Streamlined procurement for enterprises thanks to

For many years, enterprises have been going through various problems when it comes to buying office supplies. It is because the old procurement process is opaque and therefore, it is difficult to know what will come out of it. For instance, when you want to met various needs, you will have to establish personal relationship with other businesses. However, you do not have to worry about this situation anymore thanks to JD Business, a new solution from Jingdong. It is the largest retailer in China and has been coming p with innovative ways to help people overcome most business challenges.

Improving procurement efficiency

The fact that you can buy everything from one place means that you can use the new solution from to improve your procurement efficiency. Whether you are looking for goods or services, you are sure to find them without moving from your chair. To make things even better, you will get things such as repairs, installations, and everything other service that would require you to spend too much time searching. From this information, it is fair to say that the company will help you to cut down on the costs and time that you need to get the right office supplies.

Serving businesses of all sizes

Jingdong says that they do not discriminate when it comes to the size of business. You could be a small business that only needs a few desks, printers, and computers, or you may be a large organization that needs the most sophisticated office supplies. Regardless of the size of your needs, you can rest assured that they will be met when you use JD Business. It comes as a relief for businesses who would not access certain services just because of their sizes.

Another reason you should try JD Business from is the fact that you can integrate it in your existing systems. You will notice that they are working with thousands of companies to make sure that the services are accessible on various devices and systems. If you have always wanted to avoid procurement because of its many troubles, you now have a reason to embrace it.

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US Money Reserve Encourages The Public To Invest In Gold And Other Precious Metals

The US Reserve is warning the Americans that a future recession might happen given the current political and economic situation in the USA. The US Money Reserve is currently on a partnership with economic experts, and they published the report saying that the recession is a cycle that goes on forever, and in the next few years, Americans will experience another one.

They are pointing out that the stock market is currently on its bullish phase, and there is a trend in high-paying jobs being given out to many people all over the country. The US Reserve said that this is a clear signal that a recession will come soon.

The USA has experienced recessions in the past. One of the most memorable for most people would be the Great Depression of the 1930s. During this period, many businesses across the country had to close down because they could no longer earn enough profit to give to the employees. Many workers were left without jobs, and they tried looking for a way on how they can survive. Read more:

The Great Depression erupted into mass protests, with people asking the government how they can get their next meal. With government action, the effects of the Great Depression was soon resolved, and people were given a chance to get another job. Read more: US Money Reserve | Biz Journals and US Money Reserve | Manta

The most recent recession in American people’s memory would be the 2008 to 2009 recession under the administrations of President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. During this time, the economy of the USA slowed down, and many companies have lost their values at the stock market. A lot of people panicked, and they thought that a second Great Depression would happen.

However, with careful analysis of what is happening, the government was able to resolve the issue and the economy of the country was salvaged. However, some businesses were not able to recover from the impact of the recession, and they do not have any choice but to start anew after the recession.

Recession is part of the economic cycle, and it is not 1005 negative. It is needed to bring balance to the economy, and it will surely come. The politicians and the business people at Wall Street are doing whatever they can to slow down the recession because they cannot do something to stop it.

The US Money Reserve reminded the public that despite the economic meltdown that can result from a recession, they can still buy investments that would surely survive a similar event. They are encouraging the people to buy precious metals like gold and silver because it is a great investment option especially when a threat of economic recession can be smelled from afar. Precious metals have always been favored by investors, and it is a great investment option.

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Vijay Eswaran: The Man Who Has Excelled With Both QI Group And Philanthropy

QI Group has been around since 1998, which is more than two decades of successful business for the Malaysian founder, Vijay Eswaran. This entity is now able to operate in many countries, and Thailand and Singapore are just two examples. Mr. Eswaran has been granted the honor and privilege of speaking as an important guest at places like the World Economic forum and prestigious university campuses. His expertise when it to both business and economics is highly sought-after.

Philanthropy has proven to be yet another realm into which Vijay Eswaran’s influence, resources and dedication have been put to use. QI Group, his organization, has a charity branch, which is known as the RHYTHM Foundation, and he founded yet another philanthropic group back in Malaysia, which he named in honor of his beloved father.

Even Forbes took notice of the things that Vijay Eswaran has been doing in this area, and his position as one of Asia’s most appreciated and well-regarded donors is certainly an admirable one. On top of these impressive feats, Eswaran is known for even more than just this. He is also Sphere of Silence’s author.

This happens to be Vijay Eswaran’s most popular book thus far. However, he has written others in addition to this, which have since been sold in a variety of languages in order to help his valuable ideas reach new minds. The fact that he is able to do a stellar job with QI Group’s operations in telecommunication and logistcs and also pursue outside endeavors with such efficiency is something that everyone can learn from.

Although it is quite common to find profit to be the motivating drive for the average entrepreneur, this is definitely not the case with regards to Vijay Eswaran, who believes that customers are truly the most inspiring force an entrepreneur could ever ask for.

Stay True like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Stay Active, Find Value, Create Value, Capture Value

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum stayed active throughout his life because that is one of the only things that he could do. He had to continuously move and stay active because that is what life is all about to him, it was true in the past and will be true in the future as well.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum had an interesting overall career as well because of his speed and pace, it is likely that he will continue to move forward and do more interesting things as he progresses forward within his journey.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and His First Interesting Ordeal

The first interesting endeavor was that of a company called Prodigy Communications. This was a company was founded by Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and a few other individuals back in 1988. The company was connected with IBM and Sears. The company provided a simple service that mattered to people.

What did prodigy communications do?

It provided individuals with news, weather, travel, and data on other segments of life as well. The company even provided individuals with information on the medical field and how it mattered then as well. He would later leave the company in 1991, a few years after founding it to move on to better and brighter things in life. This next company he would work at would be GNU Image, this company would create complicated systems for editing graphics.

He then landed another compelling position at Stryker, he would consult for the firm and would stay there until 2015. In his role with Stryker he would conduct a variety of tasks including, data storage, marketing, and a few other key activities.

He worked in the role of Executive director for Medscape as well. The correlation in his career would medicine, information, and technology. That was the intersection. The company was later acquired by General Electric and was later sold to WebMD where he found himself a position too!

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Sharon Prince, the Visionary Leader behind Grace Farms

When it comes to starting a foundation, leadership is vital, as it requires not only a visionary leader but also one who is dedicated to accomplishing the objectives of the organization. One such leader is Sharon Prince, the founder, and president of Grace Farms Foundation. This foundation was established in the year 2009. The primary objective for establishing Grace Farms was to enhance the lives of the community through engagement with arts, nature, community, justice, and faith. Sharon prince has spearheaded the Grace Farms vision and created a public space that is not only non-profit but also open for individuals.

One of the things that stands out at Grace Farms is not just its 80-plus acre size but also its serene natural beauty. This institution utilizes its bountiful outdoor surroundings to help increase communication, inspire thought, foster education and understanding, garner preservation, and widen people’s appreciation for every aspect of nature. It is free to the public and opens every week for seven days. To help engage visitors, Grace Farms has various on site programs that enable guests to hear from different thought leaders, encounter provoking art, interact with other individuals from diverse backgrounds, and reconnect with nature.

According to Sharon Prince, the idea to establish this institution came about from her inspiration for land. The expansive property inspires beauty and a sense of awe. This has helped create an institution where people can explore nature and have an even deeper appreciation for their environment. Every season at Grace Farms is different, and this makes the experience even more beautiful for visitors. Each season has a different program that encourages individuals from every walk and stage of life, to come together and explore the natural wonders of the institution. This has helped create a place where people can have a different view of the nature around them.

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The best investor presentations – Luke Lazarus

Taking start-up consultancy to the boardroom is one of the strategies that Luke Lazarus uses to help new businesses find their bearing. He knows that for them to succeed, they have to get the confidence of investors.

It starts with building the right network and therefore, they have to take the information about their businesses to the right people. One of the things that they have to do to achieve these goals is by creating the best investor presentations.

It is difficult to win the trust of these people if you cannot convince them through short presentations. So what does this consultant recommend for such businesses?

Identifying financial support needs

According to Luke Lazarus, the core aim of any investor presentation should be to address the areas of your business that need support. You are expecting them to partner with you on various fronts, and so, you have to give them a reason to believe you. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium  and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Let them know how your idea is going to work and the amount that is needed to meet that target. In addition to that, you should let them know how they will benefit when they help you in financing your operations. Sometimes, entrepreneurs struggle too much to impress investors but miss the point.

However, Luke says that when you know the areas that will warm their hearts, there is no doubt that you will walk away with an excellent deal at the end of the presentation.

Compelling brand stories

Luke Lazarus says that identifying the financial support needs for your business is not the only task to focus on during a presentation. He advises his followers always to tie those needs to real stories about their brands. It is after you show the relationship between your brand and the needs that you will convince anyone to fund you.

Remember that as a start-up, your business still needs a lot of finances which you may not have. If your brands are solving specific problems in the market, and the investors can see that these problems are linked directly to your financial appeal, there will be funds for you.

In Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus is the go-to consultant for every new business. Start-is often use his advice to get a footing in their niches. For many years he has been working with various companies to come up with the kind of consultancy services that will create businesses of the future. He often works with a team of experts.

One benefit that Luke Lazarus has is the ability to fit in almost any industry. Due to the huge experience he has had with different startups, he is not worried about taking up new challenges in any industry.

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Self-made Success Story of JetSmarter CEO, Sergey Petrossov

For a few years now, Sergey Petrossov has been known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs under thirty years. He has bagged several awards such as the Forbes 30 Under 30 within the fields of consumer technology. Similarly, he has bagged the Top Working Professional Award in South Florida. For years now, he has always sought ways in developing and innovating companies. Sergey Petrossov had co-founded several projects before founding the JetSmarter company.

The first was a system through which people could chat online. It offered customer services as well as a platform for distance learning among Russian schools. Additionally, he worked in a jet company based in South Florida as a Board Advisor. By that time, it was one of the companies with the most substantial demand of the fleet. Flying for the first time, he was keen to identify the gap that existed within the air transport services. Mostly, they used the debilitating brick-and-motor services to book flights.

At this time, mobile technology was on the first rise. Therefore. He thought that this antiquated method could be solved through the use of technology. Then, three was the genesis of the idea of innovating JetSmarter. Sergey Petrossov quickly gathered his former development team in some of his projects. They immediately started to develop a mobile app that could allow online booking of flights. Its core function was to connect the travelers with jet operator companies. In 2012, Sergey Petrossov launched a JetSmarter beta version.

Later he collaborated with other investors and raised adequate funds to develop his app. In 2013, it was launched as an official public app for booking flights. The JetSmarter’s advisory, management, and technology team have been credited in successfully executing projects in prestigious companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, Mercedes Benz, NASA, BMW, and Uber. They have brought a diverse experience within the company thus owing to its success. Through them, Sergey Petrossov was able to materialize his JetSmarter app.

Papa Johns CEO Vows to Improve Company Culture

Papa Johns has been going through a recent scandal recently. The company founder John Schnatter blamed the National Football League’s lax approach on player protests for declining sales. Later in 2018, he made a couple of racially insensitive remarks as well. This resulted in him losing his position as a board member of the company. Since Schnatter has been dismissed as a board member of the company, Papa Johns has looked to improve its image and reputation among its customers. The current chief executive officer Steve Ritchie is now in the process of making efforts to make Papa Johns more favorable among customers.

One of the first things that Steve Ritchie plans to do is to bring in experts who will audit the cultural and diversity inclusion practices of the company. He is looking to get expert feedback on how the company works with minorities and how it can improve its policies to make it a more diverse workplace. The experts are requested to examine the culture of the company and make sure that it is a safe and comfortable place for people from all walks of life.

Another thing that Steve Ritchie will do is to visit the franchises all over the nation. He will meet with both franchise owners and employees in major cities. During this phase, he will look to get important feedback from them and see what customers want from the company. Ritchie will also look into getting feedback on how the company can make the franchises have a more favorable standing in the local community.

When writing a letter, Steve Ritchie made it very clear that he wants customers to hold him and Papa Johns accountable for the actions of John Schnatter. He also wants them to evaluate the company and its operations on a regular basis. This will ensure that the company earns a more favorable reputation among them in the near future.

A number of business experts believe that Steve Ritchie drafted a very good letter that was necessary. It is believed that Ritchie’s response was important so that Papa Johns can prove to consumers and the public that it is not a racially insensitive organization. This letter will likely set the tone for Papa Johns’ efforts to restore its image in the restaurant business.


Sergey Petrossov Created JetSmarter After Discovering Inefficiencies In Private Aviation’s Booking Process

For some years now Sergey Petrossov has been proving himself as an entrepreneur, but none of his previous projects have come close to the prominence of the most recent company launched by Petrossov, JetSmarter. As CEO, there were a number of moves that needed to be made in order to take this app to its current status in private aviation. JetSmarter will remind many people of Uber, but the unique spin is that people are able to use the app to book high-end flights on private jets. Although this is such an unusual idea to build a business on, there has been a lot of interest in JetSmarter. Some of the app’s new supporters are the Saudi royal family and American musician Jay-Z.

Since this business idea is so unusual, it is necessary to explain how Petrossov came up with it. While he was working in Florida, he chartered private flights on a consistent basis, and he took notice of what the industry was doing incorrectly when it came to steps involved in booking. Combining his expertise with technology and his newfound aviation knowledge, Sergey Petrossov’s mind gave birth to an app that allowed users to charter their private flights in an online marketplace.

Sergey Petrossov gained much of his technical knowledge from his previous business endeavors, which included a platform for quality distance-learning and an online chatting system that led to greater efficiencies in customer service. Despite not even being on the market publicly for a decade yet, JetSmarter is continuing to receive an astounding amount of praise and publicity. As the app continues to expand, there are sure to be even more prominent investors and influential people taking notice of this company and helping the private jet app further its growth beyond what Mr. Petrossov has been able to do on his own.