Michael Nierenberg’s Trading History

Michael Nierenberg is currently CEO, chairman and President of New Residential Investment Corp. Over the years Mr. Nierenberg amassed massive wealth due to his experience in trading and mortgage options. Before New Residential Investment Corp Mr. Nierenberg worked for senior management positions in different Investment banks such as JP Morgan, Bear Stearns and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He had positions such as head of Global Secularized Products and a member of the management committees. This played a huge role in his is experience which helped build New Residential Investment Corp.

Michael trades for New Residential and since 2016 he has made 4 trades of New Residential stock. One of the trades was on 22 February 2019 which Michael Nierenberg traded 60,000 units of New residential stock for 990,000 dollars. This is one of the most recent trades but is not the largest made for New Residential Investments. The Largest trade that Mr. Nierenberg made for New Residential Investments made was exercising 1,708,708 units of New Residential stock. The trade took place of 26 June 2018. And the 1,708,708 units were worth over 25,562,272 dollars. Michael Trades about 317,163 units every 113.

Now as of February 22 of this year Michael Nierenberg owns around 995,352 units of New Residential Investment Stock. Since 2016 Michael has done 4 trades for New Residential. The most active traders in New residential Investment Corp is Michael Nierenberg. The more recent trade was as mentioned before on February 22 and worth 990,000 dollars. On average the board of directions will trade about every 181 days with each trade being around 8,465,126 dollars. As for insider traders, which include Michael Nierenberg, have not traded any New Residential stock. However they did buy around 91,000 units of New Residential stock. Michael has used his experience with big investment banks to benefit New Residential Investments greatly. From 2016 to 2019 he enacted multiple trades totaling at least 34,000,000 dollars. Surprisingly he makes zero dollars from New Residential a Chairman, CEO and President. However he does own a large sum of New Residential Stock.

Glen Wakeman Provides Solutions for Digital Entrepreneurs

As any entrepreneur who is worth their salt will tell you starting a business on your own is not easy. The idea of starting a new business is exhilarating because it offers the chance to turn a dream into reality. However, once one actually embarks on the process of starting a business and gets into the nitty gritty of life as a new business owner things become a little less rosy even if the reward is worth it in the end. New business owners face the prospect of having to be all things to everyone at the very beginning of their journey as an entrepreneur. They may find themselves having to handle sales, fulfillment, hiring, accounting, and marketing.

There is not a guide book that teaches someone how to be an entrepreneur especially when they are building a business that is based on the internet. The only thing that is constant about running a business that is based on the internet is change. The web itself is an incredibly dynamic place that is never the same from one year to the next (http://inspirery.com/glen-wakeman/). The algorithms that companies like Facebook and Google users can transform over night and strategies that once worked for customer acquisition and brand building may no longer be effective anymore. Entrepreneurs of all sorts must be forward-thinking and considering how they can best position their businesses to deliver superior customer service and how they can develop a product or service that is distinguished from other competitors that are in the same industry. Arguably a lack of predictability is what defines the standard journey of an entrepreneur. This can be a little bewildering and present difficulties for individuals who are new to running businesses. That said this is where business experts like Glen Wakeman come in.

Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer of a company that is known as LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen Wakeman has spent years working as an executive for various companies such as GE Money, and Nova Four. His years of experience providing leadership to large corporations have prepared him to develop technology solutions that are designed to help new business owners.

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How Arthur Becker Became Wealthy Selling his Startup to Time Warner Inc.

In 1969, Arthur Becker was just starting out his BA at the Bennington College. Little did he know that half a decade later he would have steadily climbed the ranks of power and wealth to become the most admired investors in New York and beyond? The venture capitalist completed his degree in 1972 and proceeded straight to the respected Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Fast track all the way to the 2000’s and you find Mr. Becker owing vast shares and investments in tech companies.

The much-dreaded Y2K bubble burst failed to take place on the turn of the new millennium. Once the investors were completely assured that it was safe and indeed lucrative to invest in the tech realm, applications become a hot topic. Every investor, right, left and center wanted to own a piece of an app project since it was expected to surely pick up momentum and gain in value in the coming days, weeks and months. And yes, smart guys like Arthur Becker who were quick to jump on board this bandwagon in the beginning.

Billions in Profit

Becker has in the past worked with the tech venture, Navisite. For a decade, the business executive would do a tireless job of transforming this startup into the world’s most influential online digital newsstand. In a classic turn of events, Navisite later got taken over by the media titan, Time Warner Inc. in 2011 at amounts exceeding a couple of billion dollars. The profits and great tidings from the sale of his premier company made the prominent New Yorker ridiculously wealthy.

Another important company in the life and times of Mr. Becker happens to be the VC firm Atlantic Investors, LLC. His appointment was made on January 2002 and came to a halt a whopping 15 years and four months later. Here, Arthur was in charge of a barrage of tasks and responsibilities most of which had to do with advising and counseling clients on the best portfolio moves and strategies to make. Click here to know more.

About Arthur Becker

Starting from June 2012, the investor caught yet another lucky streak when he got named as the CEO and the Chairman of the tech company, Zinio. Becker’s a serial entrepreneur who shows no signs of slowing down. If anything the years he’s spent only served to make him sharper when it comes to predicting market trends and patterns. Currently, the business leader serves as one of the core executive board members of the pharmaceutical enterprise called Madison Partners, LLC. The latter also specializes in the exclusive realtor business in NY and in other locations.


Stephen Rotella, The Man Behind StoneCastle Success.

Stephen J. Rotella born in 1953 is a former bank executive and board director at St. Barnabas Medical Center, New Jersey. Stephen J. Rotella, President of StoneCastle Partners LLC (SCP) is not only an active philanthropist but also the new chairman of LIFT National Board. Rotella assumed the role from veteran businessman Michael Gilligan after proving his capability to lead. Mr. Rotell attended the State University of New York and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He earned his MBA in Finance and Information Systems from the State University of New York at Albany and read full article.

Stephen joined StoneCastle with an idea that had one hundred millions in assets and has made it have a turnover of over eleven billion U.S dollars. The company through Rotella’s help has grown from a smaller and highly entrepreneurial business to a multimillion industry. His idea was to connect investors looking for safer places to invest their hard earned money. By using technology to link together all community banks, the value could be added to the banks offering the addition of value safely to the banks. Stephen has also been the chair of LIFT development community. His advice has helped LIFT evolve to deal with the cycle of poverty in the United States Through Stephen’s help; Lift has been able to partner with young children dealing effectively with the country’s economy crisis and Stephen of facebook.

Stephen lives an extraordinary life. His typical day involves waking up early in the morning for gym followed by walking his dog after breakfast. On his work day, he focuses on only three or fewer initiatives per day. He believes in brainstorming and has employed some smart people whose opinions weigh in his decisions. Informal discussions, asking questions and interactions have helped Stephen Rotella’s ideas come to life. Stephen is mostly excited by robotics, and he sees them as the future of technology in the deliverance of better services. Rotella first strategy in achieving success is focusing on what a customer wants and not what they think they want.. He stresses out on the importance of listening to the clients and the people closest to the company.

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Dick DeVos, The Best Global Philanthropist

When the name Dick DeVos comes to a mention, what comes to mind is his generosity especially to humanity. Dick DeVos is a person who gained control of his father’s wealthy estate, under his command, with him being his eldest son. In his many years of service, Dick has been very instrumental in the success of Amway Corporation, his father’s brainchild that deals with sales and marketing through networking. Before his corporate success, DeVos had to pursue his education in Bachelor of Business Administration in business, something that allowed him to gain the knowledge needed to lead a company.


After getting educated, he was fortunate enough to work for some companies and in different capacities, titles he holds even to date. Posts he serves include being a member of the board of directors for Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the vice chairman of Willow Creek Association, Co-Chairman of Grand Action Committee, the founder, and chairman of West Michigan Aviation Academy and the president of the Windquest Group.


Apart from being professional, DeVos has been deeply involved in philanthropy work, mainly because he is irritated by the plight of underprivileged members of society. To this end, Dick has felt compelled to help poor people make something out of their lives. For DeVos to reach a place of personal fulfillment, he has devised a way that will not only help an underprivileged person at present but also in future. He believes that education if the key to success, and it is for this reason that Dick DeVos has offered financial assistance to institutions that provide technical training to students in America.


Besides, DeVos has used religious institutions to nurture and develop young leaders, people who uphold integrity. Also, he has supported churches financially so as to see to it that young minds get the best training there is for leadership. It is his belief that the future America will only be successful if only it nurtures its young leaders to be responsible in any task that they are given to handle.


Despite DeVos being too much involved in matters affecting the poor in society, he has also had a hand in politics. By the help of his wealthy family background, he has been able to shape the political landscape of the United States of America, by providing his most preferred political leaders with financial donations.


Due to his level of influence and competence in America, he works as the Cabinet Secretary for Education of the United States of America, a post that he holds to date. He is also a great family man who has trained his children to follow in his footsteps. Presently, all the donations that DeVos and his extended family have given to society amount to more than a hundred and thirty-nine million dollars, a value that is prone to increase in future.


How Richard Shinto together with Penelope Kokkinides are helping in shaping and changing the healthcare industry

In today’s world, it has become very hard for individuals to access proper healthcare or any institution that cares about their clients. Today’s businesses majorly focus on making profits unlike making their customers happy and satisfied. Each and every day, complaints are heard as people complain about poor services offered. Policies gradually change confusing even those who are viewed as experts. One firm that has been able to take all these issues and build a strong foundation leading to providing quality services is the InnovaCare Health Company. Despite the instability in the health industry, InnovaCare health has been able to guarantee quality health care services to all their clients.

Having its headquarters in Fort Lee, InnovaCare health is a North American healthcare provider responsible for managing medical plans, the firm is known for putting their customers first while establishing a cohesive relationship with all the clients. InnovaCare Health Firm is able to achieve all these through harnessing the power produced by the advancing technology resulting in quality services and developing cost-effective care models. InnovaCare is also famous when it comes to offering innovative network models that safeguard all their client’s interests. It serves more than two hundred thousand individuals with the help of more than seven thousand medical care providers. As it is known for a firm to develop and progress, it requires having leaders who are up to the task and staff who are entirely dedicated to what they do.

One person who has helped in developing InnovaCare is Richard Shinto commonly identified as Rick Shinto. Dr. Shinto is currently the managing director and Principal of InnovaCare Health. Having more than two decades of experience, Shinto has learned one or two tricks that help in keeping a person firm in the industry. From his experience, he has been able to learn all matters operational healthcare. He also has experience in clinical and managed care. He had the privilege of working in different firms and institutions while holding various positions. He was once the CEO and Principal of Aveta Inc. and worked at NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer.

Another individual who has helped in prospering InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. Though a woman, Ms. Penelope has made a name for herself and gained respect from other entrepreneurs including men for her good job. Having more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry, she currently serves as the CAO and COO of InnovaCare. When it comes to clinical care and healthcare processes, she has extensive knowledge in these fields enabling her to become better and outstanding.

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Eric Lefkofsky Is A Beacon Of Success

Eric Lefkofsky is an extremely successful American entrepreneur, known for founding many companies and being an active philanthropist. He grew up in Michigan, graduating from Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987. He immediately attended the University of Michigan after graduating from high school, earning his undergraduate degree in 1991 and his Juris Doctor in 1993.



After graduation, he teamed up with college friend Brad Keywell. Together, they borrowed money from various relatives to buy Wisconsin-based apparel company, Brandon Apparel. This would be the beginning of a very successful, profitable partnership.



The duo moved on in 1999 to create Starbelly, an early internet company. They quickly achieved success and the company was sold to Halo Industries in 2000. After staying on as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Eric Lefkofsky moved on in 2001 to co-found InnerWorkings. This company provided print procurement services to mid-sized companies and achieved the same quick success as Starbelly. InnerWorkings entered the U.S. stock market in 2006 for its initial public offering.



In 2005, the team was at it again, creating Echo Global Logistics. This freight logistics company quickly attracted financing from one of the largest investors in the country, New Enterprise Associates. One year later, Lefkofsky and Keywell founded another company named MediaBank. This media-buying technology company also attracted financing from New Enterprise Associates and merged with Donovan Data Systems to create Mediaocean in 2012.  Based on forbes.com.



Just a year after founding MediaBank, Lefkofksy funded and co-founded and funded a new online collective action website called ThePoint.com. In 2008, the company changed its name to Groupon.com and after just three years, Forbes reported that Groupon had become the fastest growing company in history.


In 2010, Eric Lefkofsky and his partner founded Lightbank, a new venture firm focused on developing new companies in the Chicago area. He went on to found Uptake, LLC in 2014 and Tempus in 2016. Tempus.com is a technology company that helps doctors give patients personalized cancer care.



Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006, alongside his wife Elizabeth. This foundation supports charitable, education, and scientific organizations from all over the world by assisting with funding. The foundation has been involved in helping more than 50 organizations since its founding.

See www.insidephilanthropy.com/guide-to-individual-donors/eric-lefkofsky.html