Ted Bauman Prepares His Readers For A Possible Bear Market With This Sound Advice

Ted Bauman has done quite a bit during his life, and he has always stayed true to his values as he went about his investment business. In the past, he has served as a fund manager for nonprofits in South Africa and has also served as an investment advisor. He grew up in the United States and lived in South Africa for many years before coming back to the U.S. Today, he works with Banyan Hill Publishing as a writer, and he has grown quite the following who subscribe to his newsletters. These newsletters include Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. Ted Bauman focuses on writing about essential topics related to the world of investing and finance.

He spends the earliest hours of his day everyday writing because this is when he gets his best work done. He feels like a big part of his job is to make boring topics fun to read about, and he has managed to do very well in this endeavour. Bauman draws on real life examples to get his points across, and he has helped countless people to improve their finances through his writing. According to Bauman, the stock market is possibly headed into a downturn, where a bear market might take place. He has warned investors that they need to come up with a plan of protection for their wealth during this kind of market.

He has cautioned investors to not panic when the market crashes because this is exactly how so many others have lost a lot of their money in the past. Ted Bauman says that it is rules-based selling that will be the downfall of the market as it was in 1987 during the last huge crash. Ted Bauman has commented that investors should be investing in, both, stocks and bonds. He wants his investment newsletters readers to create a wall of protection around their investments and believes they can do so by diversifying their investments. He has spoken about how bonds are less risky because it is highly unlikely that they will crash overnight like the stock market can.

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