Sharon Prince, the Visionary Leader behind Grace Farms

When it comes to starting a foundation, leadership is vital, as it requires not only a visionary leader but also one who is dedicated to accomplishing the objectives of the organization. One such leader is Sharon Prince, the founder, and president of Grace Farms Foundation. This foundation was established in the year 2009. The primary objective for establishing Grace Farms was to enhance the lives of the community through engagement with arts, nature, community, justice, and faith. Sharon prince has spearheaded the Grace Farms vision and created a public space that is not only non-profit but also open for individuals.

One of the things that stands out at Grace Farms is not just its 80-plus acre size but also its serene natural beauty. This institution utilizes its bountiful outdoor surroundings to help increase communication, inspire thought, foster education and understanding, garner preservation, and widen people’s appreciation for every aspect of nature. It is free to the public and opens every week for seven days. To help engage visitors, Grace Farms has various on site programs that enable guests to hear from different thought leaders, encounter provoking art, interact with other individuals from diverse backgrounds, and reconnect with nature.

According to Sharon Prince, the idea to establish this institution came about from her inspiration for land. The expansive property inspires beauty and a sense of awe. This has helped create an institution where people can explore nature and have an even deeper appreciation for their environment. Every season at Grace Farms is different, and this makes the experience even more beautiful for visitors. Each season has a different program that encourages individuals from every walk and stage of life, to come together and explore the natural wonders of the institution. This has helped create a place where people can have a different view of the nature around them.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Youtube.

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