Vijay Eswaran: The Man Who Has Excelled With Both QI Group And Philanthropy

QI Group has been around since 1998, which is more than two decades of successful business for the Malaysian founder, Vijay Eswaran. This entity is now able to operate in many countries, and Thailand and Singapore are just two examples. Mr. Eswaran has been granted the honor and privilege of speaking as an important guest at places like the World Economic forum and prestigious university campuses. His expertise when it to both business and economics is highly sought-after.

Philanthropy has proven to be yet another realm into which Vijay Eswaran’s influence, resources and dedication have been put to use. QI Group, his organization, has a charity branch, which is known as the RHYTHM Foundation, and he founded yet another philanthropic group back in Malaysia, which he named in honor of his beloved father.

Even Forbes took notice of the things that Vijay Eswaran has been doing in this area, and his position as one of Asia’s most appreciated and well-regarded donors is certainly an admirable one. On top of these impressive feats, Eswaran is known for even more than just this. He is also Sphere of Silence’s author.

This happens to be Vijay Eswaran’s most popular book thus far. However, he has written others in addition to this, which have since been sold in a variety of languages in order to help his valuable ideas reach new minds. The fact that he is able to do a stellar job with QI Group’s operations in telecommunication and logistcs and also pursue outside endeavors with such efficiency is something that everyone can learn from.

Although it is quite common to find profit to be the motivating drive for the average entrepreneur, this is definitely not the case with regards to Vijay Eswaran, who believes that customers are truly the most inspiring force an entrepreneur could ever ask for.

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