Wengie Prom Hacks Vlog Recap


YouTube lifestyle blogger Wengie discusses 12 things she thinks her fans should know about going to prom this year. She starts by saying that every tip takes into consideration the tiny size of most formal purses.


Wengie’s first tip is to exfoliate the night before. This ensures your makeup lasts all night and goes on smooth. Next she suggests wearing a primer under your makeup. This makes it last longer so you don’t have to reapply foundation. She suggests bringing concealer or putting foundation into a travel-size container if you must bring it along for touch-ups. Wengie’s next tip is to bring blotting papers so you don’t look oily and shiny in photos. She suggests using a paper toilet seat cover if you don’t have the papers.


Next, she suggests applying a lip tattoo under lipstick so your lips will stay pigmented through eating. This also applies to eyebrow makeup. Her next tip is to put Q-tips in a bag and soak them in makeup remover so you can do eye makeup touch-ups throughout the night. Next, Wengie suggests bringing bandages in case your shoes rub your feet. Wengie’s next tip is to bring pain pills in case you get a headache and allergy medication for an emergency reaction.


Wengie’s next hack is to pack a small perfume for when you get sweaty and smelly from dancing. Her next tip is to bring spare contacts in case you lose one. Next, she suggests packing a travel-size mouthwash in case your meal gives you bad breath. Wengie’s next tip is to bring bobby pins for your hair and safety pins in case of a wardrobe malfunction. Her next hack is to stash some money in between your phone and its case for emergencies.


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