OSI Industries Emerged from Humble Beginnings to Global Leader

From its founding in 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois, OSI Industries has grown into a global leader in processed food supplies, with 65 facilities in places as far as Europe, Australia, China and India.

The name OSI Industries pays homage to their humble beginning as a meat market opened by Otto Kolschausky, who later brought his sons into the family business, calling it Otto and Sons in 1928. As Otto and Sons, the small company became regionally known for their quality meats. But it was in 1955 that they got a big break. In nearby Des Plaines, Illinois Ray Kroc was opening the first McDonald’s and Otto and Sons was the supplier of the beef patties that would soon become world famous.

Not even 20 years later Otto and Sons had opened it’s first facility for large scale processing. Using innovative techniques for flash freezing and machines designed for shaping meat patties they ramped up production. By 1975 they had changed the name to OSI Industries.

OSI Industries kept growing, and by the 1990’s had formed partnerships with giants such as General Mills. With these partnerships came expansion into the Philippines and India.By 2002 they had further expanded into China.

Opening The Culinary Innovation Center in 2011 allowed them to capitalize on their access to the global supply chain, offering more to the restaurants and retail brands they supply. By keeping up with changing tastes and food trends, they are able to adapt to and stay ahead of market demands.

Even after all this success in growth and expansion, OSI remains unique in how it still operates in many ways like a small company. They keep management local even in their overseas operations, while allowing autonomy. This keeps overhead low, saving money and further adding to their global success.

OSI Industries continues to expand, with innovative and cost effective processing techniques for their meat products as well as ready to eat snack foods while maintaining stringent safety standards. All this has allowed OSI to become the global leaders they are today with their 65 locations around the world.


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