The Production Managing Prodigy: Clay Hutson

Live productions might be one of the hardest productions to pull off because of the extreme technicality on the prior preparations on it. Productions are reliant on sound and lights design, and the production design as well. In order for these to mesh well together, a production needs an exquisite production manager – and one of them is Clay Hutson.

Clay Hutson is a leader that is on top of everything else, and works harder than anyone else. Clay Hutson is not the kind of leader that just sits down on a desk and assigns jobs to his team members. Clay Hutson makes certain that he is always the first one to arrive in the production set – he does this because he wants to account everything that needs to be done in order for him to distribute the tasks rightfully to his team members. At the start of the day, he creates to do lists for each team member and he makes sure that they are well detailed so that his team members do not waste any time figuring out what to do because Clay Hutson has already provided them with step by step instructions and very specific goals. With Clay Hutson’s extensive background in all the departments of the production, he is able to help where he can and he is able to guide anyone in the process of any activity concerning the production – whether it be related to lights, sounds or production design – Clay can always contribute valuable knowledge or tips and tricks that can be used to improve their productivity.

Clay makes sure that all his workers are well trained and are always informed on the tasks that they are supposed to finish – because Clay knows that the success of the production is directly proportional and reliant to the amount of success that he and his team members are able to complete. One mistake, or one deficiency of a team member can result to a production that is incomplete. And Clay Hutson wants to protect his name, and the company’s name as well – and he wants to make sure that every single production is nothing but perfect.

Alex Pall Talks More on the Rise of the Chainsmokers

Many people love Chainsmokers, especially EDM pop devotees. The pair, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have released a considerable amount of radio bangers. The DJ/ production duo has seen them receive lots of fame and rewards. Chainsmokers started out making songs through hiring lyrists/vocalists who would then complete the soundscapes.

The song ‘Closer’ was a step away from their previous set up. The single featuring Halsey has Andrew Taggart singing. It is something Chainsmokers didn’t do before. According to a recent interview, Alex states that the pair wanted to give a face to their music. Having Andrew sing would help the people see them as musicians with purpose and feeling.

The relationship between Alex and Andrew rose from an introduction from the manager. It was easy to introduce them since he was managing them both. They later became great friends and engaged in short-term projects together. At the time they met Alex was DJing. All through his life, Alex loved DJing. It is a hobby he refined when he was a kid. As he matured, Alex engaged in part-time DJing through school and in his employment years.

Before their meet up with Andrew, Alex had considered taking up his hobby full-time. It was something he felt so passionate about. Several encounters with Andrew made him realize that both shared interests in music. Alex foresaw a prosperous future in their partnership. Alex quit his job and Andrew relocated to New York from Maine. It was here that Chainsmokers emerged.

How Chainsmokers Make Songs

Chainsmokers take part in each section of the song process. Even if they hire writers, the two ensures written input originates from them. It makes them deliver songs that are engaging and meaningful. They have learned and applied this crafty since the creation of their leading album.

Alex Pall lives in Hollywood Hills. His distinctly featured home is a creation from the famous Peti Lau. Alex recently hired the globally renowned designer to construct his home. Alex house doesn’t disappoint. Indeed, the designer made sure the house would resemble a classical throne.

Alex Pall Brings the Audience Closer

In his article,Rosenzweig(2016)describes how Alex Pall of the band The Chainsmokers began his love affair with music, works to build a powerful identity in the industry;and how he continuously aims to create music that emits warmth in a genre that is often regarded as cold and emotionless.

Alex Pall’s relationship with music was at first noncommittal. Music was a part of his life and occupied a lot of his time, but she was not his true love. Music was his mistress. Pall was a DJ on the side with a full time job. Until the day Pall had an epiphany :dance music was a bigger part of his life than he initially realized. He decided to make a proper woman of her, and pursue music exclusively, so he quit his job.

Rosenzweig states the rarity of DJ’s lending their vocals on their own tracks and about personal circumstances nonetheless. Alex Pall didn’t forsee a problem with Andrew Taggart singing on a song that he helped to write. Pall collaborates with the songwriters and also writes songs on his own. And it is commendable that he refuses to sit back and let someone else tell his story without his input. Pall wants to have his hand in everything because he wants to be a key part of shaping his identity in the industry. At this juncture, Pall wants to pin point exactly who The Chainsmokers are musically to encapsulate their sound so all the music fits together like pieces of a puzzle, cohesively.

Rosenzweig concludes that Alex Pall sets time aside daily to ensure he involves artistically.Pall aims to expose more facets of himself to his listening audience and manufacture engaging music. Pall,by staying true to his evolution will undoubtedly guarantee that fans will draw closer for years to come.