JD.com and Partner Brands Succeed Thanks to Data Analytics

In today’s business climate, finding the right partners with the right expertise is more important than ever. Many brands are benefiting from JD.com’s consumer to-manufacturer strategy and the company’s dominance in the Chinese e-commerce market. Thanks to the company’s investments in big data, JD.com was able to boost sales of two major brands, Huggies diapers and Head-and-Shoulders shampoo.

The company just held a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) conference, where over 900 major brands were represented. At the meeting, JD.com and its partners discussed the recent successes and new strategies for the company’s brand portfolio, in an effort to replicate them in other market segments.

JD.com is currently China’s top retailer, serving over 300 million consumers, both within and outside of China. It is this huge customer base which has allowed the company to amass a detailed customer information system. JD.com utilized its state-of-the-art analytics technology to determine why certain diaper brands were gaining ground in the Chinese market. The answer was an increase in diapers made of composite materials, which led to Huggies unveiling a composite-based product.

In fact, JD.com’s analytics also helped to shape Head and Shoulder’s marketing strategy in China. The retail giant’s research revealed that Chinese consumers were becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. It was these insights that helped the brand launch a new natural line of shampoos for the Chinese market, which became an immediate success for the two companies.

FMCG is not the only market segment in which JD.com has used its research to boost sales and profits. C2M analytics have also been important to the company’s consumer electronics strategy. A key example of this was launch of the OMEN Gaming PC, the design of which was based on an analysis of feedback from over a million customers. JD.com hopes that embracing this new technology will help the firm meet the needs of growing market in Asia and beyond.

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