Self-made Success Story of JetSmarter CEO, Sergey Petrossov

For a few years now, Sergey Petrossov has been known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs under thirty years. He has bagged several awards such as the Forbes 30 Under 30 within the fields of consumer technology. Similarly, he has bagged the Top Working Professional Award in South Florida. For years now, he has always sought ways in developing and innovating companies. Sergey Petrossov had co-founded several projects before founding the JetSmarter company.

The first was a system through which people could chat online. It offered customer services as well as a platform for distance learning among Russian schools. Additionally, he worked in a jet company based in South Florida as a Board Advisor. By that time, it was one of the companies with the most substantial demand of the fleet. Flying for the first time, he was keen to identify the gap that existed within the air transport services. Mostly, they used the debilitating brick-and-motor services to book flights.

At this time, mobile technology was on the first rise. Therefore. He thought that this antiquated method could be solved through the use of technology. Then, three was the genesis of the idea of innovating JetSmarter. Sergey Petrossov quickly gathered his former development team in some of his projects. They immediately started to develop a mobile app that could allow online booking of flights. Its core function was to connect the travelers with jet operator companies. In 2012, Sergey Petrossov launched a JetSmarter beta version.

Later he collaborated with other investors and raised adequate funds to develop his app. In 2013, it was launched as an official public app for booking flights. The JetSmarter’s advisory, management, and technology team have been credited in successfully executing projects in prestigious companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, Mercedes Benz, NASA, BMW, and Uber. They have brought a diverse experience within the company thus owing to its success. Through them, Sergey Petrossov was able to materialize his JetSmarter app.

How is Changing E-commerce through Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is currently being considered as one of the most disruptive innovations in the current innovation stage. It is one of the most advanced changes that have a direct impact in various industries such as the banking industry, energy industry, and trade among others. Most of the companies around the world have been incorporating multiple strategies that will help them to operate effectively by taking advantage of blockchain technology., which is an e-commerce organization, has incorporated some strategies that will change how individuals view e-commerce.

Most of the customers who use the services offered by pay through PayPal and other leading payment options around the world. However, these methods of paying for goods bought have proved very unreliable, and reworking of these strategies has been requested for many years. People want payment options that don’t expose their personal information to the members of the public and cybercriminals. The methods in use don’t guarantee that, which blockchain technology will provide a foolproof of personal data.

This means that blockchain technology will provide another payment option, which will help the customers to choose what they think is right and efficient for them. Besides being an alternative payment option, blockchain technology is turning out to be a useful technological innovation to e-commerce companies like Most of these companies have been storing their data through a centralized system. This means that criminals can easily access large data and manipulate it or steal some vital data that could cripple an e-commerce company. News has previously emerged where e-commerce companies have lost data.

However, blockchain technology has enabled companies to store sensitive data through decentralized platforms. This means that can store all the data collected from customers in various files, which have water-tight security. Cybercriminals will not be able to access such data. This explains why there is a huge push for large organizations to use this technology in data protection.

Finally, transparency has been a major issue of concern in the e-commerce industry. Giant e-commerce companies have been blocking merchant websites with no explanation. is using blockchain technology to make e-commerce a transparent marketplace where all involved parties can enjoy.

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IC Systems: Three Generations of Exceptional Ethics in Collection Services

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC Systems is an accounts receivable company that has now passed through an admirable three generations of Erickson family ownership. As the years have gone by the business continues to retain their guiding principle of ensuring their clients honest, ethical service. The company also puts great effort into being at the forefront of the industry. As technology has advanced over time, IC Systems has kept the business at the cutting edge. In fact, they were the first United States based collection agency to eliminate typewriters in favor of computers in 1968, taking a huge leap forward (Indeed). Today they continue that trend by utilizing the best in state-of-the-art collection and security software to preserve their industry-wide standing as one of the most secure collection companies in operation.

The ethical standards of IC Systems extends both to the inner workings of the company and in their conduct with the outside world. Within the company the employees are trained to operate with the application of the most consumer-friendly tactics possible while always maintaining ethics yet still accomplishing the ultimate goal for the client. Employees of IC are recognized with quarterly Core Values Awards and can even nominate co-workers for the consideration of one if they recognize that individual as being an example of such. The effect of these high working standards create external recognition for IC Systems in the business world as well. IC Systems has been nominated and gone on to be a finalist three consecutive years running for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award given for ethics.

Headquartered on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota with a second branch in La Crosse, Wisconsin, IC Systems is one of the largest collection companies in all of North America. Clients that they serve range from small business owners to highly recognizable Fortune 500 companies. It is anticipated that no matter the size of the business IC is servicing the world will continue to receive the same secure, innovative, respectful, and ethical level of service that has come to be expected from them over their 80 year legacy.