mount Union College. She was awarded a bachelor’s degree in the year 1986. She worked at the American Eagle Outfitters from the year 1994 to 2009. Here, she held different high-level positions. During her leadership, the firm grew from just one brand to about four major brands. Also, the revenue of the company increased from 340 million U.S. dollars to about 3 billion U.S. dollars. Find out more about Susan McGalla:

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