Jeremey Goldstein Helps To Organize A Wine Dinner In Order To Raise Thousands Of Dollars For Fountain House

Thanks to the efforts of Jeremy Goldstein and friends, Fountain House will be able to continue to help people who suffer from mental illness. Goldstein is an attorney who runs the boutique law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC.

He has been working with the charitable organization Fountain House for many years and always loves to be a part of a good fundraising dinner. Along with a few others, he helped to organize a wine dinner, and the proceeds of the dinner went to his favorite charitable organization.

Mental Illness affects millions of people in today’s world, which causes them difficulties in many areas of their lives. People like Jeremy Goldstein help to make the world a better place by taking action.

He has chosen to support Fountain House on many occasions and serves on its board of directors. The charity has been operating for over 70 years and was created by six people who were patients at the Rockland State Hospital in Orangeburg, New York.

The six of them bought a building in NYC, which had a fountain in its garden, and this was the beginning of Fountain House.

Fountain House works to support mentally ill individuals so they can become functioning members of society.

Jeremy Goldstein is happy to see that many of the members of the charity have been able to get jobs and find happiness.

By working with local and international communities, the model of the organization has spread to different locations.

The organization has a high rate of success with finding mentally ill people jobs, and it has also helped many members to get an education. The wine dinner costed each participant $3,700, and Goldstein was happy to be able to help.

Jeremy Goldstein is a successful lawyer who studied at Cornell University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree. He also attended the University of Chicago and received his Master of Arts degree while there. To finish off his education, Goldstein attended New York University School and earned his Juris Doctor in the process.

His law firm focuses on cases revolving around management teams, compensation committees, and CEOs of different corporations. Before working with his own law firm, he served a well known law firm in New York City.

He has been a part of some of the largest corporate transactions to take place in the last decade. Jeremy Goldstein will continue to work with Fountain House in order to help as many people as he possibly can.

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