Sergey Petrossov Created JetSmarter After Discovering Inefficiencies In Private Aviation’s Booking Process

For some years now Sergey Petrossov has been proving himself as an entrepreneur, but none of his previous projects have come close to the prominence of the most recent company launched by Petrossov, JetSmarter. As CEO, there were a number of moves that needed to be made in order to take this app to its current status in private aviation. JetSmarter will remind many people of Uber, but the unique spin is that people are able to use the app to book high-end flights on private jets. Although this is such an unusual idea to build a business on, there has been a lot of interest in JetSmarter. Some of the app’s new supporters are the Saudi royal family and American musician Jay-Z.

Since this business idea is so unusual, it is necessary to explain how Petrossov came up with it. While he was working in Florida, he chartered private flights on a consistent basis, and he took notice of what the industry was doing incorrectly when it came to steps involved in booking. Combining his expertise with technology and his newfound aviation knowledge, Sergey Petrossov’s mind gave birth to an app that allowed users to charter their private flights in an online marketplace.

Sergey Petrossov gained much of his technical knowledge from his previous business endeavors, which included a platform for quality distance-learning and an online chatting system that led to greater efficiencies in customer service. Despite not even being on the market publicly for a decade yet, JetSmarter is continuing to receive an astounding amount of praise and publicity. As the app continues to expand, there are sure to be even more prominent investors and influential people taking notice of this company and helping the private jet app further its growth beyond what Mr. Petrossov has been able to do on his own.

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