McDonalds Hamburgers Courtesy of the OSI Group

McDonald’s hamburgers are well known all across the world. They sell approximately 75 hamburgers per second according to their operation’s manual. Business Insider did a walkthrough of a McDonalds factory in Germany which is owned by OSI Group. OSI Group owns all the McDonalds franchises all over the world and implements strict policies for the safety of the workers and the public.

Procedures of the Gunzburg Factory

Special precautions are taken throughout the making of the hamburgers to ensure safety is first. For instance, if someone is sick they cannot show up to work until they are fully examined by a doctor for release. All jewelry and personal items must all be removed, and everything from protective clothing to everything in the building is sanitized. All hands must be washed constantly, and hygiene is the number one priority next to safety.

Making the Burgers Start to Finish

The meat is sent from the slaughterhouse to the factory where everything is examined, so there are no bones in the meat. Once the meat is checked, it is stored inside containers where it takes about 500 containers to make the burgers. Each container holds about five to six cows worth of meat. All the meat is passed through the grinder which removes the small bones that may remain. From there, the meat patties are formed while passing through another machine. Approximately five million hamburgers are made each day. There are 45 to 60 workers operating the machines at all times with 200 employees total inside the Gunzburg Factory. Per week, the OSI Group and McDonald’s factory can put out 30 million hamburgers. Once the burgers are completed a few are tested for the fat content. They require a 20% fat content. When the burgers are approved they are packaged frozen at -18 degrees Celsius. To know more about the company click here.

Packaged and Shipped

The frozen burgers are placed in plastic and then packaged into boxes where they are stored for distribution. Trucks are sent out to the surrounding McDonalds where the public enjoys a good hamburger courtesy of the OSI Group.

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