The Rocketship Public Schools Standard

Created on a foundation of understanding and guidance, Rocketship Public Schools is a remarkable establishment in the education sector. Comprised of heartfelt teachers and passionate educators, Rocketship Public Schools boasts a world-class staff. Krystina Hermes, a relatively new addition to Rocketship Public Schools, is a shining example of the compassion and leadership that the school’s infused into their culture. During her summer training in 2016, Hermes came across a delightful young boy named Devin. Devin, timid and apathetic, surprisingly took a shine to Hermes. When Devin entered first grade, he was elated to find that Mrs. Hermes was his teacher.

Devin’s mother had misgivings about Devin’s aptitude for learning and confided in Hermes for the sake of her son. Hermes quickly noticed that Devin was unable to engage in conversations, write his name, and stay focused for an extended period. Soon thereafter, Devin’s mom took him to the pediatrician to evaluate his shortcomings. Both the pediatrician and Rocketship Public Schools concluded that Devin fell on the autism spectrum. Given her inexperience with teaching, Hermes was grappling with how to best support Devin and his added needs. Fortunately, she harnessed her resolve and created the perfect rubric for her special student. Learn more about Rocketship Public Schools personalized learning.

Before too long, Devin was excelling in reading, writing, and arithmetic. By setting rules on expected behaviors, Hermes found that Devin was surprisingly compliant and willing to engage in class. Though she didn’t hold him to the same standard as the other children, Hermes afforded Devin little leeway. Devin’s mom attributes her son’s success to the earnest care Hermes displayed. Rocketship Public Schools is proud to employ teachers like Hermes, and they hope to serve as an example to other schools that are struggling with special education programs. Regarding the future of Hermes and Rocketship Public Schools, both will no doubt continue to thrive.

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