Hedge fund expert Sandy Chin leads a children’s summer reading program

Sandy Chin is an innovative professional who decided to assist children through a summer reading program. Upon realizing that children needed books to read Sandy Chin together with PS11 set up to devise solutions to help them. Over the years, children have been found to experience difficulties throughout the year after the summer holidays.

This is so because most of the time their reading schedules are disrupted by other activities during the holidays. For children from low-income families, having access to books is difficult, unlike Sandy Chin’s son who goes to PS11.

About the PS11 project

In order to keep children reading, most public libraries always put up programs to help them. Unfortunately, a majority of parents lack a chance to help their children adhere to these programs. For this reason, Sandy Chin and her colleagues hold book drives at PS11 to ensure that children get all the academic support they need.

In this program, volunteers collect used books and issue them to children so that each child has their own book to read. Since the program was initiated, Sandy and his colleagues have acquired more books not only for kindergarten children but for students in other grades too. In the course of one week, they received over 3,000 books.

According to dailyforexreport, a majority of the people who donated books did not know how to sort the reading levels and ended up issuing books they had acquired in college. This made the sorting process essential in order to get each child the book they needed before summer.

A majority of children who had the chance to get free books demonstrated their excitement in being able to pick what they want to read. One child was seen carrying a dozen books with a huge smile on her face.

Aside from being a philanthropist, Sandy Chin is a mother of two children Nolan and Taggart. This professional has always had so much love books that she named her children after fictional characters in some of her favorite books. Aside from being a book lover, she runs Tidal Bore Capital, a hedge company in the United States. She works in collaboration with Bill Leach, a professional who mentored her.



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