Talkspace – An Overview of Tech Therapy

Talkspace offers online therapy where anyone can start talking to a licensed therapist from the comforts of their home via technology. Their service has become quite a disruption in the world of health and wellness. With over 3,000 licensed therapists on the platform, Talkspace offers solutions for a variety of mental ailments which seem to be increasing in prevalence in our modern and stressful society. The service is also available for young adults such as teenagers and couples looking to seek advice for their relationship. These inclusive services had led the text therapy to have been featured in a variety of publications such as Business Insider, The Wallstreet Journal, and other national outlets. All and all Talkspace successfully deployed their goal of providing an inclusive, remote, text-based therapy platform.

Launched in 2012 and based in New York, Talkspace quickly has taken the business world by storm with its disruptive technology entering the health and wellness space. As mentioned, the technology-based platform helps service online therapy sessions. The company recently started promoting an inspiring story of how legendary Olympic athlete Michael Phelps dealt with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety despite winning the Olympics a record 28 number of times. Talkspace has helped with advice on popular movements, showing up through the news with the #MeToo Era, cultural vistas, relationship advice, and answering tough life questions. The company also has sections available for the LGBT community and veteran community. Interestingly, the company also offerings resources for those who feel they may be social media dependent. It just goes to show how inclusive of an offering the Talkspace team has created for online therapy sessions to have the potential to help the masses of the world. Moving ahead, look for more helpful and therapeutic related content and solutions to come from the Talkspace team. Read more:

ClassDojo, the tech-ed app

Sam Chaudhary and Liam are the two people who founded ClassDojo. They have made it great and their invention today has improved education a lot. ClassDojo was launched in 2011 by the two, in San Francisco. Since then, the app has provided an amazing experience to the parents about what is going on in school, and how their children are doing and developing.

One of the co-founders says that the app is meant to improve learning both when the child is in school and at home. Teachers, on the other hand, share their daily school plans with parents. It is very fulfilling for a parent to know what their child is going to be taught in school and how it is going to be done. Furthermore, a teacher is able to share photos with the parents of how their students are progressing, by showing the most recent activities that the student participated in, and their regular performance.

Other technologies for the classroom have been invented, apart from ClassDojo. These apps give competition to ClassDojo. However, the important thing is that ClassDojo does not dwell so much on competition because the founders believe that to achieve a perfect environment for three groups, it has to focus more on user satisfaction.

The application is provided free for users. The developers do not earn on user-data because they value privacy. It would not be fit for ClassDojo to feed the developers on user data because it would then mean that they violate some of their policies. It would also mean that the goal they seek to achieve will not be met.

As improvements are made on ClassDojo, soon parents will be able to make some easy transactions like making payments for events and activities in the school, all through the app. This makes it easier for parents who have to leave their jobs and travel all the way to deliver a check or cash the money to the school. ClassDojo aims at making everything easier for everyone, and making life in school enjoyable rather than too serious because that way, children will be able to study more comfortably.