Broad Diverse Investments: Chris Burch is Into Resorts, Consumer Goods, and Startup Companies

A unique tropical experience is located on the picturesque Indonesian island of Sumba. The Nihiwatu Resort offers 27 individual private luxury villas complete with a plunge pool. The entire adventure is situated on the gently sloping hills overlooking the Indian Ocean. In 2012 entrepreneur Chris Burch teamed up with hotelier James McBride to purchase the property. Together they created an innovative resort that offers relaxation, the opportunity to surf, and spa services. Nihiwatu has been serving guests since 2015 while supporting the local community with jobs, learn more on

Chris Burch is no stranger to creating something out of nothing. Chris Burch has been an investor and entrepreneur for close to two decades. During the course of his career, Burch has been privileged to help launch 50 companies from the ground up.

Having a diverse portfolio is important to Chris Burch. He has broad interests that combined with careful evaluation and research have turned into investments. Burch Creative Capital is the name of his capital firm that focuses on creative designs, lifestyle brands, and home goods. Chris Burch’s company focuses on developing a brand or product from the very first step of imagining the concept to final stage of marketing, refer to (

Creating new brands, launching new companies, and establishing a positive image are all important parts of the entrepreneurial process. Chris Burch thrives on innovation and creative thinking. One of his latest projects was the Nihiwatu Resort located on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. James McBride worked with Burch to build an impeccable escape for guests that offers privacy, relaxation, and pure luxury. The duo loves it there so much that they each have their own private home on the island. Burch’s investments through Burch Creative Capital continue to be successful thanks to the founder’s attention to detail, ample experience, and careful selection of brands to support, visit