The Benefits Of Investing Young With 25 Year Financial World Veteran Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas is a 25 year financial world veteran who is apt at advising young people on how to make money over time with compound interest, and reinvesting profits to create even more interest. It all starts with investing early (Relationshipscience).

If your in the military, investing is as important as if you were a civilian. The earlier you start off the greater your returns will be. You will be able to buy things that those procrastinators won’t be able to. Your money will be working for you for longer which means a bigger account. Chris Linkas advises young people to start investing in the stock market when they are 20, even if there are financial issues like student debt.

When one learns the key lessons of restraint and comes up with the money to invest, life lessons are learned. You live a better quality of life when you spend your money wisely, and what could be wiser than investing in having abundance in your advanced years. Chris Linkas knows that young investors take the responsibility to make more money, so that their profits and their quality of life are higher.

Someone investing when they are 20 is going to lead to an exponentially bigger return than if they waited until they were 30 to invest. On top of that when you are younger you have the ability to go for higher risk, higher yielding investments that even if you don’t come out on top on, you will still have ample time to recuperate any losses. Linkas knows this as he is in charge of 20 people at his UK based credit company that he’s been in charge of since 2012.

By investing when your 20 instead of 30 your pulling ahead of the crowd. You will have exponentially more money than those who started only 10 years later. This is the power of compound interest. You’ll be able to buy things that those other people will only be able to dream of having if they won the lottery, and let’s face it, they most likely won’t win the lottery.