What’s New At Lime Crime? Nuanced Expansion Formula.

If you know the name Lime Crime, and who doesn’t? You might already know that the nuanced expansion formula is not a new colorful product for your face or body. It is the way they are working things out to expand into the market in China. As you may know, the marketplace in China is big on product testing on animals, something that Lime Crime would never do. The plan to get around this and offer a high quality product line was a creative solution to the problem at hand. Thanks to amazing marketing, the high quality Lime Crime products will be expanding into China.

Lime Crime has so many products that are fit for the lifestyle of the woman who is powerful and wants to use make up to express her own personal power. This is not the same boring face cream of the early and late fifties. This cosmetic company is on the up and up of the new horizon. Their products feature amazing, brilliant colors and even unicorns would love this line. In reality, all animals would because Lime Crime is vegan friendly and has never tested their products on animals. Having said that, if an animal goes to the website and places an order, it’s left up to them to pick their own color and use the creative make up tips offered by Lime Crimes Instagram followers. Heck, the animal can even post their own useful tips if they have an account.

This product line has everything a user could need or want. There are lipsticks, eye liners, eye shadows and so much more. When you buy a Lime Crime product you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality make up that will help you to express yourself in a positive light. Maybe that is the reason love everything this product line stands for. You can always view any of the Lime Crime products online and contact the company with any questions. Doe Deere, the company founder loves to hear and see all of the online makeup tips that Lime Crime users post to their social media pages. Don’t get the boring make up, order up and commit a Lime Crime on your face today.