Who Is Alexandre Gama, Brazilian Advertising And Business Professional?

Hailing from the country of Brazil, Alexandre Gama has found a great amount of success as a creative professional in the world of advertising. With his focus within the industry on communications, Mr. Gama created Neogama, one of the most well-recognized advertising agencies in the country, in 1999.

With Alexandre Gama heading the company as both its CEO and CCO, Neogama got off to one of the best starts it possibly could have. Throughout the course of the initial few years of Neogama’s operations, it quickly became Brazil’s most rapidly growing advertising company.

In 2002, Mr. Gama made the bold move to begin a joint venture with a British advertising company called BBH. This move brought even more growth to the already successful Neogama. The joint Neogama/BBH agency won Meio e Mensagem’s award for the “Agency of the Year” less than a year later.

Jose Borghi And His Unique Perspective At Mullen Lowe

Jose Borghi has a unique perspective on advertising that he uses to ensure that Mullen Lowe is prospering. There are many different people who will benefit from the services that the company offers, and they will ensure that their clients are given the best services possible. A company that wants better advertising may hire Mullen Lowe, and they may trust his staff to create better advertising for every situation.

#1: The Design Of The Company

Jose Borghi ensured that his company will be available around the world to all his clients. He knows that many of his clients are in need of help with new advertising or logos, and he will give them every opportunity to create something that is new and exciting. He knows that his clients will find a number of his ad plans to be helpful, and he will help them ensure that they make the most of this new plan to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017864474120 click here.

#2: The Offices

Jose has started offices around the world that will help keep their clients happy, and they will attract more companies every year that need business advertising help. These company may visit the new offices of the company, and they will feel much better knowing that the company is right there to help. Jose is keen to ensure that all his clients are given the services they need, and he wants them to be more comfortable with his company.

#3: The South American Market Is Key

The South American markets are some of the most important advertising in the world, and they are such that Mullen Lowe has prospered because of them. He has many clients in the company’s native Brazil, and he knows that it is much easier for companies to increase sales when his firm built Jose Borghi advertising.

It is important that everyone who needs services is able to work with Mullen Lowe, and the company will ensure that all companies receive the finest customer service. The service that offered through the company is much better than any other, and Jose ensures that he works directly with clients who need his help.