The Production Managing Prodigy: Clay Hutson

Live productions might be one of the hardest productions to pull off because of the extreme technicality on the prior preparations on it. Productions are reliant on sound and lights design, and the production design as well. In order for these to mesh well together, a production needs an exquisite production manager – and one of them is Clay Hutson.

Clay Hutson is a leader that is on top of everything else, and works harder than anyone else. Clay Hutson is not the kind of leader that just sits down on a desk and assigns jobs to his team members. Clay Hutson makes certain that he is always the first one to arrive in the production set – he does this because he wants to account everything that needs to be done in order for him to distribute the tasks rightfully to his team members. At the start of the day, he creates to do lists for each team member and he makes sure that they are well detailed so that his team members do not waste any time figuring out what to do because Clay Hutson has already provided them with step by step instructions and very specific goals. With Clay Hutson’s extensive background in all the departments of the production, he is able to help where he can and he is able to guide anyone in the process of any activity concerning the production – whether it be related to lights, sounds or production design – Clay can always contribute valuable knowledge or tips and tricks that can be used to improve their productivity.

Clay makes sure that all his workers are well trained and are always informed on the tasks that they are supposed to finish – because Clay knows that the success of the production is directly proportional and reliant to the amount of success that he and his team members are able to complete. One mistake, or one deficiency of a team member can result to a production that is incomplete. And Clay Hutson wants to protect his name, and the company’s name as well – and he wants to make sure that every single production is nothing but perfect.

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