Glen Wakeman Talks About The Reasons For Starting LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is known for his many business skills. He is perhaps best known for a five step performance methodology he crafted. This methodology is applied to human capital, leadership power, risk management, and execution. He is also a writer whose blog is read internationally by those who want his insights into matters such as emerging markets, business strategy, effective management, and global fiscal matters. He is read by both people who already own businesses as well as those who want to create one (

His latest venture is called LaunchPad Holdings. Over the years he has crafted hundreds of business plans for clients and the companies that he has worked for, such as GE Capital. A number of times Glen has had encounters with people who launched a company with a great idea behind it but then saw their new business close down due to their inability to attract customers. The problem, he says, is that too many new business owners think an idea is a plan which isn’t the case at all.

People with visions of starting a new company can now use LaunchPad Holdings to inexpensively craft a well-thought-out business plan using Glen Wakeman’s extensive experience. His business plan platform is online and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. He says his company took time to turn a profit which is always to be expected. Over time and with good word of mouth more and more people used his platform and now LaunchPad Holdings is doing very well financially.

Glen Wakeman does his advertising online. One, the blog he operates drives a lot of traffic to LaunchPad Holdings. He also has access to many forums that comes from his network of peers, management, capital providers, and colleges with which he is associated.

He says that one idea he came up with recently for a new business was a company he was going to call “Snarkify”. This was to be an online brokerage which would feature business presenters and comedians in order to provide people with both effective and funny investment advice.