Sheldon Lavin – Putting Stress on Environmentally Friendly Strategies to Take OSI to New Heights

Sheldon Lavin has helped OSI Industries achieve the success it has achieved in the last couple of decades. The company originally belonged to one of his clients when he was working as a financial consultant. However, during his time as a financial consultant, he was heavily involved with the family and business affairs of the Kolschowsky family that owned the company. In due course, Sheldon Lavin eventually took over the company, and it was renamed as OSI Industries. In an interview with Lynn Fosse, senior editor of CEOCFO magazine, Sheldon Lavin opened up about his journey to success with OSI Group.

OSI Group is one of the biggest and most reputed food and meat processing companies in the world and has a presence in 17 countries so far. As of now, the OSI group has seventy facilities across the globe, and it continues to expand its operations globally. Sheldon Lavin said in the interview that one of the reasons why the company operates seamlessly even when it has operations worldwide is due to its work culture. The work culture is more friendly and family-like, and OSI Group continues to launch new initiatives to help not only the employees but their families as well. He also understands that it is necessary for responsible for companies to give back to communities, and the company is associated with many charities and groups that help empower low-income communities.

Sheldon Lavin has been trying and implementing much new age and innovative business and management strategies to continue to modernize the company. For one, he has been trying hard to develop and integrate modern technologies into the company’s operations, which has helped improve the company’s performance and productivity. He feels that his company should be environmentally friendly and sustainable. For that purpose, the company is fast to adopt new technology and upgrade their system every couple of years allowing them to increase their efficiency. It will enable them to meet the demand for their growing customer base who too want to source from companies that think about the future of the next generations.

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Celebrity, Rebel Wilson, Celebrated 39th Birthday

The quickly rising in fame actress, Rebel Wilson, recently celebrated her 39th birthday surrounded by special friends. She enjoyed heaps of entertainment and excitement throughout the evening. The party opened with a specialty birthday cake making class at the Milk Bar.

There, she and her friends were able to customize their own cake to celebrate the wonderful 39 years Rebel has been blessed with thus far. Once the cake class concluded, Wilson and her friends returned back to her apartment for a more exclusive party of pizza eating and many laughing. However, despite what Rebel Wilson may have thought the party was not ending with pizza at home.

Her wonderful devoted friends surprised Wilson with a fun and new way of working out; Catzercise. The crew dressed up using cat-like accessories and enjoying over 30 minutes of dancing and working out in Beverly Hills. The fun was viewed by many followers and fans through Rebel Wilsons Instagram.

The party was deeply inspired by Wilson’s latest role as Jennyanydots in the new Cats movie coming out later in 2019. The movie is set to be quite the production with co-stars such as Taylor Swift, Idris Elbra, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, and many others. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Rebel Wilson was a relatively shy child while growing up. However, she once read that a person’s character is defined by age 15. After hearing this she quickly began to change. She started coming out of her shell and becoming a much more outgoing and entertaining individual. She spent the next several years working on her acting career through a variety of schooling, classes, and small roles.

All of her hard work finally paid off when she broke into the Hollywood scene in 2010 with William Morris Endeavor. Because of her uniqueness she was signed on by her second day.

From the beginning she has worked extremely hard for everything she has achieved in her career. Wilson has maintained her pride and integrity and has even said “no” to many offers forcing others to negotiate or she walked away from the offer. She has her pride and it has gotten her a very famous name thus far.

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Charity Cold Snap Was Epic With Kisling Nestico & Redick

On February 23rd, the 16th Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump will take place in Akron, Ohio. The Portage Lakes Polar Bear Club hopes to raise $25,000 for the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. The main supporters of this charity event is the law offices of Akron-based Kisling Nestico & Redick. The KNR staff will also be participating in this charity event putting a new spin on the saying “putting the plaintiffs on ice”.

The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank has been helping people since 1982 and has done their part in combating poverty and food shortages. The food bank has over 500 pantries, shelters, and hunger-relief programs established to help those who need it. The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank services eight counties in Northeast Ohio: Carroll, Holmes, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, and Wayne counties.

Kisling Nestico & Redick have participated in this event for many years, raising thousands of dollars for charity in the process. They have always held a strong belief in giving back to the community any way they can. It’s reflected in Managing Partner Rob Nestico’s personal story of being seriously injured in a car accident in his teens. Nestico and his family were not well-represented and grossly taken advantage of in the process. This fueled Nestico’s desire to get into the practice of Law and to help others in similar circumstances and to help those in need.

Kisling Nestico & Redick has been a mainstay in the Legal community of Northeast Ohio since 2005. They have grown from a small practice in Akron to a statewide network of 30 Lawyers and Staff handling cases big and small. They have offices located in 11 cities throughout the state of Ohio. They have offices in Akron (HQ), Beachwood, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Independence, Toledo, Westlake, and Youngstown.

McDonalds Hamburgers Courtesy of the OSI Group

McDonald’s hamburgers are well known all across the world. They sell approximately 75 hamburgers per second according to their operation’s manual. Business Insider did a walkthrough of a McDonalds factory in Germany which is owned by OSI Group. OSI Group owns all the McDonalds franchises all over the world and implements strict policies for the safety of the workers and the public.

Procedures of the Gunzburg Factory

Special precautions are taken throughout the making of the hamburgers to ensure safety is first. For instance, if someone is sick they cannot show up to work until they are fully examined by a doctor for release. All jewelry and personal items must all be removed, and everything from protective clothing to everything in the building is sanitized. All hands must be washed constantly, and hygiene is the number one priority next to safety.

Making the Burgers Start to Finish

The meat is sent from the slaughterhouse to the factory where everything is examined, so there are no bones in the meat. Once the meat is checked, it is stored inside containers where it takes about 500 containers to make the burgers. Each container holds about five to six cows worth of meat. All the meat is passed through the grinder which removes the small bones that may remain. From there, the meat patties are formed while passing through another machine. Approximately five million hamburgers are made each day. There are 45 to 60 workers operating the machines at all times with 200 employees total inside the Gunzburg Factory. Per week, the OSI Group and McDonald’s factory can put out 30 million hamburgers. Once the burgers are completed a few are tested for the fat content. They require a 20% fat content. When the burgers are approved they are packaged frozen at -18 degrees Celsius. To know more about the company click here.

Packaged and Shipped

The frozen burgers are placed in plastic and then packaged into boxes where they are stored for distribution. Trucks are sent out to the surrounding McDonalds where the public enjoys a good hamburger courtesy of the OSI Group.

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How James Dondero is Redefining the Investment Markets

For more than three decades, James Dondero has been instrumental in redefining the investment world. Some of the key areas that he is passionate about in his three decades career are equity and credit markets. The two markets are arguably the most competitive markets in alternative investment markets due to volatility. However, Dondero is fortunate to be among the professionals that have assisted different companies in making major moves in investments and more importantly, help clients to make better investment decisions. In the last 26 years, however, he has worked with Highland Capital. Read more about James Dondero at


Under this company, James Dondero has been instrumental for a couple of changes within the company. When he joined the company in 1993, he was already an established investment manager. However, in this company, he has a new challenge; the challenges of making the company the best entity in terms of credit and equity investments in this market. Luckily, James Dondero has proved that he is not only a passionate manager but also one of the most knowledgeable managers in this market. From 1993, he has also assisted the company is expanding in other different investment markets. Dondero believes that this is the best direction of a modern company. Visit to know more about him.


What makes James Dondero such an incredible investment manager and one of the best CEOs in investment? First, he has one of the best approaches to investment. He believes that a company must understand its market before making any investment. This belief and approach to investment explain the reason why he is one of the managers that believe in research. Second, he understands that having the best talents in your team is the greatest gifts any investment manager can wish. In the 25 years, James Dondero has been in this company; he has recruited some of the best talents in this fast-growing market.