Papa Johns CEO Vows to Improve Company Culture

Papa Johns has been going through a recent scandal recently. The company founder John Schnatter blamed the National Football League’s lax approach on player protests for declining sales. Later in 2018, he made a couple of racially insensitive remarks as well. This resulted in him losing his position as a board member of the company. Since Schnatter has been dismissed as a board member of the company, Papa Johns has looked to improve its image and reputation among its customers. The current chief executive officer Steve Ritchie is now in the process of making efforts to make Papa Johns more favorable among customers.

One of the first things that Steve Ritchie plans to do is to bring in experts who will audit the cultural and diversity inclusion practices of the company. He is looking to get expert feedback on how the company works with minorities and how it can improve its policies to make it a more diverse workplace. The experts are requested to examine the culture of the company and make sure that it is a safe and comfortable place for people from all walks of life.

Another thing that Steve Ritchie will do is to visit the franchises all over the nation. He will meet with both franchise owners and employees in major cities. During this phase, he will look to get important feedback from them and see what customers want from the company. Ritchie will also look into getting feedback on how the company can make the franchises have a more favorable standing in the local community.

When writing a letter, Steve Ritchie made it very clear that he wants customers to hold him and Papa Johns accountable for the actions of John Schnatter. He also wants them to evaluate the company and its operations on a regular basis. This will ensure that the company earns a more favorable reputation among them in the near future.

A number of business experts believe that Steve Ritchie drafted a very good letter that was necessary. It is believed that Ritchie’s response was important so that Papa Johns can prove to consumers and the public that it is not a racially insensitive organization. This letter will likely set the tone for Papa Johns’ efforts to restore its image in the restaurant business.


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