Organo Gold Company New Investments

Organo Gold has been active since 2008; it was founded by Bernardo Chua who is devoted to ensuring that the company logistics increase each day. The headquarters of the company is based in the Western region of the United States with more than 1000 employees to serve clients with the best coffee and other beverages. The company specializes in advertising, manufacturing, improving and selling various coffee flavors as well as food and other beverages. Bernado Chua and the management team of Organo Gold have joined hands to establish subsidiaries in other 45 countries across the globe.

The key ingredient which makes Organo products to be used by many people include the use of Ganoderma Luciduim an ancient Chinese mushroom full of essential purposes. Ganoderma Lucidium reduces cholesterol in the body, increases strength, boosts the immune among other benefits. Organo Company has taken the initiative to improve the manufacturing, processing and distribution process of its products to attract more customers. Organic Products are distributed in various supermarkets to give people the opportunity to purchase goods in both retail and wholesale.

Organo Gold deals with a variety of products including various flavors of tea, coffee, beverages and organic products which are essential for body management as well as personal care. These natural products include grape seed oil, spore powder, nutritional shakes, Mycelium among others. Organo company has diversified its products to meet the needs of all customers. They use natural active ingredients from organic farming; hence people do not experience any side effects.

Organo Gold experts have identified that Ganoderma Luciduim can also be used to manufacture toothpaste and soap for personal care. This diversity in introducing new products have given customers whiter teeth and fresher breath as compared to before. All Organo Gold products are tested before being delivered to the market hence are always efficient.

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